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Friday, February 27, 2009

For the Next Generation

This isn't a Star Trek post or philosophical post, so do not let the title confuse you. This is a post about my son enjoying MY toys. Yes I am sounding like a three old saying "Mine, Mine, Mine", but on this go around, I am much better at sharing.

My Mom is a pack rat and I love her for it. I honestly think that if I ever had a girl, then I could do most of my Christmas shopping/Birthday shopping down in my parents basement. There are play high chairs, strollers, dolls, dress up clothes and beautifully decorated doll houses. There are even boxes of baby clothes all the way up to 3T, but I think I may have to refuse some of the more 70's or 80's fashion unless its for Halloween. Both my parents felt that they were done an injustice by their own parents when their toys were thrown out, therefore they never threw out anything. God love them.

If you have kids, especially young kids, a lot of toys are unisex. I had a Cozy Coupe made by Little Tykes (pictured above but without the eyeballs). I LOVED that thing and even had a matching gas station to go with it. Until now my son hasn't played with anything that I can remember from my childhood. Of course my Mom had saved most of the great baby toys for my son and nephew to play with when they came over, but I did not remember them. I did not have a bond with them. I can clearly remember riding the heck out of that yellow top car on my parents flat top drive way and somehow fitting my friend and I in the car at the same time. How that was possible I have no idea, but obviously my butt was a lot smaller back then.

As I went to my parents house on one mild winter day, I decided it would be a fantastic day to go and play outside. I also decided to surprise my son a bit and dig up that old car because there was an off chance that he may like it and may be old enough to enjoy it. As I carried the car outside on one arm and held my son's hand with the other, he was wide eyed the minute he saw that thing. I put it down on the level sidewalk outside my childhood home and my son immediately dove into the toy like he was reuniting with an old friend. He was in love. He had a car that he could go in and out of, that moved to his liking and had a little squeaker for a horn. The toy was finally brought back to its glory as only a child could make that magic happen.

As the day ended and it was time to go back inside for dinner, I was delighted to say the least. My old friend (my car) finally had a new generation to enjoy it like it should be enjoyed and there was no better person to share that with, but with my little guy.

Playing Sports...When Does It Actually Begin?

Last night as I skimmed through my mail sorting out junk versus things I actually need, I came upon a small, yellow post card that was for soccer sign ups. I look at it briefly, almost threw it away, and then something caught my eye. They were advertising soccer for 18 months up to 12 years old. Are you kidding me? They have soccer for toddlers?

It immediately came to my mind that perhaps these parents that sign up their toddlers for something like this are hoping that their kid is the next David Beckham. My son didn't even walk until he was about 16 months old let alone be able to really kick at a ball with steady feet at 18 months old. So being the curious Mom that I am, I decided to look into other sports and what ages these kids actually start playing.

Here is the break down:

Hockey ~ Six years old

Little League/T-Ball ~ Five years old

Basketball ~ Ten years old

Cheerleading ~ Seven years old

Football~ Seven years old

I got much of my research from the Chantilly Youth Association, which is where I played various sports as a youngster. I was pleased to see that organization doesn't start soccer for kids until the ripe age of five years old. So perhaps this little post card was a scam, because really, good luck with telling a team of eleven toddlers to actually work together, know that they are a team and actually kick a soccer ball to score a goal. If it was my little toddler, he'd see the ball (he loves balls), pick it up and run in the opposite direction of the other toddler so he could keep it for himself. Hmmm...perhaps they should do football? Just kidding!

Maternity Clothes

You may think from the title of this post that I may start a post on how I loathe maternity wear. I don't though. Honestly I was that woman (along with my sister mind you) went out at three months pregnant and barely showing anything to buy maternity clothes. I was just that excited and so was my sister. I remember a woman commenting while she was buying clothes for her adult daughter (who was about to give birth) that we weren't even showing yet. We just looked at her and walked away. We didn't ask her opinion. We were in the moment...and I sort of still am.

Throughout my pregnancy, I didn't buy a lot of clothes. I bought some essentials like work pants and a few pairs of jeans. I also loved buying tops that accentuated my growing bump so I could show the world that I was going to be a Mama. Bed rest and the love of Breyers chocolate ice cream with waffle cone and sprinkles really helped put on the pounds. I honestly could care less about my weight when I was pregnant and thankfully only gained 35 lbs, because with my mind set I could of easily gained 100 lbs. However, that is not my confession.

My confession is that my son who is getting closer to turning two still has a Mom that wears some of her maternity clothes. Yup thats right ladies. I am sitting here wearing my khaki Gap maternity pants as I type this and loving my elastic waist band pants. Why do you ask? Part of it is laziness on trying on clothing because one I have to go to a store and then I also don't want to spend the money on myself. I also found that I am really neither a size 8 or a size 10, but a size 9. This size doesn't exist in the world of American ladies fashion. So I am screwed by either stuffing myself in a pair of pants or constantly hiking pants up so they don't fall off my butt. My husband really dislikes my maternity wear too. Not that he ever said this to me when I was pregnant, but he is right when some of the clothes make me look fatter. It doesn't do my body justice. However I work with what is quick, easy and painless in terms of clothing for me. Body image and looking like a MILF (sorry for the vulgarness) for me comes last.

I just wonder how many Moms out there are doing what I am doing. Will wear things that they know used to be part of their maternity clothing, but still wear it out. Anyone? Anyone?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A New Way Of Thinking

I knew it would happen, but I am still surprised about how much my son has changed me. From looking at the world in a different perspective in wanting to be a better place, being more religious, and event he small little things he has changed in my daily life.

I used to never watch the news or care really whats going on in the world. I guess that was the teenager/young twenty something mind set of "if it doesn't effect me then I just don't care" attitude. Even if it did effect me in some way or another pre-baby, I would shrug it off and continue on. Having my son has really changed the outlook I have on the world around me. I want our streets to be safer, our economy to not be in such turmoil, and my kid to go to a good school. I guess perhaps I never REALLY thought about where I live or if I will have a good paying job tomorrow. Now I frequently (usually when we get a new neighbor) the National Sex Offender Registry to see where these "nasty" people live. I obviously can't do anything about if it one of them moved next door, but this would at least give me the heads up. I also choose a neighborhood to move into where I would want my son to eventually go to elementary school, middle and then high school. I wanted him to go to schools where I knew it would have other kids that had parents that actually cared and that the county was known for good test scores. I even changed my job because if I had to go to work, then I was damn well going to make more money to better support my family.

