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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shaving Cream

Today was thankfully a beautiful day out and thus my son wanted to go outside. Being kept indoors most of the day yesterday, I complied as my son loves nothing more then outside time. He usually loves to play with his power wheel car, throw acorns he finds in the yard across to another section of the yard or chase bubbles around while giggling madly with content. Today I decided to try something new. I decided to create an old past time I did as a child. I decided to bust out the shaving cream.

No I didn't shave my child if that is what you are thinking. I took out my husbands shaving cream (how I love that smell) and decided that Zaichik should have some fun with it. I pulled out his little fisher price picnic table, sprayed a nice glob on the table and told my son to have at it. He looked at me like I lost my mind. I'm all for a bit of mess. I think its healthy for a child to get grubby once in a while...or at least think he's getting grubby in this case. After a few questionable looks from my son and a tad bit more encouragement, he dived in. Man did this child dive in. The shaving cream was all over the table, his hair, his shirt, the bench, the patio was everywhere and it was fun. I even ended up getting a wonderful glob on my pants. Did I care? No, it suppose to be this way. Zaichik had so much fun rubbing the shaving goo all over the table, making pictures with it, erasing it and starting all over again like an etch-a-sketch. He shrieked in wonderful boy laughter. Nothing surpasses that laugh...its amazing.

Like most toddler activities, it was over after a while. Unlike a lot of toddler activities, he did spent a great amount of time in all the shaving cream mess. In the end, my toddler came out smelling fantastic, we changed clothes and I had a nicely clean toddlers picnic table and the most important thing...he had an awesome time. Who knew a little table, a $2 can of shaving cream and a Mom that doesn't worry about mess could make such a fun afternoon for a toddler?

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