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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I Know/Learned About Being a Mom

I am a list maker. I list things on what I need to do at home, work, what to buy, etc., It occurred to me after reading one of my favorite blogs that perhaps I should extend my list on what I know and have learned since I have became a Mom.

1. Everyone has an opinion of how you should be a Mom or parent. Some of the information I received was crap or way too judgmental (that was in another post). Bottom line for all you parents, I want the best for my kids just like you do. We all love our children.

2. Although the dogs in my house have taken a back seat since my child has been born, they also gained more treats then they ever had in their past with the numerous amounts of food thrown on the floor. This also saves me time in cleaning it up.

3. The juggling act of being a Mom is hard. Its the hardest job you will ever do. That bit of advice is true. However, its the best thing I have ever done.

4. I never learned how to juggle balls, burning sticks of fire, etc., However, I can juggle work/family life, feeding my child and myself simultaneously and change a poopy diaper while holding down a squirmy toddler and keeping all four limbs out of "the mess", etc.,

5. The deep love I have for my child honestly amazed me. I knew I would love my baby, but I didn't know that I would love him that much.

6. I respect my Mom on a whole new level. She was an ever better juggler then I am. I have no idea how she kept the house tidy and on a cleaning schedule, had dinner every day on the table at 5:30, worked, decorated for every holiday and still had time to play with my sister and I.

7. Daddies are wonderful. I would never let my child do/try some of the stuff my husband has, but my kid was safe, learned and had fun. Moms can just be a bit over protective some times.

8. I have an excuse to color and buy crayons. I don't think I ever out grew coloring.

9. Instead of the usual snacks I used to buy and pack away in the pantry for me, it is now filled with snacks for my son. I found that I snack a lot less, which helps this awkward figuring I am sporting.

10. My body is never going to return to what it once was and that is okay. Stretch marks are indeed my Mommy battle scars.

11. I never knew that little every day household objects could be so fascinating and interesting.

12. Holidays, playgrounds, family, and date nights have a whole new meaning to me.

13. Babies just grow up way too fast. Its another bit of info I received from other people that I now know is true.

14. Buying clothes for boys is hard. Not that there aren't out there, but you realize that the cute and unboring clothes are a lot harder to find.

15. Although I am a passive person in most instances, you better not mess with my kid. These Mama bear claws have come out a few times.

16. Pacifiers disappear into another dimension and then emerge in the weirdest locations.

17. Silence in the house is deafening when the kids are away. It doesn't feel like your house at all.

18. Showers, baths and using the bathroom is no longer a private time for you.

19. If you are out alone and see another Mom with her kids, you will be more attentive then ever before in opening doors for her, letting them pass and complimenting well behaved children. If you are out with your kids and females alike don't do the same for you (especially holding doors) you scold them under your breath because they should know better.

20. Every day is like a marathon run. I wake up running and I don't stop until I go to sleep. A lot of times, it is fun.

21. I became a bigger sap then ever before. I can't watch shows, commercials, or movies that have children that are sick or dying. Even though much of that stuff is merely acting, my heart aches for the kids parents.

22. I value life differently then I did before.

23. Although I can't afford Coach or Kate Spade anymore, I don't mind it. I would rather buy things for my baby or save as it makes me much more happier and fulfilled. The designer stuff used to mean so much to me.

24. Kids are expensive.

25. I learned that I can't do everything. I had to let some things go. My priories are just different.

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