I also found myself to be even more religious after having my son. When you are a Mom or Dad and your child is just born, you look at him or her and just can't believe that this being exist. You see them as true miracles and that just really opened up my eyes to God's grace and his unending love he has for all of us. And when there are those less then positive times when your kid is sick with a bug or he/she won't stop crying through the night, prayer really helps. The faith in God to pull you through the circumstances with your child is unbelievable to me. Its not your soul anymore that you are responsible for, its another beings soul and I would do anything and everything for my little guy.

Finally the small little things that my guy has changed about me. He turned my world upside down and for the better. I once used to sing my little pop or rock songs to myself and now find myself singing the words to Elmo's World and making up cheesy songs with my little guy's name in it. I have never stopped eating for two. Not that I am eating double the amount, but usually there is a little guy next to me wanting a bite or two of whatever I have. I used to research and window shop for either myself or for things for the house and now I read everything about my baby's age group and window shop (often buy) for my little man now. It is simple things but its things I have never done before.

To have a baby, to love a baby will change you. There is no question about that. Its just amazing how much a little person can change you in an instant and even though you once resisted change; this change, this new way of thinking is done without hesitation.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You Think You Are Better Parent Than Me?

We have all been there and are guilty of it ourselves, judgment on other parents. Perhaps we judge a little less now, then before we have kids because some of us are wiser and know that melt downs, blow outs, and endless amounts of snot does happen. I still hear stories and some times get those judgmental stares or little pieces of unwanted advice from people. But really, do some of you think you are a better parent then me? Do you think your experiences with or without children surpasses your knowledge versus my own of being a parent? I am not saying that I am wiser then any of you. I just think we have the same playing field of learning, making mistakes, recovering from mistakes and above all loving our children with an unprecedented amount of love. My question is, what is the deal?

 Do you think you are you a better parent then me because I had medical help when I was going through labor? More power to the Moms that can and do go through natural child birth. I don’t like pain. I don’t like experiencing pain. I have no idea on a scale what your pain was like versus my own. My pain was excruciating horrible with back labor and pushing a child the size of a small water melon out of my body. Who are you to judge on what my body can withstand? Doesn’t everyone including doctors alike say that every pregnancy and labor different? Will I choose to have an epidural again in any of my next labors? HELL YES!

 Do you think you are you a better parent then me because I did not breastfeed my baby? Sure breastfeeding is a lot of times easier then carrying around formula and bottles around. However when you insinuate that I don’t love my child or don’t want to provide my child with nutrients, then you are just a nasty individual (yes I said it). It is not for you to know about my individual problem with trying to breastfeed. We are both trying to nourish our children the best way we possibly can. My boobs are no business of yours. I don’t ask about yours do I?

 Do you think you are you a better parent then me because one of you stays home with yours? I am a working Mom, a full time working Mom and I work hard. I obviously put my child first above my career, which is why I never have sick days for myself and 90% of the money I earn goes to my kid some how or another. I work because I have to, not because I choose to. It’s called paying a mortgage. I spend tons of times reading books, playing games, taking my kid to area events and doing little crafts at home. I am a professional juggler you know.

 Do you think you are you a better parent because my kid doesn’t do what your kids did at his age? My son is very smart. He understands much more then he lets on. He can analyze a situation and figure out how to get around it much of the time. I call that smarts even though it does not always work in my favor. He is also very much like his Dad. He talks only when it is necessary but other then that he lets everyone else babble away.

 Do you think you are a better parent because you can have kids while I can not? I got that criticism (I don’t know if I can even call it that) not to long ago about how one person said how lucky she is to get pregnant all the while looking at me knowing my hurt in not being able to at this point in time because of finances. Shame on you! And to the person reading this blog and wondering if it was you, it isn’t. She doesn’t read this blog.

I am not trying to sound angry, although perhaps I am about some of these things. I just want to point out that words and judgments are hurtful. Instead of judging a parent then why not help them or at least minimally give that smile of “I’ve been there girl and I know what you are going through.” We love our kids. We all want is best for our kids and we are all trying to get there. We as parents just need to stop stepping on each other’s toes and unite for the better good, for our precious children.

Bye Bye Pacifier!

I know not too long ago, I wrote a post about our pacifier dilemma. To sum it up, our pediatrician told us to either wean him from the pacifier now because when he turns two it will be a lot harder to give it up. My husband I struggled with this. Not because we didn't think it was the right thing to do, but how we were going to do it.

We started off thinking that a night time pacifier would be okay for when my little guy naps or goes to sleep. Fair enough we both thought, but that little bugger I swore saved a stash of pacifiers some where that would ultimately be found throughout the day by him and thus would end up in his mouth. This equaled instant melt down because if I took it then he wanted it back and to be honest this Mom (aka me) would give in and let him have it. I also caved in a bit more from my usual "only at sleep time" rule for him to have it at church since it was just easier instead of seeing a full congregation stare at me while I carried a screaming child to the crying room that isn't so sound proof.Then yesterday, I came to the realization that this pacifier had to go. It was really getting to be a problem.

While I was picking my son up from day care he spotted a pacifier he had dropped during snack time. All the babies were still in their little chairs, but food was all over the tiled floor. My son attempted to pick it up and I snatched it because the floor was filthy. Now I am one of those Moms that believes a peck of dirt is okay, but not in this instance. This caused an instant melt down where my son threw himself down on the floor, banging his poor little head against the hard surface and screamed bloody murder. This caused the entire room to look at him (babies included) while the teachers gasped because of how my son smacked his head. I honestly was embarrassed. Not because of the whole temper tantrum thing, but because he had hurt himself with something I should of been working on to wean him off.

I packed up my little boy and on the short ride home I decided at that point we are going pacifier free in the house. These pacifiers were becoming another extension of my son and without one in his little mouth and him sucking away at it, he didn't feel whole. I know that sounds a bit harsh or maybe a little strong, but seriously this kid would not ever leave one alone if he saw one. I also know that this little object is important in his little world, but I also know it is for the better if he doesn't rely on it so heavily.

The night time routine was not fun last night. This is the time where my son more or less relies on his little pacifier friend the most. Yes it did take him a while longer to fall asleep even with his favorite stuffed animal tucked in his crib with him and yes I did have to wake up throughout the night several times to calm him without putting a pacifier in his mouth. It was hard, but we all made it. I am determined now.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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Party In My Crib...3 AM

I honestly feel like I have a newborn at this moment in time...or at least I did last night. My night was brutal to say the least. Sleep in my house didn't exist, at least not for me.

The little guy decided that once I was about to go to sleep last night, that it was time for him to wake up. It is almost normal that my hubby and I will hear him cry out before we go to bed because he has either lost the pacifier or he is mushed up against the crib. So when I heard the little guy cry out, I figure it would be routine in putting easily back to sleep. Boy was I wrong!

