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Friday, May 28, 2010

All Is Fair In The Toddler World

Often I call my family "the circus", especially when we ALL arrive at my Mom's house. It gets a little chaotic for the first ten minutes until we settle in. I call it a circus because we have my husband, who resembles a bear, a child that is silly and does all sorts of stunt devil tricks much to the dismay of his Mama, a ring master (aka me) and what circus would not be complete without a few poodles? Sometimes in the middle of winter when I don't feel like shaving my legs every day, we even have a guest appearance of "the hairy lady". Okay ewww...but ladies we all slack on shaving our legs from time to time. In a nutshell, we have the makings of a beginner circus.

The two poodles we have are old and have been with me for years. I got one when I was 13 and the other when I was 17. They are old men, but still lively like any puppy is. One is more dominant even though he is younger then the other. My oldest little guy is very submissive, flamboyant (I swear if he had an outfit choice it would be tight shorts, a sequence top and cute accessories to match) and man is he tiny weighing in about six pounds. The alpha male often dominants the old man with getting first dibs on most things be it food, where he wants to go, etc., This morning was no exception as my son was giving out treats to my dogs, and who got theirs first but the alpha male. However, my son is beginning this "fairness" stage and quickly recognized that the alpha male was going to try and steal one of the old dogs treats right from underneath him. My son stepped in like a parent does to referee their kids and said, "No dog dog. Go away." with his little arm outstretched so the alpha male couldn't get to his companions treat.

It was a little simple action of fairness that my son recognized and I saw that as something pretty cool that he is recognizing the injustices of this world and what is right. Simply put, I am proud. Is that silly? I wish I could scoop them all up in my arms and hug them for a while. How I love my circus. To me, its the greatest show on Earth.

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