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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Early Valentine's Day Babies

Okay usually I write about things relating to kids or the trials and joys of being a Mom, but due to Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to dedicate a post about my husband, my rock and my best friend.

So here you are honey. Here are the 150 reasons why I love you. Happy EARLY Valentine’s Day to you.

  1. You are logical. If it makes logical sense you don’t care that I do whatever, but when it is not realistic you bring me back down to Earth.
  2. You know every secret about me and I mean every one…even the really really embarrassing ones and you didn’t laugh…too much.
  3. You know exactly what I love to eat even before I know that I like it. You just know my taste buds. Thanks honey for introducing me to Chipotle…I think.
  4. You never try to push the envelope or get me to do something I don’t want to do. I can say no just once and you listen, which brings me to…
  5. You listen.
  6. You are so quiet and I found out that you like hearing me talk (that was a surprise to me) and you let me jabber on about anything. I guess that sort of goes with #5, but you let me talk your ear off.
  7. You are very funny.
  8. Behind closed doors and once in a while out in public you are the silliest guy I know.
  9. You are far more graceful then I am.
  10. You are an amazing cook and you cook even when you are tired or cook things that you can’t eat because of your diet but make it for me.
  11. Even if is the tenth millionth time you have told me something, you can tell me again with such patience as if it was the first time. How do I put the liner in the trashcan again so the stupid thing doesn’t fall through?
  12. You can tell me if I look horrible in something and without being mean. A lot of guys would just say “you look fine.”
  13. I love your hair. I once wished I had hair like yours but I have enough difficulty styling my straight hair.
  14. You love surprising me with things. How many times have I come home and our house has either been cleaned, redesigned or reorganized. Thanks hon for organizing my closet.
  15. You look amazing in hats.
  16. I love your laugh. Its genuine.
  17. You know how to get me to laugh.
  18. You are a fantastic dancer. Can I say Uncle Luke? Makes me smile every time I think about it.
  19. You are an amazing Dad. You want everything under the moon for our son. You let him do things that are safe, but I would never try. That’s why kiddos need their Fathers because Moms can be overly protective some times.
  20. For the most part you don’t mind what I plan during the weekend for us. If I want to go to some place, then we just go.
  21. You still have that amazing ability to make me giddy. I still look at you like a teenager in love but love you deeply like a wife loves her husband.
  22. You have seen me on my worst days and still love me.
  23. You have seen it all and by all I mean you watched a child come out of me and you coached me the entire time.
  24. The scar near your eyebrow…so sexy.
  25. You are willing to do just about anything for me including getting hamburgers at 10 o’clock at night from Wendy’s.
  26. You eat with grace. Is that silly? Our eating habits reminds me of the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, in which one scene Beauty is eating delicately while the Beast is scarfing up his food and yes I would be the Beast.
  27. You will go and fix stuff while I would probably hire somebody or call my Dad.
  28. You are fine with and don’t think its annoying that I don’t want anything to do with purchasing electronics or dealing with car stuff.
  29. If I ask you if you could please do something then you will do it.
  30. You don’t get frustrated overly my nontechnical skills.
  31. The sincereness of your eyes when you are truly sorry. Yes hon, I know the difference.
  32. You will watch most girly movies with me and then admit that you like some of them. I don’t push the Jane Austen envelope though and I think you appreciate that.
  33. You know who Mr. Darcy is.
  34. I don’t think I could ever really surprise you. You would look at me the same as if I was wearing my usual clothes from work or wore a monkey suit home. Okay…maybe you would raise one eyebrow, but then continue doing whatever you are doing. It is hilarious to me, because I do try to see your reactions and I always get the same one.
  35. You have the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen…aside from our sons.
  36. You really are a great friend to all of your friends.
  37. You are persistent. I have to love this because this is why we are together.
  38. Your confidence. Its one of the top things that I want our son to learn from you.
  39. You have a cute butt. No seriously you do.
  40. You ice skate very well.
  41. The look in your eyes when our Pumpky does something cute or new. It’s a look only a loving Father could give. Remember all those kisses he gave you at Leesburg Outlet this past weekend?
  42. When you are excited, you are really excited. I can clearly remember the day you found out we were having a boy.
