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Friday, May 28, 2010

All Is Fair In The Toddler World

Often I call my family "the circus", especially when we ALL arrive at my Mom's house. It gets a little chaotic for the first ten minutes until we settle in. I call it a circus because we have my husband, who resembles a bear, a child that is silly and does all sorts of stunt devil tricks much to the dismay of his Mama, a ring master (aka me) and what circus would not be complete without a few poodles? Sometimes in the middle of winter when I don't feel like shaving my legs every day, we even have a guest appearance of "the hairy lady". Okay ewww...but ladies we all slack on shaving our legs from time to time. In a nutshell, we have the makings of a beginner circus.

The two poodles we have are old and have been with me for years. I got one when I was 13 and the other when I was 17. They are old men, but still lively like any puppy is. One is more dominant even though he is younger then the other. My oldest little guy is very submissive, flamboyant (I swear if he had an outfit choice it would be tight shorts, a sequence top and cute accessories to match) and man is he tiny weighing in about six pounds. The alpha male often dominants the old man with getting first dibs on most things be it food, where he wants to go, etc., This morning was no exception as my son was giving out treats to my dogs, and who got theirs first but the alpha male. However, my son is beginning this "fairness" stage and quickly recognized that the alpha male was going to try and steal one of the old dogs treats right from underneath him. My son stepped in like a parent does to referee their kids and said, "No dog dog. Go away." with his little arm outstretched so the alpha male couldn't get to his companions treat.

It was a little simple action of fairness that my son recognized and I saw that as something pretty cool that he is recognizing the injustices of this world and what is right. Simply put, I am proud. Is that silly? I wish I could scoop them all up in my arms and hug them for a while. How I love my circus. To me, its the greatest show on Earth.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Ideas

Lately I have started looking for presents that are age appropriate and cool for my son’s third birthday. It couldn’t be that hard right? Wrong. I want to find something he would love and something that I could also handle. So I did what every modern Mom does to research anything and googled it.

The first link had a list of ideas. “Awesome”, I thought. I am a list maker and having lists in my little world is something that I crave for and love. Then I ran down the list and knew whomever made this list not only was not a parent but has never been around a three year old in their LIFE. First the list suggested a sleep sack, which is cute because my son does spend the night at his Grandparents house every so often. But then was thinking…well this is a lame present. Not only does it look VERY babyish, but who wants a sleeping sack for a birthday present? Its like my sister giving me a placemat for Christmas all over again. It was useful and thoughtful, but very disappointing to a kid. So nix that. Then they listed these intricate games that I have NEVER heard of before that require intricate parts, lots of rules, and time limits. Huh? One why do I want a thousand game pieces everywhere? I have enough to deal with when playing Hi-Ho Cheerio (which is my son’s favorite even if he doesn’t always get the concept of the game). I also want to know what toddler is going to following fifty bazillion rules and then be timed to do A-Z? Seriously? The list was finally vetoed after suggesting I buy 50 (yes I said flipping 50) markers. MARKERS! Not the cool crayola markers that only color on certain paper. I mean 50 markers that would at some time inevitably become tools to redecorate the walls in my house. I watch over things, but seriously people. I have no time for keeping up with 50 individual markers. No thank you.

So I am on a hunt. I am thinking about a play grill since we will be grilling a lot and my son loves to pretend to cook food.

Got any present ideas for a three year old boys birthday?

Packed Weekends

I have to say that for the next eight weeks I have something to do just about every weekend. Sure there are different things each weekend to do at different days/times, but still...I see no end in sight for a while.

Between BBQs, a bridal shower, celebrating my FOUR year wedding anniversary (I can't believe four years have come and gone so quickly), a camp out, my sweet nephew's birthday, a family reunion, my parents 40th wedding anniversary and my wonderful son's birthday...the weekends are filled with family and friends. I am sure less housework will be completed. I am sure I will be exhausted, but I am kind of looking forward to it all. I love being with my family and friends. I love celebrations. I love that my son gets to spend time with cousin, because he ADORES him. There is nothing cuter then hearing those two giggle away while playing and having a ball. I just have to remember to breath and keep going the entire time.

Packed weekends here I come!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Furniture Oh Furniture! Freebies Oh My!

