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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Ideas

Lately I have started looking for presents that are age appropriate and cool for my son’s third birthday. It couldn’t be that hard right? Wrong. I want to find something he would love and something that I could also handle. So I did what every modern Mom does to research anything and googled it.

The first link had a list of ideas. “Awesome”, I thought. I am a list maker and having lists in my little world is something that I crave for and love. Then I ran down the list and knew whomever made this list not only was not a parent but has never been around a three year old in their LIFE. First the list suggested a sleep sack, which is cute because my son does spend the night at his Grandparents house every so often. But then was thinking…well this is a lame present. Not only does it look VERY babyish, but who wants a sleeping sack for a birthday present? Its like my sister giving me a placemat for Christmas all over again. It was useful and thoughtful, but very disappointing to a kid. So nix that. Then they listed these intricate games that I have NEVER heard of before that require intricate parts, lots of rules, and time limits. Huh? One why do I want a thousand game pieces everywhere? I have enough to deal with when playing Hi-Ho Cheerio (which is my son’s favorite even if he doesn’t always get the concept of the game). I also want to know what toddler is going to following fifty bazillion rules and then be timed to do A-Z? Seriously? The list was finally vetoed after suggesting I buy 50 (yes I said flipping 50) markers. MARKERS! Not the cool crayola markers that only color on certain paper. I mean 50 markers that would at some time inevitably become tools to redecorate the walls in my house. I watch over things, but seriously people. I have no time for keeping up with 50 individual markers. No thank you.

So I am on a hunt. I am thinking about a play grill since we will be grilling a lot and my son loves to pretend to cook food.

Got any present ideas for a three year old boys birthday?

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Mrs. Knowledge said...

Here are some things that are cool:

This was Bubba's favorite gift at Christmas and it is nice that the cars can be used without the track. The hardest part is getting him to shake them enough (7 times) to get them to go.

And ALL Tonka products are guaranteed for LIFE!!

Just for you, cause I know you love them:

TK and Bubba both love these:

Every kid loves these, just be careful buying the version with sound because there is no off or volume switch:

Both kids love playing with this: