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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dinner Its Ready

For the past few days I have been making dinner for my husband. This is not a huge deal to a lot of couples, but when your husband generally is the cook of the family...its pretty big for me. In the past when I've cooked, I typically stayed close to what I feel comfortable with making dishes I made along side my Mom when I lived at home such as meatloaf, spaghetti...and velvetta shells and cheese. Okay I know velvetta doesn't necessarily count as a hard dish because it takes almost no effort, but you basically get that I don't venture out into making anything out of my comfort zone... until recently.

Yesterday I made a yummy chicken dinner that took hardly any effort. I peeled and diced up potatoes and then placed them on a cookie sheet. I mixed the potatoes up with a little olive oil, salt and Italian seasoning and put it in the oven at 350 (cook time was 1 hour). Next, I fried up some chicken in olive oil by dipping it in flour, then egg and finally bread crumbs/parmesan cheese. Once it was browned on both sides I popped it into the oven at 350 for thirty minutes. I threw some canned vegetables in the microwave and presto...we had a yummy dinner. My husband was a bit surprised and happy with dinner being ready when he got home. I was happy because as simple as it was...I never made it and my esteem in cooking skills significantly shot up. I wasn't cooking the same old thing and it turned out pretty damn good.

Today while I was at work I was wondering what I should make for dinner tonight once again. I figured since I was planning a little ahead that I could make a run to the food store to get any necessary ingredients and surf the web for a new recipe. After debating what I should do, I decided to make a recipe I've been meaning to make for a while....Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana. Its no secret that a lot of favorite recipes from popular restaurants are out there on the web, and I knew how much my husband LOVES this soup. Once that was decided, I was on a roll to make something else I haven't made before, Herring or Purple salad. This certainly isn't a dish for everyone because you are eating pickled herring, but as my husband is from Russia, this is a common dish and something he LOVES. This dish is also something else I have never made. Finally I decided on something that both of us loves, pelmeni. This is also another Russian staple, but if I, the worlds most pickiest eater will eat it, then I think 99% of the population would eat it. Its delicious! It took some time, some sliced fingers (I'm not always steady with a knife) but it was nearly ready by the time the hubby got home. My husband walked in the door with a smile, smelling the aroma coming from the kitchen and had NO idea what I made. All he saw was a pot on the stove (the soup) as the Herring salad was already cooling in the refrigerator and I was not yet ready to boil the pelmeni. After settling in, he came over and investigated the pot and to his contained his favorite soup. He knew what it was almost immediately once he saw the contents. A smile that I can only describe as "worth every cut and effort to make him the dinner" shined on his face, but he did not yet know about the other surprise. I opened the refrigerator and he could not believe I made another favorite of his plus this was ANOTHER dish I have never made. He was shocked. I told him after we sat down a bit to let the pelmeni boil so we could be ready for dinner that I bought him some french bread...he loves soaking up juices of soups or sauces with wonderful, fresh crunchy bread and another one of his amazing smiles of pure thanks crept over his face. He was touched, appreciative and it made everything so worth it.

I am not sure what I will make next, but with my successes over the past few days, I think I'll try to make some new dishes outside of my comfort zone. I don't think I'm ready for five star gourmet cooking, but it has also gave me some new confidence that I can cook...even impress our family cook. When your dishes turn out well and its appreciated, it makes every effort worth while.

What are you cooking for dinner?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yesterday's Post, Last Nights Dream

First, I really enjoyed for my own reflection on yesterday's post. It was something I am not overly open with though I am sure a lot of people know anyways, but I wanted to reflect on why I first went to JROTC and why people that were apart of it were so important to me. I am very happy and thrilled for SGM's new journey in life and hopefully we can meet up for lunch soon. That being said, with my days reflection on my past...I ended up having a dream about my past that scared the living day lights out of me.

