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Friday, February 26, 2010


When you discover you're pregnant and then have that new little bundle of you joy you dream of all sorts of things. Dream of the day your child will walk, say his/her first word, or something as simple as what color their eyes are going to be. Although I imagined all of that, I also dreamed of the day my child would call me Mama, because although you get called "Mama", or those sleepless nights remind you of your new, huge responsibility, you get that realization when that little person calls out to you.

I think some Moms get tired of hearing "Mama, Mama, MAMA". I can see that because days get long sometimes and you're just tired. I just am not one of them. I love my son calling out to me either for happy reasons, upset reasons or just because he needs me. Its still touching to me...something as simple as being called by the most awesome title you will ever get...its still amazing.

Our usual nightly routine is my husband putting our son to bed. Why is it? In the days he didn't want to sleep, he didn't try to pull the "poor me" routine with his Dad like he did with me. I'll raise my hand and admit I am a TOTAL softy. My son could just reach his little hands out, call me over and I'd snuggle with him or (gasp) take him out of his crib. was a little different.

I'll knock on wood when I say this, but my son has been awesome with going to bed for the most part (there are a few exceptions) for a while now. Tonight he was tired, so he gathered up his favorite pillow and stuffed animal and requested to go to bed. My husband was ready to take him to his room, but then I got the call, "Mama". I was a bit surprised to tell you the truth, but I was happy about it. I gathered up my little snuggly bear into my arms (pillow, stuffed animal and all) and walked him quietly to his bed. I fluffed up his pillow, straightened his blanket and put him into his crib. He looked at me with those beautiful green eyes, smiled and said, "Mama" in the most content and beautiful way. Smiling I said his little prayers, prayed for our family/friends, for babies born and unborn and for all the poor forgotten souls. Gently I kissed his little face and said goodnight.

...just a little simple but awesome word, "Mama" just made my night. I love you little guy. Sweet dreams.

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