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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kisses Please

Last weekend my Mom set out to get a beautiful wreath and a box of chocolates for the Priest's Mom at our local church to give on behalf of the ladies club at church. She went to three Michael's to find the perfect one. She took a lot of thought and consideration into making sure what she got would not be too tacky, not geared to one specific holiday, and that it was around the right size. Obviously when you're buying for the Priest's Mom, who is a very special lady, you want to get something perfect.

After church, my Mom set out with my 2 1/2 year old son and the President of the ladies club to the Priest home a few steps away from the meeting hall. She knew my son would love to help as he takes his request for assistance VERY seriously. They knock on the door and he was a perfect gentleman as the Priest's Mom warmly welcomed them into her home. The President held out a box of chocolates to the Priest's mother and she humbly accepted giving the lady a hug of thanks. It was now my Mom's turn but she also had a helper with her. My little guy very carefully handed the wreath over. Seeing that the other lady got a hug of thanks, he wanted one too, so he went over and hugged her (awwww). She is quite the grandmotherly type and thought that was special. He then puckered up...he wanted a kiss too! The Priest's mother obliged giving him a nice smack on the lips and all the ladies giggled at my little man's persistent request. She then talked to him a bit telling him what a great wreath he picked out and how lovely it was. Jokingly my Mom was thinking, "I go to three Michael's stores and he gets the credit! Go figure..."

I find it humorous my son's requesting kisses from ladies, especially the Priest's Mom. I don't think I was ever that outspoken even when I was that little, especially about things like that. Thankfully Father John has yet to ask why his Mom is being petitioned for kisses....

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