  43. The interaction with you and our little guy rather you are playing, teaching him something new or feeding him.
  44. Your determination to be a great Dad to our kid and other future kiddos.
  45. Saving my life about a million times from people that nearly cream us while driving.
  46. You know exactly what I am thinking about most of the time and ask what I am thinking about if you can’t figure it out.
  47. If I say I want something from say Taco Bell, you know exactly what I want without me telling you the order. You just remember things like that.
  48. In general all the TMI stuff that I won’t go into, which would add at least twenty more reasons on why I love you.
  49. You dress well. I honestly wish you could be my stylist because I never know what to put on.
  50. You understand my quirks, like not wanting to drive in the snow.
  51. I still have a lot to learn about you.
  52. Even if some of the food I make is crappy…you will eat it anyways and tell me how you appreciate it. Remember the first time I attempted French toast?
  53. You respect my and our little guys religion.
  54. I love the fact you are Russian. It is an extra perk about you. I love hearing you speak, listening to the stories about when you lived there and you introducing me to some of the foods.
  55. You know how to calm me down when I am completely freaking out.
  56. Every now and then you surprise me with opening doors or giving me flowers. You are right when you say if you did it every so often versus every day that I would appreciate it more and I really do.
  57. You are so attentive.
  58. You skills on wheeling and dealing. I don’t want to hear it because I get embarrassed but I love that you can because I sure can’t.
  59. When push comes to shove, you don’t care what anyone thinks, you will do what is best for your family and everyone else can shove it.
  60. You forgive full heartedly.
  61. The ability for you to reason on when I am being over sensitive versus something truly being done wrong to me. I value your words on that because it is hard for me to judge some times.
  62. Your love of sports.
  63. This goes along with your patience and ability to dive right into a situation, but I love that you were able to take care of Pumpky and I the first week we brought him home with hardly any help AND you didn’t seem overwhelmed.
  64. If I tell you I really want something, then you will eventually get it for me. That makes me sound completely spoiled, but really its mostly small things that mean a lot to me.
  65. How strong you are. I still can’t believe you were able to take down that huge asian book shelf from the upstairs to the downstairs by yourself.
  66. You have never yelled at me. This may sound silly to put on a list, but after eight years you would think that it would have happened. Yelling to you is raising one octave to me. It isn’t yelling my love.
  67. Our daily emails. I look forward to them, especially when you write me first.
  68. Your love of animals.
  69. You are willing and fine with in regards to listening to silly kid music.
  70. I don’t think this is too TMI, but you are an amazing kisser.
  71. I can only think of one instance when I embarrassed you. It was at the Outer Banks and we all got a good laugh at, even you laughed.
  72. You take time to teach me new things.
  73. You entertain me when I ask you to tell me a story.
  74. Our son really loves his Dada and that’s because you really are a good Dada.
  75. The twinkles of love in both of you and Pumpky’s eyes when you see each other after you get home from work.
  76. You are a good son to your Mom.
  77. You stand up for your family.
  78. You are willing to try new things.
  79. You will make stops after work even though you hate it just because I asked.
  80. The way you hold me when I am sad or upset about something.
  81. Your smell.
  82. Your fur. Haha.
  83. Your zest for life.
  84. Your care for others. For instance, like shoveling our neighbors walk because her husband is out of town and she has two young kids.
  85. Being okay with me being a little gross some times.
  86. Your hugs.
  87. The caring way you treat Joey the poodle when he is having a seizure.
  88. Knowing what makes me smile and happy. You know that buying a small item for our son just makes my day.
  89. Your willingness to drop everything and help me out.
  90. Your poker face. I love it and hate it.
  91. Being thoughtful in things that you get for either our son or I. It could be as simple as bringing home dinner, but it is thoughtful.
  92. Knowing that I will love a show and record it just for me even though you don’t want to watch it.
  93. You supporting me no matter what.
  94. Your ability to juggle everything throughout the day so easily.
  95. The way you took care of me when I was pregnant. I still think about that and how you had to help put my shoes/slippers on each morning because I couldn’t.
  96. Your ability to make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.
  97. You don’t think my shyness is annoying or silly. You actually help me.
  98. You being able to plan some amazing dates for just the two of us or with the entire family.
  99. Your singing voice. No my love you aren’t the next American Idol, but I love it when you do sing.

