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Monday, April 19, 2010

Really? Really.

I think I'm a nice person overall. Sure I have my not so stellar moments, but in general I am nice. Maybe too nice. Is there such a thing? Is there a reason why kindness and thought to treat other people like I would like to be treated such a negative thing?

I am one of those people that will let you in when there is heavy traffic and everyone else ignores your turn signals. I am the co-worker that will help you unjam the copier when you obviously irritated. I compliment people's nice shoes, cute babies, good behaving children and pleasant singing voices. I am the type of person that will tell a manager when I had really excellent service. I am the neighbor that will tell you that you left the lights on in your car. I am the Mom that will give you that sympathy "been there, done that" look when your child is having a tantrum and/or if I see that you need a wipe/tissue for your kid I will offer you one of mine. I do this because I think its something you should do. Maybe I was raised that way or more like maybe I just think people should be treated with kindness.

I was asked today by a man why I smile so much. Really? Maybe because I am a happy person or maybe because I think its better to smile at someone passing by instead of pretending they don't exist. Thats not my only qualm though. Why not let a car merge in traffic? You don't have to let five in, but maybe that person behind you will let the next car and in the person behind that person will do the same. Why scowl at children and their parents when a child is misbehaving? Its not like that parent wants their child to be acting out. The child is having a rough time and the parent (God bless them) is trying parent their child the best way they know how. How about help out a co-worker when they are having difficulty instead of ignoring the problem or gossiping later to other co-workers. How about pay a nice compliment when in your mind you are thinking about a persons nice dress or the way they did something great. Does it really take that much energy? It takes a minute...or even just a second to do something kind. Be it a religious teaching or just pure thoughtful to others.

I also don't get why people don't forgive. I mean really forgive. I forgive wrongdoings against myself, my husband and even my child, especially when there has been an apology. I don't go on about what event had occurred or what you said. Sure I've been mad and there has been plenty wrongdoing against me. I've been really burned twice in life, and to those people I silently forgave...doesn't mean I want to talk to them again. They didn't even apologize and probably still think they have done nothing wrong. I just pray for them and pray for my strength/courage/mind that I remember to breathe and let negative things slide and keep a positive outlook.

To the world, pay it forward. The smallest compliment or act can make a persons day. I remember being in high school and a girl really wanted to see her best friend. I forget the entire reasoning behind it but it was a big deal (maybe a car accident, cancer or something of that magnitude). I was a sub school assistant back then and it was common to have kids pull other kids out of class if the sub school wanted to see them, so I went into a classroom, got the friend and the girl said a two minute sentence to the other that just made everything alright again. I didn't know either girl. It took me a minute. It took two minutes for the girl to make the other girls world okay again. Its not like they were skipping out on class or gossiping. Later on I got a thank you note from the girl who did not know my name about how thankful she was that I was there during a rough time and how such a simple act of two minutes meant the world to her. You just never know how much impact you could have on another persons life. It was a simple gesture.

So while I sit here being kind and thoughtful to your Mom that may need directions, to your sister that needs help solving a work issue, to your Uncle that needs an extra dime to pay for a household repair or your child that needs a tissue, just remember to do the same for the next person. Remember to be kind. Remember to be thoughtful. The world isn't always about ME, ME, ME. Its about all of us. We all live in it. We should help each other out. We should lend a hand. We should forgive. We should smile at a person passing by that may be having a bad day. It is something that should be done. Just remember to do it huh? A simple, random act of kindness can go a long way.

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