In my dream last night I was at some sort of bowling ally. I haven't been to one in ages, so I am not sure why I even thought about it, but it was an open room that I was stuck in with a lot of people...including the old ex-boyfriend. In this dream I was the scared, little girl again that didn't know how to get out. I remember looking for doors that I could run out of, but there weren't any. Ex-boyfriend acted as though we were he did for a year and a half AFTER we had broken up in high school. He held and lead me forcefully by my neck like he used to in school when he was annoyed with me through this bowling ally to find a quiet spot to talk. Once we were at whatever location he wanted, he started talking to me as if everything was fine (the Dr. Jerkyl/Mr. Hyde thing all over again). In the dream I was timid, scared...again a lot like how I remembered I used to be. I amused him like a hostage does to her captor by saying the things I knew he wanted me to say to him. The dream ended with him leaving out the door to catch a ride, and left on his own terms...not mine. I woke up mad at myself for not changing my own dream and scared because I wasn't yet with reality. I also woke up...nauseated and even threw up once I started to get ready.

With dreams, I figure there is sometimes a warning sign. I know this sounds absurd to some, but I just think that maybe sometimes there are either meanings behind it or something I just need to face more head on. I became concerned with knowing where this guy was. It was only a few years ago when he showed up at my parents door step and tried to see me while my husband (then boyfriend, maybe he was my fiance then) told him to never come back. My husband described my ex-boyfriend as giving him a once over like he was sizing him up (I can imagine it easily as I have seen him do it a hundred times before) and finally left begrudgingly defeated. As insane as it sounds I wanted to know where he was, so I googled him...he's in Colorado. I'd rather him in Bangkok or something like that, but he's far away enough for me.

I'm left feeling a bit uneasy today. I am sure some of you have had dreams that have shook you to your core in either feeling angry, sad or scared once you woke up. My nightmare...dream...whatever you want to call it was once a reality for me. It was a long time ago, but reliving it last night really scared me. Thankfully the weekend will be full of friends, family and good times so I can concentrate on my life at the present, which is happy, loving and safe.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


A few years ago...okay maybe more then that, I attended a rather "posh" high school. I didn't think it was at first, but as I was later pointed out that students drove cars like BMWs and vintage, newly restored mustangs to was a bit yuppie and I had to agree. High school was fine for me at first, I had plenty of friends and even followers as people will say I had my own "posse". Its amusing to think that I had that back then, since then I morphed to be a lot more of a quiet person. However, as most things go, things changed.

Although I had my own little posse, I wouldn't say I was popular. I was liked by different cliques, but I wasn't with the "in crowd". It really didn't matter to me. However at one of the parties I attended, things changed. I met a guy. This guy was popular, funny, played varsity football, teachers even seemed to love him, and he was cute. He also took a great liking to me, which was odd since I wasn't with "his crowd". As most high school romances go, we started seeing each other between classes, kissed when teachers weren't looking and hung out on weekends. He was my boyfriend and I was his girlfriend. I was truly infatuated with his charm and dare say, his popularity. Being able to do and see things I normally couldn't do because I didn't have that sort of popularity was a bit appealing. As our high school romance grew, I spent a lot less time with my friends. He even would tell me how I really didn't need them because they were lower then me and I could hang out with his friends. I rebelled with that of course, but soon found my free time became absorbed in being with my boyfriend. What I didn't realize was, gradually this guy's dark side was secretly emerging behind closed doors. He often drank, which looking back at it is quite sad for a 15/16 year old to do. I also thought I was in love.

