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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Singing A Song

I was reading a random blog one day with a short video clip that had a Dad ask his daughter to sing a song from Annie. She wasn't auditioning for the play or anything, he just wanted to hear it. She agreed and sang most the lyrics correctly and did have a cute pitch. Maybe its just me, but hearing little kids sing is just one of the top ten cute things they could do so long as it isn't screaming the song. I've heard my friends daughter and my son sing (well he more babbles) and I just love it. It always makes me smile. So I got to thinking, what cute things would I love for my son to sing someday besides the A,B,C's and Twinkle Twinkle (even though both are quite awesome)?

Those that know me know I have an obsession with the movie An American Tale. I always loved it as a kid. Heck, last Halloween I made a Fievel costume (okay my Mom made it because she is a lot more crafty then I am)for my son. He looked adorable in his over sized hat and mouse ears. So what would any American Tale fan love for her child to sing? Somewhere Out There. I would love to hear him sing that song someday. I know if he ever does, this Mama will be crying her eyes out from the pure cuteness of it all.

I know this is a silly post, but I seriously dream of the day ya'll.

I also remember as a child watching a little girl during a Hungarian Festival sing some sort of Hungarian folk song. I envied her ability to do this because I thought it would be so cool if I could. I remember seeing my Nagypapa's face (my Hungarian Grandfather) when I told him "I love you" in Hungarian. His eyes lit up...and how I wished I had some thought back then to learn a song that I could sing for him or my Nagmama instead of just being envious. They would of been thrilled. I am not really wanting my son to know a Hungarian folk song though. Would it be awesome/cool? Absolutely! There is just no one to teach him though, which brings me to my next thought...

What I would love is for my son is to sing a Russian song. I don't care what it is, although a song from Lubeh would be pretty awesome. Even a Russian folk song like Katyusha would be the cutest thing ever. How cute are the little girls in the link below?

What songs would you love to hear your child sing?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Madness

My post won't be about basketball. I honestly could care less about the sport. This week my boss is out doing some sort of training class, so I am holding the reigns for her, which is fine. I like the challenge. Its scary because I highly dislike hosting meetings, but it feels rewarding at the end of the day knowing that things went right or I could make them right by helping out my team. What I didn't anticipate was a brief conversation I had with another co-worker.

I like talking to different co-workers. I love hearing the laughter from the suite behind me as they are all friendly people (seriously they are my favorite group and wish I belonged if it wasn't for their odd work hours). Who could not like a group that sang "Like A Virgin" during a Christmas Party? I like talking to the Ukrainian guy about anything Russian, such as Baba Yaga, Lubeh or yummy Russian foods. I think I am a pretty social and think a pretty nice person, so why do I keep running into the most awkward conversations ever? More worse, get accused of something I am not?

The conversation started friendly enough. We started talking about work and the status of such and such item. Then it got to politics. Something I don't talk about in the work place because it is just inappropriate. I tried swaying the conversation to something else quickly as I knew it wasn't going anywhere quick. However it got to, "Republicans are just racist. They don't like Obama because he's black and they don't like Pelosi because they are sexist." Um what? I wanted out of that conversation immediately. I was down right offended. So I replied quietly and bluntly, "No I'm not." and walked away. There was nothing more to say to that. I wasn't going to start a debate on what issues I agree or disagree with. I just didn't like accusations made to a group, even more so when I affiliate myself with it.

I don't agree with so many thing that Obama stands for. I don't like his politics, but I am not going to get into all of that. I honestly don't have the energy tonight for it. However, do I think he would be probably a fun person to hang with politics aside? Probably. Do I agree with him? Hell no. I don't care what color he is. I care about his choices, his beliefs, his antics for running our country. It isn't a race thing and I am so sick of those that try to pull the race card. Would I hang with Pelosi? I don't know her. She could be one rocking gal (again politics aside), but I'd probably say "no thanks" if someone asked if I wanted to meet her in any setting.

I hope the person I spoke so bluntly to realized her statement was too wide spread. It is a hope, not a probability. Are there racist/sexist Republicans? Probably. Are there racist/sexist Democrats? Probably. I just think when you generalize a group, you sound ignorant. Unless you're talking about the KKK here, then you can generalize that they are all racist. I am just in disbelief of what comes out of some peoples mouth and mostly how in the hell I keep running into the weirdest/oddest/uncomfortable situations. I hope Tuesday will go smoother. I hope.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Story Time Revisited

There is a new little nightly ritual sweeping through my household. It isn't a "we can't do it because its too late" or "we'll do this before we get into bed", this new nightly ritual has to be (as mandated by the two year old Czar living in our house) when my son is laying in his crib. This new nightly ritual is, the night time story telling. It is not just any story, it is the story of The Three Little Pigs told by Mama exclusively. No book about The Three Little Pigs, no Dada telling it or song will do. My son ADORES and loves this story by Mama's words only. What can I say? To a two year old, I make a great story teller.

