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Thursday, June 3, 2010


About a week ago my husband stumbled on a dating game show called "Baggage" while flipping channels. I was paying no interest to the show while folding laundry until I heard bizarre confession of contestants revealing weird or horrible things about themselves. For example one girl confessed she likes to keep her bikini wax strips because she likes the look of them. Um...what?

Typically I am not into these shows, especially when they are hosted by Jerry Springer. However, I couldn't resist this part of trash television. I was drawn in. The premise of the show essentially is one guy or one girl choosing between one of three possible matches in three rounds. During the first round the three contestants will reveal a small piece of their baggage. On the second round the three contestants will step aside while the host reveal a bit of bigger baggage about the three contestants anonymously. It is up to the guy or girl to choose which piece of baggage is too big for them and then the players will reveal which piece of baggage belongs to them and one of them will go home. Then in the third round the players will reveal their biggest piece of baggage and girl or guy will eliminate a final person leaving their desired match. Finally the girl or guy will reveal a piece of their own baggage to the person that revealed three pieces of their own baggage. It is up to that person to decide if their baggage is too big or not.

I know the usual normal person does not try out for these shows and of course the producer wants to make "good tv" so he picks the weirdest people for these shows, but it sure as hell makes me glad that I am out of the dating scene. I can not believe that people will reveal things on national television like the following:

- Being bad in bed
- Collecting bikini wax strips
- Had sex with over 2000 people
- Posed nude in a magazine
- Is a seasonal bisexual (one that is attracted to the same sex only certain times during the year, which amazingly Jerry Springer has never heard of)
- Likes to pee in the sink
- Slept with two sisters on the same night

The list goes on...and while I don't like shows like the Jerry Springer show or really bad trash television...I laugh watching the show. I just can't believe people and Jerry's funny commentary on the contestants. Oye.

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