I entered his room and he was already wide awake. I knew that was a bad sign. Typically he cries with his little eyes shuts and promptly goes back to sleep after my husband or I help him in whatever he needs to be done. However, he whimpered out a little cough and held his arms out to be held. How could I not pick him up? He wanted his Mommy and that cough was very pitiful. I picked him up and cradled him for a bit. He pointed out to the hallway. I guess he wanted to go to my bedroom, so I figured perhaps we can both go to sleep together. Wrong! He tossed, turned and then decided he would get down on the floor and walk around. That was not happening, so I put him back into his crib thinking perhaps my little guy was done with his cuddles and he wanted to go back to his beloved crib. Guess who was wrong again? Me!

I struggled for hours to get him to go back to sleep. Finally after we were both exhausted, he went down for a few hours. Then he awoke twice more because he wanted either a pacifier or wanted to be fixed in his crib. 6:30 came all to early and I honestly felt like I was out all night partying and then had to go to work, except I didn't get the benefit of partying. Today I am just struggling and thanking God today that caffeine exists.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kids Clothes

I have to post one about this because I will admit that I am addicted to buying clothes for my son. Actually it makes my day finding a great deal or a really cute outfit. My husband knows this and I am not in denial. So here is the break down of where I buy clothes for my little guy.


I have not bought clothes from here in a little while. Only because they lack the extra cute stuff (at least so far this season) in sizes bigger then 24 months. However, it is a favorite since they had so many cute things for boys 24 months and younger. It also has some great deals and the only store I knew that sold plain white onesies.

The Children's Place
This store is not my favorite, but has a lot of cute stuff if you look at the right time. My sister loves their pajamas and I love their deals. I know I have mentioned this in a past post, but I bought a in season shirt from their outlets for only a $1 and it was cute!

Crazy 8
This store I believe is a smaller clothing line that is owned by Gymboree. It has some really cute stuff and usually has some terrific deals. I have yet to see this in a mall in the DC Metro area, so for now online ordering is the way to go.

I honestly don't get clothes a lot from here. They are usually way over priced and rarely have a decent sale going on. Although the clothes that I have gotten from here (my son's winter coat and hat) were really good quality. I just wish they had more sales!


I believe this is my husband's and my all time favorite store. It has some really great outfits for boys and girls. I love all the matching accessories and their clothes are really durable.

Janie and Jack
This store's only down fall is that it is so expensive! I love the quality and the cute clothes are just to die for! The great thing about this store is as long as you have the receipt, you can return any clothing you bought even if its a year from now. For me because I buy clothes way in advance so I can get some great sales is a bonus. No worries if it doesn't fit because its easily returnable!

I from time to time find some really good deals at this place. You just have to look, so if you aren't in a huge hurry or don't mind scanning racks then this is the place for you. I have found great quality shirts for winter months as low as $3.99. I also love that Kohls is always having a sale so if you miss one weekend then they will have another sale soon enough!

Old Navy
To be honest I don't get a lot of stuff from here either, but I have gotten some fantastic deals on regular wear such as jeans or other pants. The clothes (in my opinion) just aren't as cute.

Osh Kosh
I really like this store. Although I don't get clothes from there very often. Why? Because I think they are the ONLY store that does not provide online shopping. These stores are only at Leesburg Outlets and Potomac Mills. These clothes are very durable and will last forever. I wore them as a kid and as big of a tom boy as I was, I never wore out the knees, which were a problem in just about any other pair of jeans I wore by another brand.

Yes I do buy my clothes from here. Why? Because they have some really great mix and match tops by a line called Garanimals. I really loved their shorts last season. They were honestly better quality shorts then a lot of the named stores I have listed on here. Plus its the cheapest place I have found pajamas, which are around $6 or so a pair versus everyone else charging at least $10.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

My toddler is at the stage where he wants to do everything his parents are doing. I obviously think it is fantastic that he wants to brush his hair, brush his teeth and help Mommy clean. Speaking of clean, he actually helped me clean the windows yesterday! Thank you Green Works, as I felt safe using the product with my little guy. However, some things can back fire just a bit on this monkey see, monkey do business.

As I said my baby loves to do whatever Mom and Dad do. Note to self, I need to watch myself a little closer. Not that I do anything bad, but I really don't want him picking up some of my bad habits like biting my nails (haven't done that for a week). Isn't it funny how kids can make you want to change even the smallest little things about yourself to make you even better? Getting back to my topic, My little guy loves to play with the television remote. He can somehow figure out how to turn it on and on occasion record random shows. That to me is no big deal. I do find it quite cute actually when my little guy will sit in my husband's "spot" and try to figure out this remote thing. He looks so much like my husband and it is like having a little mini of him. My son even associates that the remote belongs to my husband when he is home and will often pick it up and hand it to him. But when my hubby is not home, he thinks the remote belongs to him. WRONG!

Yesterday after my husband came home from playing a pick up football game, he asked where the remote was. I had no idea. I wasn't even really watching television. Low and behold our little guy had taken it and placed it inside his personal favorite bucket that held things like blocks and other random items. That bucket held his little favorites and the remote was one of them. It was funny that he thought that was actually "his", but it isn't. I don't want him thinking the remote can be placed at any location in the house. We have already lost one of our phones to this thought process of his. Lord knows where that phone will some day be found.

I am trying to associate what he can do within reason versus what he can't. Anyone that has a toddler knows this is easier said then done. They are persistent little people. I don't want him thinking the remote is off limits, because some day I want him to be able to flip between child friendly channels without having to ask me. I guess I just have to see what a happy medium is on this one. Ah the joys of being a parent and trying to wing it.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Through my own research with blogs, baby boards, hearing others talk and my own thoughts I have found that even through the adult years we all have a lot of insecurities. Sure we may not have some of the same insecurities we had as a teenager, but as a kid I never thought that adults would have so many insecurities. I often wonder if my own parents had some of the same insecurities or worries in life.

So I will first break down the most common insecurities that I found throughout the parenting world and then will discuss it. Some of these insecurities are about being a parent in general and others insecurities have nothing to do with it.

1. Physical appearance (including weight)

2. Losing your Other Half By Death or Separation

3. Failure as a Parent

4. Failure in Faith (humbleness, pride, etc)

5. Miscarriages/Not Able to Conceive

6. What Others Think (fitting in, sounding stupid, accidentally offending someone)

7. Own Parents Are Not Proud of You

8. Self Confidence

9. Grown Children Not Needing You

10. Physically Attractive to Spouse

Do some of the listed items surprise you or does it not? Do you feel that you have a lot of the same insecurities that are listed? I for one have several of the same insecurities and although the insecurities to be frank "suck", I am glad that I know I am not the only one.