Slowly but surely I was not allowed to hang out with my friends at all. I was told they were bad for me because they were freaks or whatever negative light he wanted to put them in. I was torn between loving this man that I trusted and cared for or my snarling friends that thought I was an idiot for being with him. Since he offered some comfort, I ran to him. Then the name calling started. At first I was seen with a guy friend, a person who I was strictly platonic with. I was so naive in high school I didn't know all that much about sex as it was. However, I was deemed a slut a few times because said boyfriend didn't know this guy. I protested of course, but in the back of my mind, "I loved him". Like most abuse, it escalated and more then once was shoved down, screamed at, and belittled. This guy was like Dr. Jerkyl and Mr. Hyde. I just wasn't sure who I'd see on a day to day basis. Then he hit me. I watched after school specials and lifetime movies and I know inside I was screaming "RUN!!!", but I didn't. Until you are in that position, where you think you love somebody and want to help them because you're just that loyal, you just can't fathom the torn emotions I had. I was between loving this man and hating him for the cruelty he inflicted on me every other day.

It was then a mutual friend I had before my relationship who also happened to be friends with my boyfriend came up to me knowing what was going on and told me I needed out. I saw no way in getting even an inch of freedom. He then told me about a class he was attending once every other day at a different local high school, it was JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps). I remember clear as day looking at him, thinking of that freedom I'd have once every other day out of the hands of this guy and imagining how wonderful it would be. I agreed and was gung ho for going there in the Fall since doing it now was a little late as school was letting out in a matter of days. I knew I could talk my parents into letting me go, as my family had military history and understood the meaning of what JROTC was all about. I also knew I could lie to my boyfriend and tell him my parents were making me take the class, and their decision far out cried even his reign.

The summer flew by, and while my boyfriend HATED the idea of me going to a different school, he had no say. My schedule was in print and he watched me leave on the bus with a few other guys. What I didn't know was that my friend who was suppose to be in JROTC with me opted out of the class. I was alone as a sophomore with three rowdy, power hungry seniors. Oye. Once on the bus, I took a seat in the first few rows near the driver. Watching the seniors eye ball me in the back of the bus was nothing I wanted to contend with. I wasn't in the mood. From the back I heard, "Where do you think you're going little girl." Please...if these jerks really wanted to get to me then they had another thing coming. I was dealing with Satan back at school and these guys could hold no light to him. Plus I was also Satan's girlfriend and mess with me...then they were going to get it and they knew it. I remember hearing them work their way to the front of the bus and questioning me. They didn't scare me. Was I a bit nervous? Yes. I didn't know what I was in for at the other school.

Fifteen minutes later the bus pulled up to the school. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I had a preppy Abercrombie plaid skirt on, a button up top, knee highs and clunky shoes. The outfit resembled a catholic school uniform, just a bit sexier. My hair was even curled beautifully, because with my boyfriend...I always had to look my best. I "represented" him. The school I was at was MILES from the preppy, "posh" surroundings I was used to. Kids were outside blasting music, running around like animals and I remember watching two security guards slam their golf cart between two picnic benches because they thought their golf cart would make it through. Yup, I certainly wasn't at my high school. I was at a nut house in comparison. I smirked thinking "this will be interesting". I got a few looks from the other kids and a few remarks but I paid no attention. I followed the seniors down the concrete steps to the back of the school since I didn't know where the classroom was. They paid me no mind until we reached the doors that lead into the classroom. A senior pointed at another door further down the hall and said to me that I couldn't enter through the door he was going through...I was only a LET 1 (a first year JROTC student, which also means Leadership Education and Training). I complied...rolling my eyes. The rest of the day went as a blur. I remember meeting SGM and LTC. LTC was a bit interesting. I'll just leave it as that. SGM was energetic, witty and full of life. I liked him immediately. He scared the crap out of me the first day with this new military jargon and high vamped energy, but I liked him. He was certainly a fun character.

As the school year progressed, I started liking JROTC more and more. I relished in my every other day freedom like it was my one chance out of solitary confinement and I was able to breathe a little. I met the most interesting characters and through JROTC, we all started a bond. I even met a new guy who I'll name D.F. for the sake of this blog. D.F. was a nice looking senior, he had a car which was always appealing to younger high school kids, was full of life, and had quite a rebellious side. He also liked me, which didn't hurt.

