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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Party In My Crib...3 AM

I honestly feel like I have a newborn at this moment in time...or at least I did last night. My night was brutal to say the least. Sleep in my house didn't exist, at least not for me.

The little guy decided that once I was about to go to sleep last night, that it was time for him to wake up. It is almost normal that my hubby and I will hear him cry out before we go to bed because he has either lost the pacifier or he is mushed up against the crib. So when I heard the little guy cry out, I figure it would be routine in putting easily back to sleep. Boy was I wrong!

I entered his room and he was already wide awake. I knew that was a bad sign. Typically he cries with his little eyes shuts and promptly goes back to sleep after my husband or I help him in whatever he needs to be done. However, he whimpered out a little cough and held his arms out to be held. How could I not pick him up? He wanted his Mommy and that cough was very pitiful. I picked him up and cradled him for a bit. He pointed out to the hallway. I guess he wanted to go to my bedroom, so I figured perhaps we can both go to sleep together. Wrong! He tossed, turned and then decided he would get down on the floor and walk around. That was not happening, so I put him back into his crib thinking perhaps my little guy was done with his cuddles and he wanted to go back to his beloved crib. Guess who was wrong again? Me!

I struggled for hours to get him to go back to sleep. Finally after we were both exhausted, he went down for a few hours. Then he awoke twice more because he wanted either a pacifier or wanted to be fixed in his crib. 6:30 came all to early and I honestly felt like I was out all night partying and then had to go to work, except I didn't get the benefit of partying. Today I am just struggling and thanking God today that caffeine exists.

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