1. Physical appearance (including weight)

I do have my insecurities of not looking what I used to in caring both what I look like and in my weight. I look back at my old photos and wonder where did the cute girl go? I am not trying to sound egotistical, but looking back I thought I was quite cute and I wish I could tell that girl in those photos that I wasn't fat or ugly but really really cute. Maybe I'll be retelling myself in years to come about photos of me now, but please lord don't let my butt get any bigger! I just need to work on weight and take some extra time on myself that is all. Its easier said then done though.

2. Losing your Other Half By Death or Separation

I don't have the insecurity that my husband and I will ever separate. We love each other and don't believe in divorce but do believe that marriage is always something that needs to be worked on. I do admit I have a huge fear of anything happening to him. He is my rock, my best friend, my everything.

3. Failure as a Parent

I think we all have this insecurity. Not that we all won't try, but not fulfilling something or doing enough as a parent. I always strive to be better then I was the day before, especially on days you don't shine very well as a parent.

4. Failure in Faith (humbleness, pride, etc)

I will raise my hand and say "me" on this one. I constantly am at war with my insecurities and failure in this area. I do love God and believe in my faith, but do struggle with different aspects of my what my faith teaches.

5. Miscarriages/Not Able to Conceive

Another HUGE insecurity or perhaps even a fear of mine. I am so grateful to have a beautiful healthy son, but I also want more children in the future. My own Mother had five (yes five) heart wrenching miscarriages and one was at six month. She was never given a reason on why. My heart aches for any parent that goes through this and I am fearful of it. I can't imagine the loss. On not being able to conceive again is also another worry/insecurity. I love children and love being a Mom.

6. What Others Think (fitting in, sounding stupid, accidentally offending someone)

For the most part, I don't care what other people think of me. I do admit that I have the insecurities of sounding stupid and wish some times that I would fit in, but its not a major issue in my life.

7. Own Parents Are Not Proud of You

This is not really an issue in my life. I know my parents are proud of me. They wanted me to get a college education and be able to make it on my own in life. I have succeeded that.

8. Self Confidence

I have a huge problem in my own self confidence. My husband has great self confidence and I honestly wish I had that.

9. Grown Children Not Needing You

I am no where near this point, so this isn't a real insecurity for me. I do think my Mom is somewhat right when she says that daughters will cling to her own family and sons more or less stray a bit. My own family is walking proof because we do see my parents a lot more then we see my husbands. I do try to be a good daughter in law and call my mother in law from time to time or invite her over. I hope that my son some day has a good wife that will do the same.

10. Physically Attractive to Spouse

Okay so who doesn't want to be hot in the eyes of their spouse? I do! I think this goes along with my own insecurities about being physically attractive/weight. My husband never says that I am ugly (that would be the day) or leads me to think that I am unattractive to him. I just think that I am unattractive thus he may think the same. For any man reading this blog today, tell your wife she looks beautiful today. Its a great "pick me up" that every woman needs from time to time. Plus you may need those extra brownie points.

The Morning Rush

Most mornings my husband will take my son to day care as I go to work a bit earlier then him. This morning he surprised me with a request if I could take our son in so he could rest up a bit more. I cringed a bit as I looked at the clock still lying in bed and it was 6:45 and I was suppose to be at work by 7:00. I agreed and he rolled over to catch a couple more minutes of sleep.

My little guy is always so excited to see me first thing as I take him out of his crib in the morning. His little face just lights up and that always warms my heart. Getting ready with Mommy in the morning is busy. Obviously bathroom needs for me are never done in private. I have an audience of one sleepy toddler and two poodles staring at me with their beady eyes (lucky me). During my morning shower I flip flop from rubbing shampoo in my hair or washing myself to tossing up those bath toys that stick on the wall so my son can play as well outside the bath tub. Then as I brush my hair, my teeth and put on the little bit of make up that I wear to work, I juggle my little guy from reaching things on the counter or taking things out of the sink that he pushes in. Apparently my make up bag and contact case are the most interesting items to a toddler. However, he has learned a thing through the my chaotic bathroom routine on brushing his hair. He sees Mommy and Daddy doing it, so he wants to too. After a quick dress of clothes I laid out the night before, its time to get him changed. Changing my son is like wrestling a little pig into a diaper and a new outfit. He is usually more awake then and has better things to do then getting changed, at least in his little mind.

So after getting ready, changing my son, letting the dogs out and getting all the things ready in the morning it is off to day care and then work. I don't know about you, but after watching last week's episode of Desperate Housewives and the narrator saying that working Moms share that guilt feeling of leaving to work, is so true. I have always had that guilty feeling of going to work ever since I returned back after maternity leave and dropping my son off at day care multiples that guilt...along with some other feelings I had this morning.

As I entered my little guys day care, my little guy was stand offish while watching the other kids play and the teachers getting the kids morning breakfast together. I give a kiss on my son's cheek and tell him its okay and to go have fun. No later then I said that, my little guy ran over to a teacher, who promptly picked him up. He hugged onto her and didn't look back. I left the day care feeling guilty, jealous and missing my son. But whats a working Mom to do? I had to drive on and start my day a little late and a little out of sorts.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Temper Temper!

I have a toddler and there are so many wonderful things that my little man is discovering and learning from telling his parents more or less what he needs (snack, milk, etc.,)to discovering the world around him from body parts, new fascination with the outdoors and a new love of playgrounds. There are so many pros, but there is also one little con about having a toddler, the temper tantrums.

I will be first to say that I am a huge softie when it comes to my little man. After all he is a bundle of cuteness and he is my first and only child (for now). With being an only child he does get his fair share of lots of attention, but I am determined that he will be a well rounded individual in faith, spirit, education and manners. I don't want my son to be "one of those kids". You know the type of kids that you don't want at your house or the type of kids that can't behave while they are out in public. He is a great kid and is a trooper, but there are those times as any parent with a small kid can attest that temper tantrums do happen.

Thankfully most of the time these tantrums happen at home. Sometimes it is over frustration of not being able to put all the toys in his little basket that he wants and sometimes its things that he wants and can not have or do. For instance, trying to push a case of coke cans across the kitchen floor to touch unlit burners. This is an obvious no no and I nipped that one in the bud with a few minute time outs, which thankfully worked. However, this didn't come without a temper tantrum. I felt badly for him, but obviously safety comes first.

Like a lot of parents and especially new parents, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right. At my son's pediatrician appointment, the doctor asked if I had any questions. I wanted to know what to do about temper tantrums and rather or not I am addressing them correctly. To be honest, his words were the best piece of advice I have gotten in a long time and it confirmed that I was doing mostly everything okay.