Through the bond the kids had in JROTC, SGM's ever going motivated personality and D.F.'s unending, positive attention, I grew strong. I grew so strong that I wasn't the scared, frightened girl who was going to stand for getting belittled and physically abused every other day. As lame as it sounds, I had my back up and my place of refuge and I knew no matter what I had to get out of the relationship and if anything I still had JROTC. What a lot of people didn't know was, the school I attended most of the time wouldn't help me. I asked security and teachers alike, but they all thought I was playing around because they saw me talking to him. What they didn't understand was, I was telling him to leave me alone and I was desperately trying to get away from him. They also really liked this jerk of a boyfriend. I was stuck. If school authority can't help you in school, then what could? Still, I broke it off. I was done with him. It didn't stop him from hounding me, giving grief to my ever forgiving friends or even stalking me though. I remember on one such occasion, my ex boyfriend had got a car and followed me to the school I was attending JROTC at. I remember running inside WISHING he would walk in. I had a room full of upper LETs and a SGM that would of took him out by his ear like the little boy he was.

JROTC wasn't all about this boyfriend. This class taught me more then drills and how to fire a daisy air rifle (which was amazing and fun to do in school). I flew in helicopters with the door wide open over Ft. A.P. Hill. I repelled off towers, which with my fear of heights is amazing. I learned about giving respect as well as earning it. I learned how to be on the look out for security and other administrative staff, while watching a bunch of cadets move our LTC car between two other parked cars so he could get out until one of them moved. We later showed SGM and at first were scared about his reaction, but he later laughed and didn't tell on us (how cool was that). I even remember driving out of the parking lot (okay we skipped too but it was a team effort) with the XO in his Dad's Porsche.It was a class that bonded me with so many life long friends. I learned through D.F. and a few other boyfriends I had at the high school I attended JROTC at that guys could be kind, loving and generous without being evil and abusive. I learned through SGM that teachers really do care and great teachers will protect you, motivate you and guide you not only in regards to education, but also in life lessons. Without JROTC I don't know what would of happened to me in high school. It was a little piece of my childhood/teenage years, but what it did for me and the people that were apart of it is something invaluable.


I am writing this whole blog because this is my SGMs last day of being a JROTC Army Instructor. We talked a bit on the phone and exchanged contact information. I haven't spoken to him in almost ten years, but I have thought about him often and all the lessons he gave to each of his cadets. Talking to him reminded me of a bitter but wonderful memory of my past. A past that started up a little shakey with a lot of fears, but blossomed into something wonderful. To be honest his always energetic voice brought a few tears to my eyes. Teachers never know the kind of impact they have on their students. It could be a negative experience or they, like SGM could be as admirable in leaving little footprints ingrained in the souls of their former students. I wish you luck SGM and whatever you do in the future, I am sure you will keep motivating and encouraging those around you.


Friday, June 18, 2010

To Be Thankful

I know its June and typically blogs like this will talk about what to be thankful as we draw closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, but I think when you've had pretty crappy days and things that don't necessarily go your way, its good to see that there is something to be thankful for no matter how bad your day has been.

I can't always depend on everyone, but what I can depend on is the love I have from my husband and my son. For that I am thankful for. I am thankful that I have a partner in life that will walk through fire for me, that will do his best to make me happy and really is a true teammate in life. We've had our ups and our downs more or less with the world...not each other, but it has made us stronger, more aware of the world and smarter. Not everyone has a man that is compassionate and wonderful as he is and I can't thank God enough for bringing him into my life...however oddly.

My son is my miracle. I look at him and marvel about what my husband, myself and God created. He is perfect and beautiful and just hilarious. He can frustrate me to no end in the most inopportune times, but no one can make me smile and laugh like he can. A grinning smile, a thoughtful gesture or even a "hey Mama" can melt all the bad that happened earlier in the day. He truly is my little light, my firecracker.