I am amused by my son's love of this story. Partly because I tell it the same way my Mom used to tell me the story. The three little pigs all have names. My son is obviously the little pig who builds his house with bricks and the two other pigs are typically his cousin (who he adores and can name) and another one of his little friends. When my Mom told me the story as a child, I was always the pig with the brick house and my sister and a cousin was always played the role of the other pigs. As I tell the story you can sense his anticipation about the Big Bad Wolf knocking on each of the pigs doors. When we come to the part of the story where the wolf "huffs, and he puffs and he blows the house down", I always pair it up with blowing out lots of air as if I was the wolf. My son smiles and does his little best to mimic the wolf as well by pretending to blow the houses down. I have memories of my Mom and I curled up in my small twin bed blowing air in each others faces. It sounds silly I know, but I remembered this being so hilarious and laughing so hard my Mom usually got some spit mixed in with that air because I couldn't contain the laughter and blowing at the same time (sorry Mom). Thankfully I have not yet been spit upon. By the end of the story my son is smiling a sweet tired smile and happy as he is the piggy that saves the day.

There is nothing more thrilling then passing down a piece of childhood that made me so happy as a kid. It is a simple memory, but a long lasting and happy one. I am sure my Mom never guessed I would remember her telling me that story so vividly, but it stuck with me. I am thankful for that. Perhaps someday when my son is a Dad and has kids of his own he may tell that same story in the way his Mom him and his Nagymama told her. That would be kind of special don't you think?


I can't believe that Easter will be right around the corner. Does it seem to anyone else that Christmas was just yesterday? Our family will celebrate Easter for is true meaning, the resurrection of Christ three days after his death by crucifixion. However, there will be an Easter egg hunt or two and my son will receive a basket on Easter morning before church.

Just like in Easters past when I was a child, the Easter basket will be simple presents with a few sweet treats thrown in here and there. This year I made out during a trip to Target to find some incredible fun presents for very cheap. How I love the dollar section in that store!

This is what will be in my son's Easter basket:

Sidewalk Chalk Eggs ($1 Target) ~ How cute is this?

Bubbles (Target find) (a toddler necessity)

Egg Wand (similar but more eggish)

Sticker Book ($1 Target)

Easter Eggs with Cars Inside (I got a three pack)

Finally I'll be pairing all this (with some extra goodies to eat) with this adorable dog Easter basket. Isn't this cute?

Vampire Diaries

I will raise my hand and admit I have officially been suckered into all things vampire-ish. I will say that I love things like that (even if some of the things that go "bump in the night" scare the crap out of me). I will say it was intensified due to the Twilight craze. I loved the books. In fact I knocked out all of them in one week, which was amazing for me because I probably haven't read a book before that in six months. I just did not find the time for it. After I was done with the Meyer series, I like most fans of hers were left a little empty. I craved more. I watched True Blood, which was pretty awesome but almost a little too sexy? I guess I wanted something more toned down, something a little more Bella and Edward. It was then I came across Vampire Diaries.

I will admit the show started a bit slow in parts for me during its first season. However, the story line got more and more interesting as the show progressed and who could not swoon over those oh so hot vampires, especially Damon? My god does that man's eyes and rigid jaw line makes my palms sweat. The show much like the Twilight series has two main characters, one vampire hottie (that sounds so teenish)and one innocent school girl. It moves on to talk about their relationship, the town's history and a nice twist or two thrown in there, which include other things that go "bump in int he night". I'm officially hooked in.

Last night (I think...we DVR it) the second season began and I am even more hooked. I can't wait to see what will happen next. What will Elena discover? How will Stephan help her? What will Damon do? If you are a Twilight fan that craves a little bit more vampire storyline, then check out this show. Of course, I still have a soft spot for the Twilight series and this show although is on the same base line, it is like apples and oranges, but its fulfilled my cravings...for now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recipe ~ Russian Blinchiki

I got this recipe from because although I know the overall ingredients, I am horrible with how much I should put in. Plus this is the only one I tried and it taste the same as if my husband's Russian Grandmother made it, which passes as a good recipe in my book.

