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Monday, February 9, 2009

Date Night!!!

Over the weekend, I had my first date night in a looooooooonnnnnnngggg time. Usually we had a date and then go to a friends party, but this was a date night and evening just for my husband and I and man did I have fun.

My husband and I were having a semi stressful Saturday trying to figure out what to do with my mini van since it needed new brake pads and rotors. I decided while he was wheeling and dealing with the car guys that we should have a date for ourselves and made that prompt call to my son's grandparents to see if they can babysit. I also managed (okay barely) to fit into my size six jeans because I wanted to for once wear something sexy. If the button on my pants could talk, it would probably scream "help", but I felt sexy, which is another reason I wanted to go out. I made a quick call to my parents and they were totally up for it and told me that it was about time. I haven't had a real date in months.

After dropping off my son, my hubby and I headed back to the car to start our night. My hubby opened the car door for me as my Mom looked on waving goodbye. I can't remember the last time he opened the car door for me. Maybe when I was coming home from the hospital after my son's birth? I honestly was thrilled with just that. That alone made my night. Dads or other men if you are reading this, open the car door for your wife/significant other from time to time and surprise the hell out of them. Then my hubby did another thing that was just so fantastic, he made reservations for us at a restaurant I have never been to. I found that so sexy. I love it when my man plans something for me or for the family.

We arrived at Chima Steakhouse for our 6:30 reservation and I was just blown away. It has been a long time since I was at a restaurant this nice. It certainly was not a place that you can bring children easily too unless they are much older and very well behaved. Chima is a meat place (vegetarians nightmare), which usually I am not too big on. However, the food was amazing and worth every penny. It was an expensive restaurant, but if you go there hungry your belly will be filled with all sorts of deliciousness like filet mignon, lamb chops, sirloin, swordfish, etc., in a beautifully designed atmosphere. After dinner, like two old people, my hubby and I headed (more like waddled) home. We were both exhausted, but happy.

I will certainly be planning more date nights in the future. I won't have them every weekend obviously. I love spending as much time with my son as possible, but it was nice spending time with the first guy that entered my hubby.

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