Material things are great and I am thankful for them...but those all to quickly become yesterday's thoughts or fade in the past. Things like cool phones, new DVDs and whatever next great thing is fine, but I'm thankful more so for the two people that matter most in my life.

Lastly I am thankful for my ever growing connection and relationship I have with God. I've yelled at him and often asked "why", but I constantly feel the welcoming, forgiving arms of love from him. To the faithless thats a hard thing to grasp, but I know what I feel. I know through prayer, through tears, through a thought of "just hold me in your grace for a minute" that he listens. Like a parent to a child it may not be what I want all the time, but eventually it all works out. I know God is good.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paid The Car Loan Off!!!!

Like most normal Americans, my family has a bit of debt here and there. Its not fun and it eats up our fun money so after a few discussions between my husband and I, we decided to knock things off one by one. It has been grueling and there were minor sacrifices to be made, but I am finally seeing an end result...we paid off one of our cars.

I can't say how wonderful it is that we have one of our big loans paid off. Its freeing really. I am one of those list makers and organizers that once I can cross something minor off a to do list or an expense list...I feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction, but being able to cross off something huge is well...HUGE.

Obviously our newly found money each month won't be for fun and interesting things. It will go towards the next thing we need to pay off, but the domino effect is growing because we have extra funds to pay off the next thing then we had previously. Its a slow gradual process, but we're getting there and today I have to give my little family a pat on the back and smile knowing I can cross another thing, a big thing, off my list.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Its A Hard Knock Life...for Mommies

I was pondering at the idea of how the world views mothers and how we view them ourselves. Imagine in your head what a mother looks like. I have three images, one my own mother, another a ideal 50's housewife/mother and then the modern Mom. In my own mind, at least what I think...I interestingly am a mix of all three of them.

My Mom is a super Mom. Seriously, I have no idea how my Mom did so much for my sister and I when we were little. She was the type of Mom that worked part time for spending money, took us to lessons, drove us to school when we were younger (if we wanted), had dinner on the table at 5, her house was usually always clean (with no help) and she decorated for almost every holiday. She rocks. I also knew and I am sure my sister knew, that in her book we were number one. No job, no person and no thing was more important then we were. While I am not everything my Mom was (though I try like hell), I do put my son first above anything. I take him to school each day, race home from work to be with him, make sure he has something at least nutritious on his plate for dinner and decorate when I remember and if there is enough time for holidays because thats just fun for a kid. Now is my house immaculate? Heck no. It is sanitary though. There are toys that need to be put away, laundry that needs to folded and dust settling on our bookshelves. I just work full time and other then my husband I have no help. However, I think I took the most important lesson from her...that my kid matters most in the world and everything else is very very very secondary.

I am not much like a 50's housewife, but I like baking, doing sweet things for my husband, and manage the schedule of everything for the household and the people in it quite nicely. I don't wear dresses. I don't stay at home all day. I wear make up sometimes, but its more for me then to make my husband think I'm hot. I am also work as a team with my husband...its not all on me. However, I do think the image of the 50's housewife gives most of us a relaxed feeling of motherhood because it looked so easy. Haha.

Then there is the modern Mom. When I imagine her, I imagine a woman with a messy pulled up pony tail to be fixed at a later time, wearing a business suit, juggling five hundred things at once and some how finding time for herself. I am most of these. My hair is usually needing to be fixed...even if it just was. I don't really own a business suit and am in no way chic. I do juggle about a million things during the day and I do try to find time for myself every so often. I know some modern Moms that go to the gym every day. I honestly don't have time for that. I also don't go to salons as much as I should or would like. Pedicures for me are a treat, not an upkeep thing for me. If I had extra money I generally don't spend it on me as the order for things we need is kid, house, husband and then me. Its not that anyone set that precedence...its just the way it is and I am fine with that.