I don't cook and really can't cook, but this is so super easy and fast to do!

2 eggs, slightly beaten
2 cups milk
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 cups sifted flour

~ cottage cheese
~ cooked meat
~fruit filling

~Sour cream

Add milk to slightly beaten eggs. Beat thoroughly. Add flour and salt and stir well.

Fry 5 inch pancakes on a hot buttered griddle until brown on both sides.

Place a tablespoon of cooked meat (I personally prefer onion/ground beef),cottage cheese or you have even make it as a dessert and add fruit filling into the center of each and roll the pancake so that the sides overlap.

Turn and brown.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Potty Training...

Lately my son has become more and more interested in the potty. We talk about it enough by telling him Mommy is going potty when I'm headed to the bathroom (I never have a moment to myself even in the most private of times) and that big boys/big girls go to a potty and not in their diapers. A few times he has tried taking his pants down, which is always followed up with "do you need to use the potty?" I usually get a nod and we rush to the bathroom...followed up with nothing. Its a start!

This past week I have had several conversations with his WONDERFUL (she really is spectacular) day care teacher. She has also noticed that my son is curious about the potty and will observe other children headed in the potty full of wonder. Everything is a curiosity at their age. I am so grateful she has the same potty training methods that I do. I don't want the training to be over stressful because that can cause major regression. If he doesn't simply want to sit on the potty, he doesn't have to. I want the potty training to be an accomplishment, not a punishment to my son. After a nice conversation and a few tips from her (she's a veteran Mom of three, two being twins), we have established a plan about getting my son potty trained. I wanted to share a few tips that I took from her, because honestly...I had no clue how to potty train him at all.

~ Start by taking him/her to the bathroom every thirty minutes and asking if he/she needs to go potty. Remember if he/she doesn't want to sit its okay. The every thirty minutes is set at first to help them learn when they need to go. Remember to take them to the potty when they wake up for the morning or after nap as they have to be changed anyways.

~ After a few successful times at going potty, then move up the time to every hour. As the potty training becomes more successful then you can bump up the time to a longer duration, but still take them potty after he/she wakes up for the morning or after nap.

~ Once they have dry diapers during the times they are awake during the day, then they can graduate to underwear. An incentive to help them have dry diapers is perhaps a promise of cool big girl/big boy underwear that they choose.

~ Keep them in pull ups during nap/night time until they continuously have dry diapers when he/she wakes up, then graduate to a diaper free household!

I know the information I wrote above isn't rocket science. I was in all honesty not sure how to approach it and to be given some advice to a woman that potty trains all day long and has potty trained her kids, I'll take whatever advice I can get. For now we are still doing diapers, but soon enough I hope to see cute little boy boxer briefs lining my sons underwear drawer. Let the games begin!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Missing the Kid

As I sit at work today, I keep checking the time wishing for my day to end so I can jump into the car and see the most wonderful human being in the world, my son. As a parent you know there are some days which you are glad that the babysitter, day care or some sort of relief is there to help watch your kid, but there are a lot of days, especially today where I want nothing more but to scoop my son up and escape with him for the day.

My son is always changing and evolving...that is how it goes with kids. They are constantly changing and so unpredictable. Since my son's ear tube surgery, he really has become less baby like and more like a kid . It is a beautiful thing to watch but bitter sweet in some ways. I love having such an awesome little helper around that loves shutting doors and doing simple requests I ask of him. His little face lights up with each expressive "thank you" I give him or hug because he did a job well done. My son certainly is all boy and I smile because his zest and full of life attitude reminds me of myself when I was a child. It certainly was an eye opener watching him asks for thirds and fourths for gravy at last night's dinner and seeing him eat all the icing off his little piece of cake. Anyone that knows me (or has me for dinner regularly) knows that this Mama LOVES her gravy.

I just miss my little boy. I hate being stuck at work on a beautiful Friday without much to do and missing him terribly. I keep thinking of the fun things we can do together this afternoon, perhaps we'll play with sidewalk chalk or go to a neighboring playground. I just can't wait to see him.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I was SUCH a Good Mom...before I became one

I take a look at my family room with toys scattered around from last nights play and the dishes piling up in the sink and remember the time before I had kids and would see houses like mine and wonder "why don't these people pick up some?". Now thats just hysterical, I was such an awesome Mom with no kids!

