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Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I Never Thought I Would Say...

Before becoming a parent you have a romantic idea on what it is going to be like. I had those ideas and also realized (thankfully) that parenting is not all fun and games, but one of the hardest (yet rewarding) jobs I will ever do. I thought about after saying a few phrases this weekend to either my husband, family or even son that I would never imagine myself saying them three years ago. Nothing vulgar...just the world of parenting.

I figured I'd list a few of these I remember saying over the last several months...and add your own if you'd like.

Here it goes:

~ Hon, he is sitting on my head. Help.

~ You have fuzz in your snot. Ewww!

~ Looks like you had corn at day care.

~ We need to be nice to friends. We are not vampires so please don't bite.

~ I just caught an older woman (of four) kissing our son. He's only two!

~ Monsters aren't scary. Elmo is a monster and he isn't scary.

~ To get a meal to myself without little hands stealing it or wanting it is bliss!

~ Crap he's tall enough to open the front door (...running)

~ (said to a six year old girl about my son who wanted to play) He can't come outside right now. I am cooking dinner and he's not allowed out by himself.

~ I'm being bossed around by a two year old. Sit here. Go here.

~ I deal with poop all day. The dogs poop, my son's poop and lets not forget when I have time to poop I have to deal with that too.

~ Sports bras equal the new paci holders...and it wasn't discovered by me.

~ It would be nice to talk to a recruiter when I was home, but that would require my son to be able to say hello first before I can talk...I don't think that would fly very well.

~ Your iphone is in the Mickey plane.

The list could go on and on with things I'd never think I'd say. I am amazed everyday how my little heart with legs...can just turn my world completely upside down. I love it though : )

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spinning Wheels Is Never Fun

Do you have days, weeks or even longer where you just feel like you're just spinning your wheels? Like whatever task you set out to do or whatever goal you set, something either comes in the way of it to completely nix the idea or prolongs it? I am having that life spin the wheels moment.

I am a goal setter and a goal minder. I am one of those people that love set goals, plans out for them, and literally bends over backwards to achieve them. However, I hate road blocks. I hate those things that just come up. Like I said, I'll bend backwards but I can't do the impossible.

I guess all I can do is pray...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today were two first in our household, packing a brown bag lunch (okay okay a Gap bag) and a off campus field trip for my son to visit a local farm. While it may not sound much to a veteran Mom that has been there and done that a least half a dozen times, it was a new experience for me.

When I got the field trip permission form a few weeks back, it highlighted a brown bag lunch was required but NO peanut products allowed. Unlike when I was growing up there were no concerns with peanut allergies. I never remembered worrying about such things, then again I didn't pack my lunches while I was little (more like until I moved out of the house...and even still hubby packs them sometimes to be sweet). However, I do remember eating 'ants on a log' in my day care class, so peanut butter obviously was not something shunned in day cares as being a "no, no". So what could I feed my two year old son that is disposable, not messy (I figure be nice to my son's teachers), something that does not need refrigeration, does not need to be heated up AND has no peanut products? That really wipes out a lot of lunch foods. I finally decided a juice box (Elmo one to be exact because I am a rockin Mom), goldfish crackers, a brownie and a banana since there had to be something healthy put in there some where. I know he won't eat it. I know him. There are too many cool and fun things to do within running distance, but its there if he wants it...however unhealthy most of his lunch may be. Why I didn't think of an apple butter sandwich prior to today? I have no idea.

Another first (which I missed since I need to work) was my son's first experience on a school bus. Literally every day that my sons sees the school bus parked outside of his school he points to it WISHING he could get on (that will stop I am sure soon enough in a few years). I really felt two inches high for missing seeing him get on that bus because I knew how wonderfully excited he would be to ride it. I burdened the director by asking if she wouldn't mind taking a picture explaining to her how much my little guy loves seeing that bus. In the end, I gave her the great idea for her to take pictures of all the kids getting on the bus. THANK YOU!!!

I am just so excited to hear the report about today's fun field trip. I can't imagine the fun my little guy will be having today as he experienced this place a few weeks back during a family outing. He was all smiles and giggles the entire time. I am glad at least I got to see those same smiles and giggles about a wonderful place first, because that would of been a harder first to miss.

Friday, October 9, 2009

~The Search Begins!

A week or so ago, as expected, the current contract that I am on lost the recompete. As most NOVA people know, this means your job has ended. It was expected, but nevertheless still a hard blow.

I can almost profess myself as a job squatter, which means if I get a job I could very well stay forever. I almost did not leave the last job I was at. I was comfortable, knew my surroundings, new the people and loved my boss. But with an extensive (and I mean extensive) pay raise taking on another job was something I could not resist. I do everything for my family now days, which means going out of my comfort zone.

I loathe searching for a job...especially in this economy. Thankfully this area is better off then most of the country, but is a pain. It leaves you feeling stressed out, worthless and almost overwhelmed at the end of the day. Thankfully I have some time to look, but I also am not a very patient person as this effects the VERY being of what is most important to family.

I am sure something will come along soon and this feeling of crud will be something of the past, but I worry. I worry about how this will effect everything in my family's life. I'm trying and I hope to God that something comes along soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello Fall!

This morning I got that first of the year wake up when I did NOT want to get out of bed due to a chilly room. I wanted to stay nice and snug under the blankets with my hubby and son, but this Mama had to work. I started to lazily get out of bed but felt the cold smack me on my back and ran quickly to put on the clothes I laid out the night before. I sighed as I put a long sleeve, red Ann Taylor Loft shirt and was the first time I had to wear socks and long sleeves to work after a wonderfully warm summer had its last hoorah last week. Last night, it came time to put my cute open toe dress shoes and summery dress shirts away. I find that depressing each year. I am a girl that loves the summer.

Thankfully my husband had gotten up to dress my son (he does 99% of the time on work mornings) and he too was dressed in an nice warm, waffle weave, long sleeve shirt with cute, little baby sweat pants that are a tad bit too big on him. He's at that stage where he is in-between a size where 2T month pants for the most part are too short and 3T are too long. We left this morning both wearing jackets and was again reintroduced to the cold air as we made our way out the door. My son and I walked briskly to the car and I was thankful that my husband had raked up the piles of leaves the day before so I didn't have to worry about slipping on them going down the sidewalk steps while holding the most precious thing in the world.

I had an easy drop off to day care as my son literally pulled me all the way into his classroom but then played it off that he was dis-interested once he arrived. He does that. He will be all excited about something like his Dad coming home or going to school and then have that attitude like some teenager playing it "cool". I kissed my son goodbye as he sat down next to his little girlfriend and made my way out the door.

I drove to work and silently cursing the increased traffic now that school is in progress and buses that crowd the roadways. It literally adds fifteen more minutes on to what should be a thirty minute commute. I hate commuting...I hate rush hour...

So with all that said, hello Fall. Hello to the chilly mornings, long sleeve shirts, jackets, closed toed shoes, fall leaves, and increased traffic. If it wasn't for awesome things like apple cider, fun fall festivities, Halloween, family birthdays and holiday time approaching, I think I would loathe you.