Being a Mom is the most wonderful thing in the world. I couldn't be any happier about it. I love seeing my son's smiling face and watching my husband play with him. As a Mom I try to do it all and try to be those Moms I imagine in my head. I try to juggle, plan, organize, bake, clean, cook, and play. I want to be everything that I dreamed of for my son. He deserves everything good in life because our babies are the only little miracles most of us will ever be apart of and they are AMAZING. Being a Mom is hard. Its hard as hell. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I thought I would write a blog between my anniversary blogs, but work, kid, home, weekend events and a good book got in the way with doing that. June just has been absolutely crazy! However, I can't forget to blog about one of the most important days of my life, the marriage to my husband.

I remember all to well the feelings I had four years ago around this time (10:35am). I was getting may hair done in the salon with my Mom and sister. My husband I suppose was hanging out with his best friend/best man at our apartment in Ashburn. I remember feeling nervous, ancy and excited. It was a tough time for my mother in law who months before through a series of events separated from her husband. However nervous I was, the thought of finally getting to marry my best friend of four years was going to be amazing.

I can still recall the moment I started to walk down the aisle with my Dad and saw my now husband. His eyes were shining...I think he was about to cry and I couldn't take my eyes off him. Call it nerves or call it being in the moment, but for those few minutes, he was the only one in the church. The ceremony went by fairly quickly even though it was a 45 minute ceremony. Nothing mattered with my husband by my side. I remember also trying not to kiss him because that had to be saved at the end. After the ceremony was over we danced like crazy. I think between us we maybe didn't dance two songs and that was for getting a drink or running to the bathroom. I remember my feet aching for a day and a half after that but it was so fun and I wish I could relive the reception all over again.

If I could tell myself four years ago some advice, I would tell myself to relax a little more, that things would fall in place and to remind your fiance he BETTER drink almost all the wine in the chalice that we had to share as part of our wedding ceremony. I hate drinking wine and I still remember during that part looking in the chalice and seeing it half full and there was no way I could get out of not drinking the rest of the wine. Had I been able to hand it off or smack my husbands arm for doing that...I totally would have.

The stuff I didn't know then but know now is, my husband is more patient then I thought. He cleans and designs rooms very well. He makes the most beautiful well as the most feisty one and he also loves and protects his family with passion.

I love you babies. Happy Anniversary!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Upcoming Anniversary

Next week my husband and I will be celebrating our four year wedding anniversary and I have to say I am just as much in love with him as I was EIGHT years ago when we first started dating as I am now...actually more in love with the wonderful man he is. I guess one would think that the girly crush would fade or that I would be annoyed by some of the things that I found cute eight years ago that wasn't so cute now, but I'm not. I still find the same things he does cute. I look at him and think with a little girlish shrill, "God I love him!" The man has won me over mind, body and soul.

I can recall the early days our dating and thinking him to be the most calm, confident and straight faced person that I know. He still is. He also had some insane guts with speaking his mind about anything and going for whatever he wanted. I admire that about him and from time to time he still shocks me with that characteristic of his. I can still remember a cold day when I was with a group of my boyfriends friends along with my boyfriend walking through Reston Town Center. We decided to stop by the ice cream store where my husband used to manage called Lee's, but then he was only a mere friend and someone who fancied me and I secretly returned the same feelings. For whatever reason the guys decided to stay outside...maybe to smoke or something, but I hate the cold and went inside the empty store alone. I remember my husband watching me walk up to the tall glass counter and he leaned over giving me a boyish grin. His hat was turned slightly sideways, had earrings in both his ears and the purple shirt he wore was stained slightly with drips of ice cream. He started talking to me about various things leaning over the deli counter. He was beautiful and had my attention. The moment between us was quickly broken up with my then boyfriend and his friends coming through the door and the conversation went to cars, motorcycles and whatever else was interesting to 17/18 year old boys.

