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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paid The Car Loan Off!!!!

Like most normal Americans, my family has a bit of debt here and there. Its not fun and it eats up our fun money so after a few discussions between my husband and I, we decided to knock things off one by one. It has been grueling and there were minor sacrifices to be made, but I am finally seeing an end result...we paid off one of our cars.

I can't say how wonderful it is that we have one of our big loans paid off. Its freeing really. I am one of those list makers and organizers that once I can cross something minor off a to do list or an expense list...I feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction, but being able to cross off something huge is well...HUGE.

Obviously our newly found money each month won't be for fun and interesting things. It will go towards the next thing we need to pay off, but the domino effect is growing because we have extra funds to pay off the next thing then we had previously. Its a slow gradual process, but we're getting there and today I have to give my little family a pat on the back and smile knowing I can cross another thing, a big thing, off my list.

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