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Monday, February 9, 2009

Can Spring Come a Bit Faster?

The DC Metro area this weekend was blessed with some FANTASTIC weather this weekend. I typically dread going out only because it means I have to step foot outside when its cold and I hate the cold. This weekend on the other hand was a beautiful 60 degree weekend and this Mom wanted to go out!

As a family, we made several routine stops so we could be ready for the next work week. I wish magically an elf would go to these places for us like the food store, hardware store, etc., It just takes time out of what I really want to do. Then finally after all the stops, my hubby and I were able to surprise our little guy with the time of his life. We headed to Clemyjontri Park. I love this park. My only wish would it to have a lot more parking instead of the added parking lot across the street, but I understand why this park is so busy. My little guy upon being let down once we were inside the playground area just ran and squealed with delight. He wanted to experience everything, see everything, touch everything and just take it all in. The best part, is he could. He was free to explore because this was a place for children. Obviously his parents were in reaching distance of him, but unlike places like the mall or walking down the street, he didn't have to hold our hand.

I also found (which sometimes is unfortunately rare) that every parent I encountered was really polite and quite nice. They made sure as I made sure that my kid was sharing or wasn't taking over a piece of playground equipment. We made room for each other when on the playground equipment so each of us could be close to our kids. It was pleasant and after my son finally ran out of energy, we headed home.

What do you like doing during the warmer months with the kiddos? Because of the amazing weather this weekend, I have already started my list. It is the following:

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