Now should I have been grossed out by his sick ass pick up line? Yes, but he didn't really mean it...or did he? I took it as his way of trying to push my buttons but more importantly he was speaking his mind about anything and going for whatever he wanted. He obviously wanted me. How much he did I was not sure at that time. It wasn't until the break up with my then boyfriend, us starting to date each other, our falling out, multiple nasty things that I said to him which I do regret that I really found out that the man loved me. That at 19 years old he was without a doubt passionately but maturely (which we all know is big for a 19 year old boy) in love with me. That when he did ask me to marry him the first time...while I was still dating another guy that he really wanted to marry me. I took it as a joke...I mean I was still dating another guy. He saw in me what he dreamed of in a spouse, as someone who was loyal, loving, nurturing, caring and shorter then him. For me it just took a while longer to see him that way. However the man, my man is loved through every freckle, every hair, every fiber of his being.

I can't tell you enough how often I'll glance over at him remembering an old memory or just thinking how cute he looks with his tosseled hair. Usually he catches me mid stare and asks me "what"?!? Its always followed by a grin and a girlish laugh. Its love. He probably thinks I'm losing it.

He's a passionate man that fights and loves his family tremendously. Once or twice some people have tried coming between the Papa bear and his family...and lets just say the claws came out with tremendous vigor to protect his family. More over he is a true team mate in life. He cooks, cleans, takes care of our son as equally as I do. Okay...he cooks way more but he's really an awesome cook. I don't have the mad skills he has. No matter how I try...even making the sandwiches just like he has done for me in the past...he just does it better. I also can't count how many times I come home to a newly designed home. He's a furniture mover, and finds random but cool things so my house is forever changing. I am never quite sure what I'll come home to.

In the eight years I have been with him I have learned a few things about him. He hates it when I put one dirty knife in the sink if everything else is clean and put away. Mascara is certainly not for him. He loves movies like Grease and Parent Trap. He does not like to be awaken to tickling and he looks hotter in a sports car then in a SUV. But more seriously, he is passionate, kind, loving, generous, thoughtful, beautiful, patient, clean (some men are just dirty so its a plus), strong, brave, sincere, a great Dad and a loving husband. The four years of marriage has been a roller coaster but so much damn fun and I can't wait to add decades to that number.

I love you babes!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


About a week ago my husband stumbled on a dating game show called "Baggage" while flipping channels. I was paying no interest to the show while folding laundry until I heard bizarre confession of contestants revealing weird or horrible things about themselves. For example one girl confessed she likes to keep her bikini wax strips because she likes the look of them. Um...what?

Typically I am not into these shows, especially when they are hosted by Jerry Springer. However, I couldn't resist this part of trash television. I was drawn in. The premise of the show essentially is one guy or one girl choosing between one of three possible matches in three rounds. During the first round the three contestants will reveal a small piece of their baggage. On the second round the three contestants will step aside while the host reveal a bit of bigger baggage about the three contestants anonymously. It is up to the guy or girl to choose which piece of baggage is too big for them and then the players will reveal which piece of baggage belongs to them and one of them will go home. Then in the third round the players will reveal their biggest piece of baggage and girl or guy will eliminate a final person leaving their desired match. Finally the girl or guy will reveal a piece of their own baggage to the person that revealed three pieces of their own baggage. It is up to that person to decide if their baggage is too big or not.

I know the usual normal person does not try out for these shows and of course the producer wants to make "good tv" so he picks the weirdest people for these shows, but it sure as hell makes me glad that I am out of the dating scene. I can not believe that people will reveal things on national television like the following:

- Being bad in bed
- Collecting bikini wax strips
- Had sex with over 2000 people
- Posed nude in a magazine
- Is a seasonal bisexual (one that is attracted to the same sex only certain times during the year, which amazingly Jerry Springer has never heard of)
- Likes to pee in the sink
- Slept with two sisters on the same night

The list goes on...and while I don't like shows like the Jerry Springer show or really bad trash television...I laugh watching the show. I just can't believe people and Jerry's funny commentary on the contestants. Oye.