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Friday, February 19, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

I am sure some parents have some qualms about the title of my post. It isn't to allow boys to be bad, naughty or what have you. There is just some make up that make boys be boys just as there is make up that makes girls be girls in the way they act at times...its in their DNA.

As said many many many times on this blog, I don't really differentiate too heavily on girl toys vs. boy toys. Do we go down the pink aisle of Target in search for girl toys? I'll be honest and say no. However I don't have an issue with my son carrying around one of my old purses he dubbed his, playing with his kitchen set (some people said this was a "girl toy"...thats silly), taking care of stuffed animals like they are babies, etc., I believe its important just as if I had a girl to let them play and be kids. I think boys learning more domesticated things like cooking, cleaning and caring for stuffed animals like they are his babies is a good thing. If I had a girl I wouldn't care and almost encourage if she was into sports, playing with cars, and "fixing things" with play tools. I think overall it rounds their character.

I will say that there are just things that are embedded deep within a boys or a girls DNA that distinguishes them as whatever sex they are. You can read articles upon articles that will say girls tend to color earlier then boys and that boys tend to be able to throw things like a ball better then girls when they start developing those skills. Its not stereotyping/categorizing them...its just the way they are.

Over Valentine's weekend, I bought my son a blue and red baton. Its a little baton that is filled with water (I think) and glitter that will go up or down depending which way you move it. I thought it was cool. My husband was whatever with it. My son loved it. During the weekend we also had my husband's Mom and boyfriend over. My husband and I honestly like the boyfriend. He's been around for a few years and we enjoy his company as he's a nice guy and treats my mother in law right. At one point he saw my son pick up his newly bought baton from the corner of the room and was aghast!. He was jokingly (but jokes have truth behind it) asking why we had bought him a "girl toy". No sooner then he said that, my son takes the baton and swats a ball with it like a hockey stick. There was no twirling or doing dances with it (not that it would bother me any), but like a typical little boy...he used his new toy for the purpose he saw fit...and used it like a hockey stick. Thats my boy! I smiled and told him, "Its not a "girl toy"...its whatever he makes it out to be."

I'm not angry at him...not even annoyed by him asking why I bought my son a "girl toy". I think categorizing things and saying things like "oh no you can't play with that" just because its this or that does not make sense to me. If the kid can enjoy a toy for what it is or even make believe that it is something else like a hockey stick, then why not? I say go for it. And maybe, just maybe with him playing with all these "girl toys" it may make him a better husband, a better Dad and be able to actually perform domesticated duties. For one I am thankful my husband can cook, because I sure as hell can't. I'm glad that his Mom didn't say "thats girl stuff", because if she did, we'd be eating a lot of mac and cheese.

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