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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Madness

My post won't be about basketball. I honestly could care less about the sport. This week my boss is out doing some sort of training class, so I am holding the reigns for her, which is fine. I like the challenge. Its scary because I highly dislike hosting meetings, but it feels rewarding at the end of the day knowing that things went right or I could make them right by helping out my team. What I didn't anticipate was a brief conversation I had with another co-worker.

I like talking to different co-workers. I love hearing the laughter from the suite behind me as they are all friendly people (seriously they are my favorite group and wish I belonged if it wasn't for their odd work hours). Who could not like a group that sang "Like A Virgin" during a Christmas Party? I like talking to the Ukrainian guy about anything Russian, such as Baba Yaga, Lubeh or yummy Russian foods. I think I am a pretty social and think a pretty nice person, so why do I keep running into the most awkward conversations ever? More worse, get accused of something I am not?

The conversation started friendly enough. We started talking about work and the status of such and such item. Then it got to politics. Something I don't talk about in the work place because it is just inappropriate. I tried swaying the conversation to something else quickly as I knew it wasn't going anywhere quick. However it got to, "Republicans are just racist. They don't like Obama because he's black and they don't like Pelosi because they are sexist." Um what? I wanted out of that conversation immediately. I was down right offended. So I replied quietly and bluntly, "No I'm not." and walked away. There was nothing more to say to that. I wasn't going to start a debate on what issues I agree or disagree with. I just didn't like accusations made to a group, even more so when I affiliate myself with it.

I don't agree with so many thing that Obama stands for. I don't like his politics, but I am not going to get into all of that. I honestly don't have the energy tonight for it. However, do I think he would be probably a fun person to hang with politics aside? Probably. Do I agree with him? Hell no. I don't care what color he is. I care about his choices, his beliefs, his antics for running our country. It isn't a race thing and I am so sick of those that try to pull the race card. Would I hang with Pelosi? I don't know her. She could be one rocking gal (again politics aside), but I'd probably say "no thanks" if someone asked if I wanted to meet her in any setting.

I hope the person I spoke so bluntly to realized her statement was too wide spread. It is a hope, not a probability. Are there racist/sexist Republicans? Probably. Are there racist/sexist Democrats? Probably. I just think when you generalize a group, you sound ignorant. Unless you're talking about the KKK here, then you can generalize that they are all racist. I am just in disbelief of what comes out of some peoples mouth and mostly how in the hell I keep running into the weirdest/oddest/uncomfortable situations. I hope Tuesday will go smoother. I hope.

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