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Monday, February 21, 2011

Nesting...At A Whole New Level

Today was a work holiday for me. I just love three day weekends! Unfortunately some plans had to change since my Zaichik was running a fever. He wanted some hugs here and there, but mainly just wanted to be left alone to veg out and watch movies. I figure this was the time to catch up and do some house work.

Last night when I went to bed with crappy cramps/contractions, I was not happy with the state of my house. Sure it can't be perfect. I am certainly not expecting it to be with a kid living in it or me just being in the house. We make messes. I don't have Martha Stewarts house. I have the "lived in" feel. As much as I accept that, I told myself I do not want to come home to a dirty house when I bring my daughter home. I need things neat. My husband cleans up and does a lot, but my pickiness wants it a certain way.

I cleaned for a total of four hours.

I got up before my husband this morning and when he woke up, he found his very pregnant wife on all fours spraying the base boards in my hallway. I don't surprise my husband much. He's quite nonchalant with just about...everything. However he stopped dead in his tracks once he saw me, his eyes widened and asked me WHAT the heck I was doing. The baseboards were dusty/dirty. It needed to be done. He left me to my own vices because we just work like that. Once either of us is on a mission, we just let the other be and on occasion ask if we can help each other out. He certainly did help out, which was awesome as it saved my back. My son even chipped in because you just can't vacuum a house without him participating in the event. Before nap time, I had the entire main floor picked up, two levels swept, swiffered and vaccuumed, three bathrooms cleaned from head to toe, baseboards wiped off, and the kitchen deep cleaned. I was a pregnant woman on a mission. I mostly succeeded.

I had to stop. Seriously, my back and my daughter were telling me ENOUGH ALREADY.

I relish that nap time still exist in my house. My son and I needed it. It was glorious two hours of much needed rest.

The count down is here. Time is flying by. 35 weeks today and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want her to be healthy, but for the most part I'm ready whenever she is. My house is officially clean....for now.