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Friday, June 18, 2010

To Be Thankful

I know its June and typically blogs like this will talk about what to be thankful as we draw closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, but I think when you've had pretty crappy days and things that don't necessarily go your way, its good to see that there is something to be thankful for no matter how bad your day has been.

I can't always depend on everyone, but what I can depend on is the love I have from my husband and my son. For that I am thankful for. I am thankful that I have a partner in life that will walk through fire for me, that will do his best to make me happy and really is a true teammate in life. We've had our ups and our downs more or less with the world...not each other, but it has made us stronger, more aware of the world and smarter. Not everyone has a man that is compassionate and wonderful as he is and I can't thank God enough for bringing him into my life...however oddly.

My son is my miracle. I look at him and marvel about what my husband, myself and God created. He is perfect and beautiful and just hilarious. He can frustrate me to no end in the most inopportune times, but no one can make me smile and laugh like he can. A grinning smile, a thoughtful gesture or even a "hey Mama" can melt all the bad that happened earlier in the day. He truly is my little light, my firecracker.

Material things are great and I am thankful for them...but those all to quickly become yesterday's thoughts or fade in the past. Things like cool phones, new DVDs and whatever next great thing is fine, but I'm thankful more so for the two people that matter most in my life.

Lastly I am thankful for my ever growing connection and relationship I have with God. I've yelled at him and often asked "why", but I constantly feel the welcoming, forgiving arms of love from him. To the faithless thats a hard thing to grasp, but I know what I feel. I know through prayer, through tears, through a thought of "just hold me in your grace for a minute" that he listens. Like a parent to a child it may not be what I want all the time, but eventually it all works out. I know God is good.

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