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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bye Bye Pacifier!

I know not too long ago, I wrote a post about our pacifier dilemma. To sum it up, our pediatrician told us to either wean him from the pacifier now because when he turns two it will be a lot harder to give it up. My husband I struggled with this. Not because we didn't think it was the right thing to do, but how we were going to do it.

We started off thinking that a night time pacifier would be okay for when my little guy naps or goes to sleep. Fair enough we both thought, but that little bugger I swore saved a stash of pacifiers some where that would ultimately be found throughout the day by him and thus would end up in his mouth. This equaled instant melt down because if I took it then he wanted it back and to be honest this Mom (aka me) would give in and let him have it. I also caved in a bit more from my usual "only at sleep time" rule for him to have it at church since it was just easier instead of seeing a full congregation stare at me while I carried a screaming child to the crying room that isn't so sound proof.Then yesterday, I came to the realization that this pacifier had to go. It was really getting to be a problem.

While I was picking my son up from day care he spotted a pacifier he had dropped during snack time. All the babies were still in their little chairs, but food was all over the tiled floor. My son attempted to pick it up and I snatched it because the floor was filthy. Now I am one of those Moms that believes a peck of dirt is okay, but not in this instance. This caused an instant melt down where my son threw himself down on the floor, banging his poor little head against the hard surface and screamed bloody murder. This caused the entire room to look at him (babies included) while the teachers gasped because of how my son smacked his head. I honestly was embarrassed. Not because of the whole temper tantrum thing, but because he had hurt himself with something I should of been working on to wean him off.

I packed up my little boy and on the short ride home I decided at that point we are going pacifier free in the house. These pacifiers were becoming another extension of my son and without one in his little mouth and him sucking away at it, he didn't feel whole. I know that sounds a bit harsh or maybe a little strong, but seriously this kid would not ever leave one alone if he saw one. I also know that this little object is important in his little world, but I also know it is for the better if he doesn't rely on it so heavily.

The night time routine was not fun last night. This is the time where my son more or less relies on his little pacifier friend the most. Yes it did take him a while longer to fall asleep even with his favorite stuffed animal tucked in his crib with him and yes I did have to wake up throughout the night several times to calm him without putting a pacifier in his mouth. It was hard, but we all made it. I am determined now.

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