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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not So Suave

For me the Suave Shampoo commercial that has the Mom with crappy hair, dressed sloppy and has kids hanging on her could very well be me. Except a bottle of Suave Shampoo is just not going to cut it to make me over. I have found that although I LOVE being a Mom, that my physical appearance has taken a back seat.

Call it lack of time, a toddler decidedly wants you attention as soon as you enter the bathroom or just being tired, but I on an every day basis look a bit rough. I even realized after talking with a friend of mine, that I don't have "sexy" pants. You know the type of pants you put on that just makes your butt look fabulous, your legs look skinny and you just feel like a hot piece of you know what in them? Yeah, I don't have those and haven't had those for a while. I am not complaining about the lack of sexy pants, so don't get me wrong. I just was surprised about my realization of not having them when they used to be so important to me.

I used to think of myself (trying not to sound too cocky or too confident) as kind of pretty. I just don't see that same side to me when I look in the mirror anymore. I want to look pretty and hot for my husband so he can have that same pride when we go out with that look that says "yeah this is my chick." I find that testosterone sort of facial look quite sexy in my man. I can't speak for him and he probably does see me as pretty when I glam up a bit. I just am my own worst critic.

I'll get there. I just need to find the confidence as a woman. I see my inner beauty just not outer beauty and its a bit weird for me.

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