I was the type of Mom that believed that my kids would hardly ever watch television, they would have nutritious meals three times a day/7 days a week and my house would still look somewhat the same minus a few things here or there. Minus a few things? Talk about a house explosion! As much as I clean up, there are toys everywhere. My laundry is NEVER complete and will never be complete again for the rest of my life. My son doesn't watch a lot of television, but like us I think he likes to chill out the last half hour to hour before bed time. Plus we're tired! As for the meals in our house I do make sure we have nutritious snacks available and that his homemade dinners has some nutrition, but we are also not strangers to good old McD or other take out.

My views, judgments and opinions have since changed once I became a Mom. I know that you can only tackle so much in one day because simply there are not enough hours in the day nor do you have as much energy as you would like. If my house was picked up and immaculate 24/7 with a toddler...I would wonder now if I am spending more time playing and being a Mom to my son or worrying more about having everything clean? Clean houses are boring and I'd much rather spend the time blowing bubbles with my son or coloring pictures together. Of course there is a happy medium to a clean house and play time with the toddler, but I lean more to play time. Your kids are only young once and your household chores are endless. I'm enjoying my time now with my little guy.

What perceptions did you have about being a Mom that changed once you actually became one?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Found Love

During the weekend, I met a new love of mine, the Target $1 section. Typically they do have cheapy stuff that I would never buy but after being inspired by Pink Green and Southern with her AWESOME candy bar/Easter decor (seriously check it is to die for) and all the fun deals she finds I had to take a new look at it.

I walked out of that section with not only a few fun Easter presents (aka Easter Bunny presents) for my son on Easter, but also some Easter/Spring decor for my buffet table in my dining room (see picture above and ignore me in the background) all for under $8! How can you beat that! I love the cute little mini metal buckets. I bought three of them, which two I'll use for decor and one will be for my son. He is always finding "treasures" outside and wanting a container for them. So a metal bucket thats easy to wash out that isn't overwhelmingly big was perfect!

I love love Easter. I love the miracle of Christ rising from the dead, the family get togethers and all the fun kid stuff that gets thrown in with it too. I am just glad this year I had the energy to decorate and for a great price! I will be revisiting that $1 more often from now on. They always have new things!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Radical Parents?

So the other day I caught a taping of a show called Radical Parenting. It was a show that explored several different types of parenting from attached parenting, to raising a child without consequences, to raising a child in a gender neutral world. Doing the attached parenting and raising a child without consequences CERTAINLY would not be my cup of tea, but I was shocked that a form of my parenting is considered radical. Really?

The set of parents that were raising their child in a gender neutral household showed how the Mom and Dad don't necessarily perform gender biased roles in the house. It showed the husband cooking and the Mom putting together some bathroom cabinet. Check...thats us. Hubby rocks at cooking and I have more patience to put a thousand piece project together. We also switch it up and I'll cook some and he'll do things like hang pictures. The parents in this show buy their sons a variety of toys from cars to dollhouses (see post below). Check...done that. What we don't do is follow their clothing guideline of not dressing their children in typical boy clothes. I think its fun dressing up a little boy themed clothing. However if I had a daughter would she be wearing a Capitals jersey? You're damn right she would. Would she wear monster trucks? Probably not. Then again their "non boy themed clothing" confused me because they were wearing what I see most boys wearing minus clothing with pictures on them. So I was a bit confused about that.

I am just surprised that my parenting is deemed somewhat "radical". I don't follow the overly strict guidelines (nor did these people really), but the jest of it is the same. I didn't think it was radical though. So do other households really push their kids in one or another direction? Are little girls not allowed to play with things like tool benches, cars, and sports equipment? Are little boys not allowed to play with kitchen sets, wear their Moms shoes or pretend to play babies? I got to put a call into my Mom and tell her she must of been a pioneer or something in this radical parenting style, because I grew up playing with whatever. I had pretty dolls, barbies and my little ponies, but I also had a REAL working tool bench (the saws actually Mom was brave giving this to me at three...I'm surprised the kitchen table legs weren't sawed off), cars and various sporting equipment. I'm just shocked. Please tell me that my parenting isn't radical and these people just needed to put in a extra 15 minute to show something. Anybody?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Going "Old School"

This past week, I rediscovered one of my favorite websites Etsy. You can sort through handmade items as well as vintage items and can find some really cute, unique deals! From this website I have already bought a vintage 1950's dress coat for my son (the same look as JFK Jr. had when he saluted his Dad's passing casket), a vinyl wall applique for my son's room, and a few other odds and ends. This week I was on the hunt for Easter basket ideas. I wanted something special....something that my son would like. Of course there were mountains of beautiful little girl things, and some boy apparel that was a little too young for him now (I don't want to put my son in an outfit where he'd have to kick his own a$$), but I needed something least age appropriate. I have a son, not a daughter. Hmmm...

