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Monday, February 23, 2009

Kids Clothes

I have to post one about this because I will admit that I am addicted to buying clothes for my son. Actually it makes my day finding a great deal or a really cute outfit. My husband knows this and I am not in denial. So here is the break down of where I buy clothes for my little guy.


I have not bought clothes from here in a little while. Only because they lack the extra cute stuff (at least so far this season) in sizes bigger then 24 months. However, it is a favorite since they had so many cute things for boys 24 months and younger. It also has some great deals and the only store I knew that sold plain white onesies.

The Children's Place
This store is not my favorite, but has a lot of cute stuff if you look at the right time. My sister loves their pajamas and I love their deals. I know I have mentioned this in a past post, but I bought a in season shirt from their outlets for only a $1 and it was cute!

Crazy 8
This store I believe is a smaller clothing line that is owned by Gymboree. It has some really cute stuff and usually has some terrific deals. I have yet to see this in a mall in the DC Metro area, so for now online ordering is the way to go.

I honestly don't get clothes a lot from here. They are usually way over priced and rarely have a decent sale going on. Although the clothes that I have gotten from here (my son's winter coat and hat) were really good quality. I just wish they had more sales!


I believe this is my husband's and my all time favorite store. It has some really great outfits for boys and girls. I love all the matching accessories and their clothes are really durable.

Janie and Jack
This store's only down fall is that it is so expensive! I love the quality and the cute clothes are just to die for! The great thing about this store is as long as you have the receipt, you can return any clothing you bought even if its a year from now. For me because I buy clothes way in advance so I can get some great sales is a bonus. No worries if it doesn't fit because its easily returnable!

I from time to time find some really good deals at this place. You just have to look, so if you aren't in a huge hurry or don't mind scanning racks then this is the place for you. I have found great quality shirts for winter months as low as $3.99. I also love that Kohls is always having a sale so if you miss one weekend then they will have another sale soon enough!

Old Navy
To be honest I don't get a lot of stuff from here either, but I have gotten some fantastic deals on regular wear such as jeans or other pants. The clothes (in my opinion) just aren't as cute.

Osh Kosh
I really like this store. Although I don't get clothes from there very often. Why? Because I think they are the ONLY store that does not provide online shopping. These stores are only at Leesburg Outlets and Potomac Mills. These clothes are very durable and will last forever. I wore them as a kid and as big of a tom boy as I was, I never wore out the knees, which were a problem in just about any other pair of jeans I wore by another brand.

Yes I do buy my clothes from here. Why? Because they have some really great mix and match tops by a line called Garanimals. I really loved their shorts last season. They were honestly better quality shorts then a lot of the named stores I have listed on here. Plus its the cheapest place I have found pajamas, which are around $6 or so a pair versus everyone else charging at least $10.