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Monday, February 23, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do

My toddler is at the stage where he wants to do everything his parents are doing. I obviously think it is fantastic that he wants to brush his hair, brush his teeth and help Mommy clean. Speaking of clean, he actually helped me clean the windows yesterday! Thank you Green Works, as I felt safe using the product with my little guy. However, some things can back fire just a bit on this monkey see, monkey do business.

As I said my baby loves to do whatever Mom and Dad do. Note to self, I need to watch myself a little closer. Not that I do anything bad, but I really don't want him picking up some of my bad habits like biting my nails (haven't done that for a week). Isn't it funny how kids can make you want to change even the smallest little things about yourself to make you even better? Getting back to my topic, My little guy loves to play with the television remote. He can somehow figure out how to turn it on and on occasion record random shows. That to me is no big deal. I do find it quite cute actually when my little guy will sit in my husband's "spot" and try to figure out this remote thing. He looks so much like my husband and it is like having a little mini of him. My son even associates that the remote belongs to my husband when he is home and will often pick it up and hand it to him. But when my hubby is not home, he thinks the remote belongs to him. WRONG!

Yesterday after my husband came home from playing a pick up football game, he asked where the remote was. I had no idea. I wasn't even really watching television. Low and behold our little guy had taken it and placed it inside his personal favorite bucket that held things like blocks and other random items. That bucket held his little favorites and the remote was one of them. It was funny that he thought that was actually "his", but it isn't. I don't want him thinking the remote can be placed at any location in the house. We have already lost one of our phones to this thought process of his. Lord knows where that phone will some day be found.

I am trying to associate what he can do within reason versus what he can't. Anyone that has a toddler knows this is easier said then done. They are persistent little people. I don't want him thinking the remote is off limits, because some day I want him to be able to flip between child friendly channels without having to ask me. I guess I just have to see what a happy medium is on this one. Ah the joys of being a parent and trying to wing it.

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