Right now, my son loves small play houses for his toys. He loves the rooms, doors, etc., Knowing that, my husband and I have been looking for a manly doll house (yes it sounds like am contradicting myself from the previous opening paragraph but bear with me). Do you know how impossible that is? I am not obviously against not getting something because its a "girls toy", but we more or less put the brakes on purchasing something that is bright pink with hearts all over it. Now if he truly wanted that, then I would buy it, but its me shopping for him. I also want something that can close and store all the little accessory toys for him. So I went on the hunt and searched "doll houses". There was an eclectic mix of things from delicate antique doll furniture to cast iron steel houses. Then I saw it...I found his little present. What I discovered was not only a house that folds, for the right price, and it comes with enough accessories not to overwhelm him; it was a tudor fisher price little people house (pictured above). PERFECT!!! Sold!

I am so happy with my new find. I love the "old school" fisher price little people toys. It brings me back to my childhood where I played with so many of those sets at my friends house and how I used to take the little people buses and use them as roller skates. I can't wait for it to arrive!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekend Expenses

This past weekend my family and I ventured out to Potomac Mills Mall. We wanted to do something that was somewhat easy and not very pricy....haha. While walking around the mall we discovered 5 And Below. Intrigued by the inexpensive toys, candy, and things we did not need we ventured inside. After gathering a few Easter basket gifts, a hockey stick and candy for my boys (aka my husband and my son), my husband went up to the counter to pay for all of our new findings. While entertaining my son in his stroller, I happened to glance up at the cashier screen. The total came out to $79,827.82. Okay thats more then my two cars are worth combined....For a minutes there was a bit delusional and felt I must of quantum leaped into Paris Hilton's body as she has been known to spend obscene amounts of money in stores like the one I knew I was in...I wasn't in Tyson's Galleria people...I was at "Da Mills".

I blinked and was about to say something before my husband pushed the credit card through (that would be one hell of an over draft). Thankfully he didn't and told them to correct the total. We all giggled at the cashier corrected himself on the amount.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Pretty

This past weekend was a good weekend. It was nothing out of the ordinary, just a typical weekend with family, errands and taking care of the little guy. However, last night was something special and I have to say, "I feel pretty."

Yesterday in typical Sunday fashion I had some comfy sweat pants on, hair pulled up in a messy pony tail and a t-shirt. I don't care who is over on Sundays...thats just going to be how I look because I know for the rest of the week, I'll have to put some real pants on. Its my "whatever feels good to put on" day (after church of course). Its also my obvious day of not looking like MILF...though I really don't want to be a MILF to anyone except my husband and even so...I'd rather be something a little less vulgar sounding. ANYWAYS...moving on...point is..I've looked better.

After my mother in law and her boyfriend left our house Sunday evening, my husband and I retreated to the family room to watch the newer Parent Trap movie. Its a movie we both love. I love that my husband loves that movie. Did you know that the evil girlfriends mother that plays in the movie was the original evil girlfriend in the first Parent Trap movie? Anyways,its our little normal routine to sit down and chill out together. Unexpectedly, my husband looks over and says, "Hello beautiful." I look up, eyebrow raised, half confused and say, "huh?" pushed back, my make up has gone to hell and I probably have toddler snot rubbed on my shirt somewhere. My husband repeats himself, I smile and say, "hi" back like a little, shy school girl that just ran into her long time crush. We went back to watching our movie and the night ended with snuggling up while I scratched my husbands back...and it was wonderful.

I know that sounds simplistic to some people. I am sure there are husbands that tell their wives that they are beautiful everyday. My husband doesn't and its not a negative thing. When my hubby says something or does something, he means it. Its not half assed or not thought out...he means whatever words slip through his mouth and doesn't say things just because. He meant in whatever way he saw me that I did look beautiful and God bless a man who thinks his wife looks beautiful in sweatpants, no make up and crazy hair.

If you think your wife looks beautiful today...tell her. You never know the impact it may have...over 18 hours later..I'm still thinking about it.