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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I thought I would write a blog between my anniversary blogs, but work, kid, home, weekend events and a good book got in the way with doing that. June just has been absolutely crazy! However, I can't forget to blog about one of the most important days of my life, the marriage to my husband.

I remember all to well the feelings I had four years ago around this time (10:35am). I was getting may hair done in the salon with my Mom and sister. My husband I suppose was hanging out with his best friend/best man at our apartment in Ashburn. I remember feeling nervous, ancy and excited. It was a tough time for my mother in law who months before through a series of events separated from her husband. However nervous I was, the thought of finally getting to marry my best friend of four years was going to be amazing.

I can still recall the moment I started to walk down the aisle with my Dad and saw my now husband. His eyes were shining...I think he was about to cry and I couldn't take my eyes off him. Call it nerves or call it being in the moment, but for those few minutes, he was the only one in the church. The ceremony went by fairly quickly even though it was a 45 minute ceremony. Nothing mattered with my husband by my side. I remember also trying not to kiss him because that had to be saved at the end. After the ceremony was over we danced like crazy. I think between us we maybe didn't dance two songs and that was for getting a drink or running to the bathroom. I remember my feet aching for a day and a half after that but it was so fun and I wish I could relive the reception all over again.

If I could tell myself four years ago some advice, I would tell myself to relax a little more, that things would fall in place and to remind your fiance he BETTER drink almost all the wine in the chalice that we had to share as part of our wedding ceremony. I hate drinking wine and I still remember during that part looking in the chalice and seeing it half full and there was no way I could get out of not drinking the rest of the wine. Had I been able to hand it off or smack my husbands arm for doing that...I totally would have.

The stuff I didn't know then but know now is, my husband is more patient then I thought. He cleans and designs rooms very well. He makes the most beautiful well as the most feisty one and he also loves and protects his family with passion.

I love you babies. Happy Anniversary!

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