100. Your voice. Its one of the most soothing and relaxing things I hear all day.

101. The fact you can’t wait to show me present you bought me. Even if you actually bought me something early like for Christmas, you want to show it to me right away.

102. You are amazingly calm in any situation.

103. Its silly, but your profile. I love it.

104. You remember everything. I will completely forget about this or that and you will amaze me with your memory.

105. You want the same simple things in life that I do.

106. You are not afraid to tell me that I am wrong but will do so calmly.

107. Even before you ask me or just mention things to me, you know what I will go for and not go for.

108. You don’t believe in divorce. You believe working on a relationship. I think that is one of the things you love about me.

109. You think my jealousy is silly because you would never in a million years cheat on me.

110. You can keep a secret.

111. You can be gross around me without being embarrassed because you are comfortable with me.

112. The way you will hold me in your arms late at night while we watch the tv.

113. You are thoughtful. This goes along with lots of the things I listed, but I had to put it out there because you really are.

114. You want me to live out my hopes and dreams.

115. You don’t complain too much that I use your razor.

116. You remember to thank me for doing things around the house like emptying the dishwasher or doing other simple things. It means a lot that you notice.

117. You do simple tasks around the house and I really appreciate it.

118. You love pictures like I love pictures of our family and our past.

119. You know the value of family.

120. You don’t let anyone walk all over you or your family.

121. You do simple things that make me happy like warming up chocolate chip cookies in the microwave just to be sweet.

122. You learn from your mistakes and once you say you’ll never do something again, you won’t.

123. You always try to better yourself.

124. You aren’t negative. You always look for the positive.

125. You humor me by allowing me to overly plan some things even when it isn’t necessary.

126. It sounds silly, but I appreciate you clean out our fridge from time to time. I never think of doing that.

127. If something annoys me, you’ll try and fix it. It could be as small as me not liking how a toilet flushes. I appreciate that.

128. You like to design or mod just about anything but you know not to touch my car.

129. You are the most hygienic man I know. It sounds silly but you can recognize when you need to do something and a lot of men just don’t.

130. You clean up after yourself. I wish I could say the same for me.

131. I guess the above is sort of the same, but you clean up a lot after me. Thank you for that. I do try and think about it but we all have our faults.

132. We have always pulled for each other in lots of different situations. We have been through the thick of it and we always work as a team.

133. The fact that you think its cute or funny when I cry at little things like commercials with animals in them.

134. You’ll go an investigate things. Remember that damn bird that used to hang out on our roof?

135. You take care of me and everything else when I am sick.

136. You’ll kill nasty bugs for me. Remember the spiders on our balcony when we lived in the Ashburn apartment? YUCK!

137. Most things don’t faze you at all.

138. You never nag me or complain about my shortcomings. You’ll just come out and say this bothers you and that will be it.

139. You look out for both our little guy and me.

140. You are not scared to tell people when they are wrong or voice your opinion if you don’t agree.

141. You are so cute sometimes when you play video games.

142. If my make up smudges while we are out, you’ll fix it instead of letting me walk around with it.

143. You are really good at debate. I sometimes think you should have been a lawyer.

144. You are athletic and will try just about any sport once.

145. You let me have the warm spot in the shower even though you were there first

146. Your different facial expressions. All are extremely cute.

147. If you are sleeping loudly and it bothers me, you’ll go sleep on the couch.

148. Your ability to make me feel so secure and safe no matter where we are.

149. Our little household language. Woofles anyone?

150. You love me unconditionally as I love you unconditionally.

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Eugene said...

Thanks love. I bet that took awhile to write. As you know I can never write something like that, so I would just have to spoil you with some present for valentines day. It's like that commercial, "because I'm not that guy". Thanks for writing and sharing that with me. Love... Hubby