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Thursday, May 6, 2010

For the love

The last post cracked me up so much and my mind is constantly on my son that I thought I'd write a little post about all the little things I love about him.


I love his beautiful, bright green eyes. I love that he reminds me so much of the way I was when I was little...a firecracker. I love that his expressions are often the same ones his Father gives me...confusion, worry, happiness and excitement. I love the way he makes a sound to kiss me and gives full body hugs. I love the way he puts his fingers in his mouth when he is in trouble or is unsure of something because it is so darn cute. I love that he loves dogs. I love that he is confident and will usually dive into an activity. I love his beautiful smile and the little laugh he does when he's so excited for something. I love the way he says "hello" and "yellow", as he reminds me of my Nagypapa (how he ended up with a two word yankee accent is beyond me). I love that he will choose fruits or veggies over pasta. I love the way he likes to help out. I love the relationship he has with my parents and my husband's Mom. I love the mischievous looks and the cute way he tries to ask for things he knows he isn't suppose to have. I love the way he prays and blesses himself. I love how caring he is towards others and how he thinks of doing that all by himself. My son is an amazing, beautiful, sweet, little individual who is so full of life. He amazes me every day and has taught me more things about life and the grace of God's hands then anything or anyone ever has. I love you little man.

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