The doc told me that if he is frustrated about something like not being able to put the amount of blocks he wants in his basket or can't figure out a puzzle then to come eye level to him and affirm his little worries with saying something along the lines is "its okay, I understand you are frustrated, but this basket is too small to put everything you want in there." Obviously with a toddler he gets it maybe 10% of the time in what I am saying in situations like this, but it affirms that its okay to be frustrated. His little emotions are justified and his Mommy or Daddy understand that. However, when he having a temper tantrum over not being able to go outside right before bed time or not being able to touch the stove then my husband and I are to ignore the tantrum and not give in to whatever he wants when he is done. Otherwise he will learn that if he gives that tantrum and then decides to stop he will think through his actions he will get what he wants.

Those words have honestly helped us in our household. Its simple directions, but the extra added "to do" things have helped. We have also implemented time out for major things like trying to touch the stove. He doesn't stay in his time out for long (a minute for every year of life), but it shows him that if he does something hugely wrong and he has been told multiple times not to do that, then he gets to go somewhere that is boring and not very pleasant. We don't put him in his crib because I don't want to associate his sleeping spot as being a punishment, but we will take a chair out and have him sit in a corner while my husband and I are closely nearby. It works as he cries it out and figure his little tantrum isn't getting anywhere and his tantrums usually don't last that long.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I honestly thought long and hard about posting this or anything that derived from this type of conversation. Then, I thought about it and I questioned myself on what am I so afraid of? Will the blogging world not accept this post or my beliefs? Will I actually succumb so low as to not speak out when my heart,soul and faith screams that this is wrong? No, I am taking a stance on this even if no one reads it, I am professing it.

It saddens me, no it sickens me that the world is so open to abortion. While it was once used to save a mother in jeopardy now derives itself in making life more convenient for women. What about the child? What about the life that is lost? I don't agree with it no matter how anyone wants to twist it about with thoughts of when life actually begins or that it is the woman's right to choose. Its wrong, wrong, wrong.

Then I read this article on Pelosi's visit to the Pope and was sickened by the title of it "U.S. House speaker — a pro-choice Catholic — met with pope in Italy". How can this woman call herself a Catholic? It made me question if there was in fact liberal Catholics (I can't believe I actually thought about it), so I asked the best spiritual adviser I know, my Dad who is also an ordained Deacon of the Catholic church.

His words to me were inspiring and I thought I would share them with you.

There is no such thing as a "liberal Catholic". You either adhere to Catholic teaching, doctrines and dogma, or you don't.


Pelosi is a "in-name-only Catholic". Although she calls herself Catholic, her public actions show that she does not adhere to Catholic faith, teachings and morals.
Pelosi is overcome with the sin of pride, where she feels she knows better than the Church when it comes to Church matters of faith and morals. Pride is the toughest sin to overcome, since it is engrained deep into her person.

That is why the Church gives us the Sacraments, to strengthen us and to make us better able to withstand the attacks on religion by the secular world in which we live. But in the end it is up to each one of us how we conduct our live, and how we adhere to the teachings of Christ and His Church.

I honestly will pray for her and for Biden. I was always told love the sinner, but hate the sin after having a conversation in my teen years about different situations on what friends/family were doing with my priest. After all Pride is the first of the seven deadly sins. Of course we all all guilty of having too much pride some how or another. I am guilty for it. However this sort of pride with her political views means more then her beliefs is just something I now can never be sinful of.

My main stance on writing this in a parenting blog is that it is something dear and true to my heart, being a parent. I felt that I should speak out about it because I wouldn't be true to myself otherwise. I feel the loss of these children and am astounded when abortion is so clearly swept under the table as being "no biggie". The miracle of life is just that, it is a miracle and it is a gift.

There are two sides to every sin: the turning of the will towards
fleeting satisfaction and the turning away from everlasting value. The
first can be called lust; the unbridled desire for pleasure. The
second is pride; the lack of the submission to God.

-- St. Thomas Aquinas

Great Find

Rating A+

This is my new fantastic find. If I could give it a rating about an A+, I would. This great new find is a play hut. Although I bought mine at Toys R Us for a great steal of $50, it is similar to the link. I would of provided the Toys R Us link, but they did not provide it on their website. In any case this find is TERRIFIC, because even at 19 months, my son LOVES this new toy and it is not a permanent fixture in my household. This toy can fold up after each use (or however long you want to keep it out) into a bag that is no larger then a regular size beach bag. How fantastic is that?

There are tons of other types of play huts, some larger and some smaller. There are play huts that resemble animals, play huts that are more girly. They come in all different shapes and sizes, so just google away!

Play Dates

I believe that play dates are essential to every Mom/Dad and their kiddos. It gives a chance for the kids to play together and also give a parent that adult interaction. Plus, if your friend or play group Mom/Dad has a new and exciting toy then its even a extra added bonus.

To preface another great reason to have a play date, is when a parent has a cool new toy that all the kids can play with together. During the holiday weekend, I bought a play hut for my son. It is similar to the link I provided, but Toys R Us had a huge sale and it was about $50. Sounds expensive, but these types of sets go for way more, even double at some stores. The bonus that I also saw in this play hut was that it was not a permanent fixture in a room or back yard. These play huts actually fold up and can be placed in a bag that is no bigger then the ones you would use for the beach. I told a friend about this great new find who happens to be an Aunt to another great friends child, she thought it would be a great to get the kids together. She doesn't have any kids yet (but will some day). I just thought that was so sweet she thought of her little niece like that. Then again, it was a great excuse to get everyone together.

In the early morning hours on President's Day, the kiddos came in and had a fantastic time. My son at first shy about the intrusion of all the little girls and women in the house, soon warmed up to the idea that he had friends to play with. After all, he has known these little friends since his birth. Before long the kiddos were playing in the new play hut and having a blast (I loved the excited screams and giggles) and the parents had a chance to relax and catch up.

After a fun six hours, the play date ended. I could not believe the day went by so quickly! I feel the play date was very successful. There were no melt downs, hardly any sharing problems, the kids enjoyed the new play hut toy and the parents were able to talk for hours without hardly any interruption. I am thinking that we need to have more of these more frequently. If not for the kids, then we should at least do it for the grown ups as everyone benefits. Grown ups need play dates too after all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Great Finds

Rating: A

This is my new find. I am a bit obsessed with coloring and my son loves it as well. I found that although many websites offer coloring just for fun like coloring in their favorite Disney character, they didn't offer a lot of educational nor religious coloring pages. After doing some searching I found this website and the name it simple in itself Coloring Pages for Kids.

This website has just about everything you can imagine that you would want to color from learning shapes, morals, holidays, to coloring about nature. It has it all and its free! It certainly deserves the A rating.

Valentine's Day

Okay so Valentine's Day is officially tomorrow! In my little Mommy world it is not a big deal. It is nice to be remembered but I don't need any diamond jewelry or anything of that nature. I bet my husband is glad about that one! I honestly would rather get time spent with my family and I.

