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Monday, April 5, 2010

Applications Anyone?

I am a regular on FB. Call it dorky. Call it a waste of time. I frequent the site to make my day run a little quicker during breaks or so I can decompress after Zaichik goes to bed. Another little thing I do and I'll raise my hand while blushing...that I kinda love game applications.

I call it living vicariously through the gaming world. I can't cook really nor did I ever work in a restaurant, but I can sure can cook up a dish in Cafe World and make the customers happy. I can't usually keep a plant alive for longer then six months (okay maybe one to three months), but I can sure farm the hell out of Farmville. I don't want to hurt anyone but I can secretly pretend I am a bad ass in Mafia Wars, because usually I am a very quiet, non-confrontational sort of person. I like them and I like wasting my time achieving little levels or milestones.

I know a lot of FB people hate these applications. Okay, so if you don't want a gift request or neighbor request then just turn off or block those request. No sense in making a FB status about it or making wall comments to other people. I don't experience it much personally, but I see it enough on FB to wonder why people just don't block it because they'll never have to see it again from anyone. Its as simple as that. If you're annoyed by someone asking for another egg in Farmville or some assistance in "X" game in their status then just scroll past it. Are you always interested in other peoples status that talks about other things besides online applications?

I also think I have a multi-tasker disorder. I must do several things at one time. I can watch tv, play a game and talk on the phone all at one time. Maybe it is because I have a short amount of time in a day to do everything? I don't know. I just know my hands have to be doing something be it productive or something just for me. Being productive usually requires more energy then I have after my son goes to bed, so usually its a for me thing. Whats wrong in doing something free and simple just for me? Not a damn thing.

So to all my FB application gamers out there, what is your favorite application? Just curious if I have yet to discover something new and fun yet to be played.

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