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Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Pretty

This past weekend was a good weekend. It was nothing out of the ordinary, just a typical weekend with family, errands and taking care of the little guy. However, last night was something special and I have to say, "I feel pretty."

Yesterday in typical Sunday fashion I had some comfy sweat pants on, hair pulled up in a messy pony tail and a t-shirt. I don't care who is over on Sundays...thats just going to be how I look because I know for the rest of the week, I'll have to put some real pants on. Its my "whatever feels good to put on" day (after church of course). Its also my obvious day of not looking like MILF...though I really don't want to be a MILF to anyone except my husband and even so...I'd rather be something a little less vulgar sounding. ANYWAYS...moving on...point is..I've looked better.

After my mother in law and her boyfriend left our house Sunday evening, my husband and I retreated to the family room to watch the newer Parent Trap movie. Its a movie we both love. I love that my husband loves that movie. Did you know that the evil girlfriends mother that plays in the movie was the original evil girlfriend in the first Parent Trap movie? Anyways,its our little normal routine to sit down and chill out together. Unexpectedly, my husband looks over and says, "Hello beautiful." I look up, eyebrow raised, half confused and say, "huh?" pushed back, my make up has gone to hell and I probably have toddler snot rubbed on my shirt somewhere. My husband repeats himself, I smile and say, "hi" back like a little, shy school girl that just ran into her long time crush. We went back to watching our movie and the night ended with snuggling up while I scratched my husbands back...and it was wonderful.

I know that sounds simplistic to some people. I am sure there are husbands that tell their wives that they are beautiful everyday. My husband doesn't and its not a negative thing. When my hubby says something or does something, he means it. Its not half assed or not thought out...he means whatever words slip through his mouth and doesn't say things just because. He meant in whatever way he saw me that I did look beautiful and God bless a man who thinks his wife looks beautiful in sweatpants, no make up and crazy hair.

If you think your wife looks beautiful today...tell her. You never know the impact it may have...over 18 hours later..I'm still thinking about it.

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