My husband and I seem to stumble in various ways to getting discounted or free furniture or various other items...a lot. This doesn't discount the VERY expensive bed we just bought my son. It just happens that we either gain furniture and other things from family members, people moving away/out of the country or for some weird other reasons. I for not complaining.

We have gotten freebies here or there. I've gotten great hand me down clothes from Moms that spent even more money then I do on children's clothing (yes that is possible). Would I like $50 shoes for my baby that can't walk yet? Sure! Its not that I am bragging. I liked the shoes and thought I'd buy another pair, which is why I looked into it, but declined once I saw the prices. We've also gotten other things from people moving out of the country like barely used winter coats, hot wheel cars, a kids easel and a pretty awesome Buzz Lightyear that my son loves. Who's complaining? Not me!

Now most of the furniture we have gotten fits right with our taste. No light wood furniture or elaborately plush Victorian furniture. There is nothing wrong with it, its just not us. We've gotten beautifully carved wood buffets, a huge mirror, a pool table, tables, etc., Yesterday we gained three book shelves, one with cabinets and the other we can always add cabinets to. At first I was a little uneasy with putting more furniture inside a moderately sized town home, but then as I was organizing and putting toys away last night into them, I fell in love. The new furniture members of my household were a means of organization! How glorious is that?

I can't begin to wonder how much we have saved saying yes to getting used (yet new to us) things inside our home. Its interesting how people will give away perfectly good and useful items. I am not snobby when it comes to gladly receiving second hand items. Our microwave died this week. We want to save up for a microwave we can install above our stove and we didn't want to purchase one immediately but with a toddler in the house it was almost a must. Funny enough, a old but good microwave came through. With a little bit of cleaning its as good as new.

Have any of you gotten away with some great freebies or deals you've loved?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

For the love

The last post cracked me up so much and my mind is constantly on my son that I thought I'd write a little post about all the little things I love about him.


I love his beautiful, bright green eyes. I love that he reminds me so much of the way I was when I was little...a firecracker. I love that his expressions are often the same ones his Father gives me...confusion, worry, happiness and excitement. I love the way he makes a sound to kiss me and gives full body hugs. I love the way he puts his fingers in his mouth when he is in trouble or is unsure of something because it is so darn cute. I love that he loves dogs. I love that he is confident and will usually dive into an activity. I love his beautiful smile and the little laugh he does when he's so excited for something. I love the way he says "hello" and "yellow", as he reminds me of my Nagypapa (how he ended up with a two word yankee accent is beyond me). I love that he will choose fruits or veggies over pasta. I love the way he likes to help out. I love the relationship he has with my parents and my husband's Mom. I love the mischievous looks and the cute way he tries to ask for things he knows he isn't suppose to have. I love the way he prays and blesses himself. I love how caring he is towards others and how he thinks of doing that all by himself. My son is an amazing, beautiful, sweet, little individual who is so full of life. He amazes me every day and has taught me more things about life and the grace of God's hands then anything or anyone ever has. I love you little man.

Half and Half...better beware

Over the weekend my hubby and I took Zaichik to IHOP for breakfast. Like most toddlers he was done way before we were and since the interest of the crayons now bored him, I gave him my husbands half and half creamers that he was using for his coffee(just like the ones pictured above) to entertain him for a few extra minutes. I remembered as kid stacking them into different towers and I figure I bought myself a few extra minutes.

Zaichik was happily playing away with his new found entertainment with the creamers and I went back to finishing the last bits of my breakfast. A few moments laters...splat. I looked next to me and all I could see was one of the creamer's in Zaichik's mouth giving me a puzzled look and creamer EVERYWHERE. Apparently when you bite these things, it spatters. What was more mortifying was our neighbors who thankfully were separated by a short wall partition which the wall got the most impact had droplets of half and half on their faces. Their stunned and quiet reaction was needless to say embarrassing, but funny. My husband I apologized as we obviously could not predict that little event happening and handed them some extra napkins. They were cool with it, but very quiet. If it had been me I would of yelped or made some type of noise getting splattered with creamer...some type of initial reaction but no all we got was silence and "its okay".

A few moments later we were out of there. As I carried Zaichik to the car I retraced the event that happened just five minutes previous, the look on Zaichik's puzzled face, the look on our neighbors and just starting cracking up. It was embarrassing, something I don't care to ever relive again, but absolutely freaking hilarious. Kids will do the darnest things, which can result in embarrassment but also some great amusement.