Yesterday my son gave me his Valentine's Day present. Alright, the teachers at his school basically gave him a present to give me, but the sentiment is sweet. I got a beautiful piece of artwork that he made and a photo of my darling beautiful boy in a picture frame. My little guy has no idea what the presents were for, but he enjoyed taking out the wrapping to help Mommy open it up. I honestly couldn't of received a better gift from my little Valentine. It was time spent with my little man and enjoying all the things he does like making crafts and seeing beautiful pictures of him.

I know a lot of people think that Valentine's Day is stupid. While I agree partially with what they are saying because gift giving can be a little out of control or maybe those people are lonely, I will also have to disagree. Holidays like these and alike (in my humble opinion) are to remind each other what is important in your life, which is family and great friends. It helps bring you closer together and if holidays can do that, then I am all for it.

So maybe you don't have a significant other or a romantic man/woman for tomorrow evening and maybe you do. My advice is to take a minute and relax and spend the time with your family and friends. These are the people that you love. After all it is a holiday about love.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Great Finds

Rating: B+

The Children's Place Outlet at Potomac Mills Mall is a fantastic place to find some great deals. I have purchased a summer shirt for this upcoming season that was quite cute for my little guy for a mere dollar. They are always having great sales and there are certainly deals to be had. I gave it a B+ rating only because in my opinion although The Children's Place is a nice store, its not one of my favorite children's clothing stores. It tends to have a bit less cute clothing as far as boy clothes are concerned.

Girl Stuff

I love my little guy. He is so full of energy and has such a zest for life and I have enjoyed all the little boy things he does. Even at an early age you can certainly tell the difference on how little boys act vs. how little girls act. I honestly wouldn't mind having all boys if that is what God blesses me with. Sure having a girl would be nice, but having a healthy baby is what comes first in my mind. I will never be the parent that is disappointed on what is revealed on the big ultrasound day. Plus having a little boy has taught this Mama a whole mess of things like changing diapers quickly so you don't get peed on, that boys even at an early age are fascinated with their genitals and in my opinion are a bit less social and more wanting to study their toys intricately. However, as a woman, I still gaze and admire pretty little girl dresses in the store while buying my son clothes, and I admit I some times casually walk down the brightly pink toy aisles wondering what type of girl toys are out there these days.

A few weeks ago I opened a beautifully packaged birthday invitation for one of my friends daughter second birthday party. I had to smile, this was a chance to buy something completely out of my normal realm. I had to purchase a girly present. Sure at this age I could still buy a toy that is more unisex, but why pass up the opportunity to get something that screams girl? After doing a brief look online for what to get, I found that this was harder then I thought. What should I get?

I could think of a whole mess of things my little guy would like and I am sure this little girl would like as well. I am just stuck with knowing what type of girl things a two year old would like. I know buying things for kids is either a hit or miss depending their mood and their likes. Is it too early for dress up? Would buying a little doll offend the Mom (my Mom had a weird thing with other people buying my sister or I dolls she felt it was her job)? I just don't know.

This Sunday is the party and I am going to have to find some thing to get(obviously). I just am not sure what to get. Anyone have some good ideas?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pacifier Woes

At my little guy's 18 month check up with the pediatrician, the doc said he had a warning for me. It perked my ears up because I wondered what the heck he could be warning me about? He said in the nicest way possible, "You can either get him off the pacifier now before he reaches the age of 2 or you will have to wait until he is three, because once he reaches 2 it will be just about impossible." I looked over at my son sucking away on his little security item as he stared at the doc seemingly thinking, "I am going to knock you out telling my parents that."

I knew that the pacifier would have to go at some time. I guess I just didn't anticipate that it would need to be now or in a few years that I would have to start this process of having no paci. My husband and I concluded together that we would rather start the process now rather then later when it probably would be much much harder. We knew it would be hard to do ween him off now, but we didn't anticipate how hard it would actually be.

We decided on a few measures of taking it away during the day time but at night we would allow my son to suck on his pacifier. Once he gets a bit better about not having it during the day time then we'll start the night time weening. Our attempts on this have not been so successful. Not because we don't try, believe me we have. I believe my son has a stash of pacifiers some where because after I thought I picked most of them up, I will turn around and see one in his mouth. Lord help me if I take it out because then a tantrum will be the next thing I have to deal with, but what is a Mom to do, I deal with the tantrum.

I am also trying to supplement the pacifier for other things so my son feels secure in his little world. I read that somewhere having a replacement security item helps. So we are trying to make his favorite doggie stuffed animal aka "Dog" to my son more accessible when he is getting fussy. Sometimes it works and sometimes my little guy wants it all. I can't blame him. I would want it all too.

Hopefully this pacifier situation will end soon because it is a seemingly unending pacifier war and my son has won many of the battles. However, Mommy it determined to win this war.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I Know/Learned About Being a Mom

I am a list maker. I list things on what I need to do at home, work, what to buy, etc., It occurred to me after reading one of my favorite blogs that perhaps I should extend my list on what I know and have learned since I have became a Mom.

1. Everyone has an opinion of how you should be a Mom or parent. Some of the information I received was crap or way too judgmental (that was in another post). Bottom line for all you parents, I want the best for my kids just like you do. We all love our children.

2. Although the dogs in my house have taken a back seat since my child has been born, they also gained more treats then they ever had in their past with the numerous amounts of food thrown on the floor. This also saves me time in cleaning it up.

3. The juggling act of being a Mom is hard. Its the hardest job you will ever do. That bit of advice is true. However, its the best thing I have ever done.

4. I never learned how to juggle balls, burning sticks of fire, etc., However, I can juggle work/family life, feeding my child and myself simultaneously and change a poopy diaper while holding down a squirmy toddler and keeping all four limbs out of "the mess", etc.,

5. The deep love I have for my child honestly amazed me. I knew I would love my baby, but I didn't know that I would love him that much.

6. I respect my Mom on a whole new level. She was an ever better juggler then I am. I have no idea how she kept the house tidy and on a cleaning schedule, had dinner every day on the table at 5:30, worked, decorated for every holiday and still had time to play with my sister and I.

7. Daddies are wonderful. I would never let my child do/try some of the stuff my husband has, but my kid was safe, learned and had fun. Moms can just be a bit over protective some times.

8. I have an excuse to color and buy crayons. I don't think I ever out grew coloring.

9. Instead of the usual snacks I used to buy and pack away in the pantry for me, it is now filled with snacks for my son. I found that I snack a lot less, which helps this awkward figuring I am sporting.

10. My body is never going to return to what it once was and that is okay. Stretch marks are indeed my Mommy battle scars.

