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Friday, February 27, 2009

Playing Sports...When Does It Actually Begin?

Last night as I skimmed through my mail sorting out junk versus things I actually need, I came upon a small, yellow post card that was for soccer sign ups. I look at it briefly, almost threw it away, and then something caught my eye. They were advertising soccer for 18 months up to 12 years old. Are you kidding me? They have soccer for toddlers?

It immediately came to my mind that perhaps these parents that sign up their toddlers for something like this are hoping that their kid is the next David Beckham. My son didn't even walk until he was about 16 months old let alone be able to really kick at a ball with steady feet at 18 months old. So being the curious Mom that I am, I decided to look into other sports and what ages these kids actually start playing.

Here is the break down:

Hockey ~ Six years old

Little League/T-Ball ~ Five years old

Basketball ~ Ten years old

Cheerleading ~ Seven years old

Football~ Seven years old

I got much of my research from the Chantilly Youth Association, which is where I played various sports as a youngster. I was pleased to see that organization doesn't start soccer for kids until the ripe age of five years old. So perhaps this little post card was a scam, because really, good luck with telling a team of eleven toddlers to actually work together, know that they are a team and actually kick a soccer ball to score a goal. If it was my little toddler, he'd see the ball (he loves balls), pick it up and run in the opposite direction of the other toddler so he could keep it for himself. Hmmm...perhaps they should do football? Just kidding!

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