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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Girl Stuff

I love my little guy. He is so full of energy and has such a zest for life and I have enjoyed all the little boy things he does. Even at an early age you can certainly tell the difference on how little boys act vs. how little girls act. I honestly wouldn't mind having all boys if that is what God blesses me with. Sure having a girl would be nice, but having a healthy baby is what comes first in my mind. I will never be the parent that is disappointed on what is revealed on the big ultrasound day. Plus having a little boy has taught this Mama a whole mess of things like changing diapers quickly so you don't get peed on, that boys even at an early age are fascinated with their genitals and in my opinion are a bit less social and more wanting to study their toys intricately. However, as a woman, I still gaze and admire pretty little girl dresses in the store while buying my son clothes, and I admit I some times casually walk down the brightly pink toy aisles wondering what type of girl toys are out there these days.

A few weeks ago I opened a beautifully packaged birthday invitation for one of my friends daughter second birthday party. I had to smile, this was a chance to buy something completely out of my normal realm. I had to purchase a girly present. Sure at this age I could still buy a toy that is more unisex, but why pass up the opportunity to get something that screams girl? After doing a brief look online for what to get, I found that this was harder then I thought. What should I get?

I could think of a whole mess of things my little guy would like and I am sure this little girl would like as well. I am just stuck with knowing what type of girl things a two year old would like. I know buying things for kids is either a hit or miss depending their mood and their likes. Is it too early for dress up? Would buying a little doll offend the Mom (my Mom had a weird thing with other people buying my sister or I dolls she felt it was her job)? I just don't know.

This Sunday is the party and I am going to have to find some thing to get(obviously). I just am not sure what to get. Anyone have some good ideas?

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