11. I never knew that little every day household objects could be so fascinating and interesting.

12. Holidays, playgrounds, family, and date nights have a whole new meaning to me.

13. Babies just grow up way too fast. Its another bit of info I received from other people that I now know is true.

14. Buying clothes for boys is hard. Not that there aren't out there, but you realize that the cute and unboring clothes are a lot harder to find.

15. Although I am a passive person in most instances, you better not mess with my kid. These Mama bear claws have come out a few times.

16. Pacifiers disappear into another dimension and then emerge in the weirdest locations.

17. Silence in the house is deafening when the kids are away. It doesn't feel like your house at all.

18. Showers, baths and using the bathroom is no longer a private time for you.

19. If you are out alone and see another Mom with her kids, you will be more attentive then ever before in opening doors for her, letting them pass and complimenting well behaved children. If you are out with your kids and females alike don't do the same for you (especially holding doors) you scold them under your breath because they should know better.

20. Every day is like a marathon run. I wake up running and I don't stop until I go to sleep. A lot of times, it is fun.

21. I became a bigger sap then ever before. I can't watch shows, commercials, or movies that have children that are sick or dying. Even though much of that stuff is merely acting, my heart aches for the kids parents.

22. I value life differently then I did before.

23. Although I can't afford Coach or Kate Spade anymore, I don't mind it. I would rather buy things for my baby or save as it makes me much more happier and fulfilled. The designer stuff used to mean so much to me.

24. Kids are expensive.

25. I learned that I can't do everything. I had to let some things go. My priories are just different.

Happy Early Valentine's Day Babies

Okay usually I write about things relating to kids or the trials and joys of being a Mom, but due to Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to dedicate a post about my husband, my rock and my best friend.

So here you are honey. Here are the 150 reasons why I love you. Happy EARLY Valentine’s Day to you.

  1. You are logical. If it makes logical sense you don’t care that I do whatever, but when it is not realistic you bring me back down to Earth.
  2. You know every secret about me and I mean every one…even the really really embarrassing ones and you didn’t laugh…too much.
  3. You know exactly what I love to eat even before I know that I like it. You just know my taste buds. Thanks honey for introducing me to Chipotle…I think.
  4. You never try to push the envelope or get me to do something I don’t want to do. I can say no just once and you listen, which brings me to…
  5. You listen.
  6. You are so quiet and I found out that you like hearing me talk (that was a surprise to me) and you let me jabber on about anything. I guess that sort of goes with #5, but you let me talk your ear off.
  7. You are very funny.
  8. Behind closed doors and once in a while out in public you are the silliest guy I know.
  9. You are far more graceful then I am.
  10. You are an amazing cook and you cook even when you are tired or cook things that you can’t eat because of your diet but make it for me.
  11. Even if is the tenth millionth time you have told me something, you can tell me again with such patience as if it was the first time. How do I put the liner in the trashcan again so the stupid thing doesn’t fall through?
  12. You can tell me if I look horrible in something and without being mean. A lot of guys would just say “you look fine.”
  13. I love your hair. I once wished I had hair like yours but I have enough difficulty styling my straight hair.
  14. You love surprising me with things. How many times have I come home and our house has either been cleaned, redesigned or reorganized. Thanks hon for organizing my closet.
  15. You look amazing in hats.
  16. I love your laugh. Its genuine.
  17. You know how to get me to laugh.
  18. You are a fantastic dancer. Can I say Uncle Luke? Makes me smile every time I think about it.
  19. You are an amazing Dad. You want everything under the moon for our son. You let him do things that are safe, but I would never try. That’s why kiddos need their Fathers because Moms can be overly protective some times.
  20. For the most part you don’t mind what I plan during the weekend for us. If I want to go to some place, then we just go.
  21. You still have that amazing ability to make me giddy. I still look at you like a teenager in love but love you deeply like a wife loves her husband.
  22. You have seen me on my worst days and still love me.
  23. You have seen it all and by all I mean you watched a child come out of me and you coached me the entire time.
  24. The scar near your eyebrow…so sexy.
  25. You are willing to do just about anything for me including getting hamburgers at 10 o’clock at night from Wendy’s.
  26. You eat with grace. Is that silly? Our eating habits reminds me of the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, in which one scene Beauty is eating delicately while the Beast is scarfing up his food and yes I would be the Beast.
  27. You will go and fix stuff while I would probably hire somebody or call my Dad.
  28. You are fine with and don’t think its annoying that I don’t want anything to do with purchasing electronics or dealing with car stuff.
  29. If I ask you if you could please do something then you will do it.
  30. You don’t get frustrated overly my nontechnical skills.
  31. The sincereness of your eyes when you are truly sorry. Yes hon, I know the difference.
  32. You will watch most girly movies with me and then admit that you like some of them. I don’t push the Jane Austen envelope though and I think you appreciate that.
  33. You know who Mr. Darcy is.
  34. I don’t think I could ever really surprise you. You would look at me the same as if I was wearing my usual clothes from work or wore a monkey suit home. Okay…maybe you would raise one eyebrow, but then continue doing whatever you are doing. It is hilarious to me, because I do try to see your reactions and I always get the same one.
  35. You have the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen…aside from our sons.
  36. You really are a great friend to all of your friends.
  37. You are persistent. I have to love this because this is why we are together.
  38. Your confidence. Its one of the top things that I want our son to learn from you.
  39. You have a cute butt. No seriously you do.
  40. You ice skate very well.
  41. The look in your eyes when our Pumpky does something cute or new. It’s a look only a loving Father could give. Remember all those kisses he gave you at Leesburg Outlet this past weekend?
  42. When you are excited, you are really excited. I can clearly remember the day you found out we were having a boy.
  43. The interaction with you and our little guy rather you are playing, teaching him something new or feeding him.
  44. Your determination to be a great Dad to our kid and other future kiddos.
  45. Saving my life about a million times from people that nearly cream us while driving.
  46. You know exactly what I am thinking about most of the time and ask what I am thinking about if you can’t figure it out.
  47. If I say I want something from say Taco Bell, you know exactly what I want without me telling you the order. You just remember things like that.
  48. In general all the TMI stuff that I won’t go into, which would add at least twenty more reasons on why I love you.
  49. You dress well. I honestly wish you could be my stylist because I never know what to put on.
  50. You understand my quirks, like not wanting to drive in the snow.
  51. I still have a lot to learn about you.
  52. Even if some of the food I make is crappy…you will eat it anyways and tell me how you appreciate it. Remember the first time I attempted French toast?
  53. You respect my and our little guys religion.
  54. I love the fact you are Russian. It is an extra perk about you. I love hearing you speak, listening to the stories about when you lived there and you introducing me to some of the foods.
  55. You know how to calm me down when I am completely freaking out.
  56. Every now and then you surprise me with opening doors or giving me flowers. You are right when you say if you did it every so often versus every day that I would appreciate it more and I really do.
  57. You are so attentive.
  58. You skills on wheeling and dealing. I don’t want to hear it because I get embarrassed but I love that you can because I sure can’t.
  59. When push comes to shove, you don’t care what anyone thinks, you will do what is best for your family and everyone else can shove it.
  60. You forgive full heartedly.
  61. The ability for you to reason on when I am being over sensitive versus something truly being done wrong to me. I value your words on that because it is hard for me to judge some times.
  62. Your love of sports.
  63. This goes along with your patience and ability to dive right into a situation, but I love that you were able to take care of Pumpky and I the first week we brought him home with hardly any help AND you didn’t seem overwhelmed.
  64. If I tell you I really want something, then you will eventually get it for me. That makes me sound completely spoiled, but really its mostly small things that mean a lot to me.
  65. How strong you are. I still can’t believe you were able to take down that huge asian book shelf from the upstairs to the downstairs by yourself.
  66. You have never yelled at me. This may sound silly to put on a list, but after eight years you would think that it would have happened. Yelling to you is raising one octave to me. It isn’t yelling my love.
  67. Our daily emails. I look forward to them, especially when you write me first.
  68. Your love of animals.
  69. You are willing and fine with in regards to listening to silly kid music.
  70. I don’t think this is too TMI, but you are an amazing kisser.
  71. I can only think of one instance when I embarrassed you. It was at the Outer Banks and we all got a good laugh at, even you laughed.
  72. You take time to teach me new things.
  73. You entertain me when I ask you to tell me a story.
  74. Our son really loves his Dada and that’s because you really are a good Dada.
  75. The twinkles of love in both of you and Pumpky’s eyes when you see each other after you get home from work.
  76. You are a good son to your Mom.
  77. You stand up for your family.
  78. You are willing to try new things.
  79. You will make stops after work even though you hate it just because I asked.
  80. The way you hold me when I am sad or upset about something.
  81. Your smell.
  82. Your fur. Haha.
  83. Your zest for life.
  84. Your care for others. For instance, like shoveling our neighbors walk because her husband is out of town and she has two young kids.
  85. Being okay with me being a little gross some times.
  86. Your hugs.
  87. The caring way you treat Joey the poodle when he is having a seizure.
  88. Knowing what makes me smile and happy. You know that buying a small item for our son just makes my day.
  89. Your willingness to drop everything and help me out.
  90. Your poker face. I love it and hate it.
  91. Being thoughtful in things that you get for either our son or I. It could be as simple as bringing home dinner, but it is thoughtful.
  92. Knowing that I will love a show and record it just for me even though you don’t want to watch it.
  93. You supporting me no matter what.
  94. Your ability to juggle everything throughout the day so easily.
  95. The way you took care of me when I was pregnant. I still think about that and how you had to help put my shoes/slippers on each morning because I couldn’t.
  96. Your ability to make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.
  97. You don’t think my shyness is annoying or silly. You actually help me.
  98. You being able to plan some amazing dates for just the two of us or with the entire family.
  99. Your singing voice. No my love you aren’t the next American Idol, but I love it when you do sing.

