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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Potty Triumphs

I knew when I dreamed of becoming a Mom someday that potty training my kid(s) would be something I would eventually have to do. I never thought it would be so difficult, especially to a little guy that doesn't say much. I am not a pusher with potty training. I am an encourager. I don't want to have set backs and I don't want my son to think having accidents is a horrible thing. I will say that with lots of attempts, trials, etc...there are also triumphs.

This past Friday, my son went to the potty for the first time at day care. To any Mama potty training her toddler out there, this is HUGE! I can't begin to describe my pride for my son. I wasn't really expecting it as my son doesn't speak much. He says a few things here and there, but he can't say "potty", "pee" or even "poop". So while my husband and I along with the teacher were working with him to get him comfortable sitting on the toilet, he finally made progress and got a little sticker on his potty activity chart. How cute is that?

This past week while dropping my son off at day care, several of his friends one by one told me that they went potty. Adorable, I know. Toddlers always like to inform you of everything and anything under the moon, because the potty business is big in their little world. I gave them all high fives and told them since they are going potty and Zaichik just started, then why don't you help him out? One child took it very seriously and with his wonderful vocabulary looked at my son and said, "I'll show him how. I'll show him." With two potty seats in the bathroom...this is a possibility. After all, its how my husband taught several of his classmates to potty. I'm all for peer pressure in a positive way. I'll have to remind myself to tell his Mom this little story next time I see her.

On the way home that same day, I explained to Zaichik that once he goes potty more often that we can get him some really cool underwear. He was still interested in what I had to say, so I further said he could have underwear like Dad, but his would be even cooler because we can get ones that have cars or even Elmo on it. He certainly like that idea! Zaichik very much wants to do things and have clothes just like his Dada has. Sons and their Dads have such a magical relationship.

So we are making progress. It is another reminder that my baby isn't so much a baby anymore and that he really is starting to be a kid. . Although I miss the baby in him...I'll be elated when I don't have to change poopy diapers anymore. Go Zaichik!

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