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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Post Below....

I hate to say it...I hate to say that Russia lost. I am so disappointed with the turn of events in that game. I don't think I've been more heart broken about a loss since...well since the Capitals lost in the playoffs last year. What a sucky game. Should of pulled their goalie earlier, should of worked more as a team...should of done this and that...but what can you do? For Russia its over. Now lets cheer for the USA team! Please don't disappoint! If the US loses...I'll cheer for the next country....I just don't want Canada to win the gold.

Speaking of the Olympics...I'll tell you that I am already excited for the next Winter Olympics? It will be in Russia. So looking forward to the opening ceremony, etc., I am HOPING and WISHING Lubeh does some sort of performance for it or are shown somewhere...somehow. I half joked, but was half serious about asking my husband to get the Russian channel for just the Olympics.

Till then...GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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