100. Your voice. Its one of the most soothing and relaxing things I hear all day.

101. The fact you can’t wait to show me present you bought me. Even if you actually bought me something early like for Christmas, you want to show it to me right away.

102. You are amazingly calm in any situation.

103. Its silly, but your profile. I love it.

104. You remember everything. I will completely forget about this or that and you will amaze me with your memory.

105. You want the same simple things in life that I do.

106. You are not afraid to tell me that I am wrong but will do so calmly.

107. Even before you ask me or just mention things to me, you know what I will go for and not go for.

108. You don’t believe in divorce. You believe working on a relationship. I think that is one of the things you love about me.

109. You think my jealousy is silly because you would never in a million years cheat on me.

110. You can keep a secret.

111. You can be gross around me without being embarrassed because you are comfortable with me.

112. The way you will hold me in your arms late at night while we watch the tv.

113. You are thoughtful. This goes along with lots of the things I listed, but I had to put it out there because you really are.

114. You want me to live out my hopes and dreams.

115. You don’t complain too much that I use your razor.

116. You remember to thank me for doing things around the house like emptying the dishwasher or doing other simple things. It means a lot that you notice.

117. You do simple tasks around the house and I really appreciate it.

118. You love pictures like I love pictures of our family and our past.

119. You know the value of family.

120. You don’t let anyone walk all over you or your family.

121. You do simple things that make me happy like warming up chocolate chip cookies in the microwave just to be sweet.

122. You learn from your mistakes and once you say you’ll never do something again, you won’t.

123. You always try to better yourself.

124. You aren’t negative. You always look for the positive.

125. You humor me by allowing me to overly plan some things even when it isn’t necessary.

126. It sounds silly, but I appreciate you clean out our fridge from time to time. I never think of doing that.

127. If something annoys me, you’ll try and fix it. It could be as small as me not liking how a toilet flushes. I appreciate that.

128. You like to design or mod just about anything but you know not to touch my car.

129. You are the most hygienic man I know. It sounds silly but you can recognize when you need to do something and a lot of men just don’t.

130. You clean up after yourself. I wish I could say the same for me.

131. I guess the above is sort of the same, but you clean up a lot after me. Thank you for that. I do try and think about it but we all have our faults.

132. We have always pulled for each other in lots of different situations. We have been through the thick of it and we always work as a team.

133. The fact that you think its cute or funny when I cry at little things like commercials with animals in them.

134. You’ll go an investigate things. Remember that damn bird that used to hang out on our roof?

135. You take care of me and everything else when I am sick.

136. You’ll kill nasty bugs for me. Remember the spiders on our balcony when we lived in the Ashburn apartment? YUCK!

137. Most things don’t faze you at all.

138. You never nag me or complain about my shortcomings. You’ll just come out and say this bothers you and that will be it.

139. You look out for both our little guy and me.

140. You are not scared to tell people when they are wrong or voice your opinion if you don’t agree.

141. You are so cute sometimes when you play video games.

142. If my make up smudges while we are out, you’ll fix it instead of letting me walk around with it.

143. You are really good at debate. I sometimes think you should have been a lawyer.

144. You are athletic and will try just about any sport once.

145. You let me have the warm spot in the shower even though you were there first

146. Your different facial expressions. All are extremely cute.

147. If you are sleeping loudly and it bothers me, you’ll go sleep on the couch.

148. Your ability to make me feel so secure and safe no matter where we are.

149. Our little household language. Woofles anyone?

150. You love me unconditionally as I love you unconditionally.