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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympics...and Hockey

If you have yet to tune into the Olympics, then tonight is THE night to start. Tonight in men's hockey Canada and Russia will face off. It will be an intense game between two great teams, but my HOPE, my WISH is for Russia to win it all.

Even though my husband is Russian, and I take great pride in that...I love the Russian so many are Caps (or former Caps) players and that's my team. Ovechkin I am sure will not disappoint and I am hoping to see great plays by Semin and Fedorov as well as many other Russians with distinguished and recognizable household names. I hope to see Crosby cry tonight...

Maybe JUST maybe I would have half a heart for the Canadian team had they NOT completely dismissed and snubbed Mike Green. My other hope later in the year is that Greeny boy can hold up the Stanley Cup, look Canada in the eye (after they lose the gold of course)and say "big mistake...big, big mistake."

GO RUSSIA!!!!! Давай Россия!!!

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