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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Half and Half...better beware

Over the weekend my hubby and I took Zaichik to IHOP for breakfast. Like most toddlers he was done way before we were and since the interest of the crayons now bored him, I gave him my husbands half and half creamers that he was using for his coffee(just like the ones pictured above) to entertain him for a few extra minutes. I remembered as kid stacking them into different towers and I figure I bought myself a few extra minutes.

Zaichik was happily playing away with his new found entertainment with the creamers and I went back to finishing the last bits of my breakfast. A few moments laters...splat. I looked next to me and all I could see was one of the creamer's in Zaichik's mouth giving me a puzzled look and creamer EVERYWHERE. Apparently when you bite these things, it spatters. What was more mortifying was our neighbors who thankfully were separated by a short wall partition which the wall got the most impact had droplets of half and half on their faces. Their stunned and quiet reaction was needless to say embarrassing, but funny. My husband I apologized as we obviously could not predict that little event happening and handed them some extra napkins. They were cool with it, but very quiet. If it had been me I would of yelped or made some type of noise getting splattered with creamer...some type of initial reaction but no all we got was silence and "its okay".

A few moments later we were out of there. As I carried Zaichik to the car I retraced the event that happened just five minutes previous, the look on Zaichik's puzzled face, the look on our neighbors and just starting cracking up. It was embarrassing, something I don't care to ever relive again, but absolutely freaking hilarious. Kids will do the darnest things, which can result in embarrassment but also some great amusement.

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