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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Play Dates

I believe that play dates are essential to every Mom/Dad and their kiddos. It gives a chance for the kids to play together and also give a parent that adult interaction. Plus, if your friend or play group Mom/Dad has a new and exciting toy then its even a extra added bonus.

To preface another great reason to have a play date, is when a parent has a cool new toy that all the kids can play with together. During the holiday weekend, I bought a play hut for my son. It is similar to the link I provided, but Toys R Us had a huge sale and it was about $50. Sounds expensive, but these types of sets go for way more, even double at some stores. The bonus that I also saw in this play hut was that it was not a permanent fixture in a room or back yard. These play huts actually fold up and can be placed in a bag that is no bigger then the ones you would use for the beach. I told a friend about this great new find who happens to be an Aunt to another great friends child, she thought it would be a great to get the kids together. She doesn't have any kids yet (but will some day). I just thought that was so sweet she thought of her little niece like that. Then again, it was a great excuse to get everyone together.

In the early morning hours on President's Day, the kiddos came in and had a fantastic time. My son at first shy about the intrusion of all the little girls and women in the house, soon warmed up to the idea that he had friends to play with. After all, he has known these little friends since his birth. Before long the kiddos were playing in the new play hut and having a blast (I loved the excited screams and giggles) and the parents had a chance to relax and catch up.

After a fun six hours, the play date ended. I could not believe the day went by so quickly! I feel the play date was very successful. There were no melt downs, hardly any sharing problems, the kids enjoyed the new play hut toy and the parents were able to talk for hours without hardly any interruption. I am thinking that we need to have more of these more frequently. If not for the kids, then we should at least do it for the grown ups as everyone benefits. Grown ups need play dates too after all.

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