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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Save Or Not To Save?

I used to think that rice makers were silly. I wondered what was wrong with minute rice? My thoughts on rice makers were just that until I tasted my mother in laws rice/carrot/onion side dish. Talk about awesome...and what a taste difference!

We spent many years not having a rice maker when I got married. We have almost everything under the sun kitchen wise thanks to multiple bridal showers and a pampered chef party. My husband's grandmother has even commented that we have more stuff then most people she knows that have been married for twenty years stacked in our kitchen cabinets. I was also an obsessive nester before I got married, but the planner in me wanted to prepared and stuff costs a lot. It wasn't until yesterday we finally purchased a rice maker along with a enormous bag of rice and made a nice meal with our newly bought rice maker. My husband and I both asked ourselves after we enjoyed our meal WHY we didn't do this sooner.

The rice was mouth watering (we purchased Basmati rice)and it is a far cry in quality compared to the good ole minute rice I have become accustomed too. It is also a lot less expensive then minute rice. Minute rice I believe cost $4.50 for a 28 ounce box, but a nice 20lb bag of Basmati rice costs around $22 from Costco. If you could buy a 20lb bag of minute rice, it would cost you a little over $51. Huge price difference!

It does take time to make the rice I will give you that, but generally most dinners take around thirty minutes to prepare and cook. As long as you start the rice at the same time, then it pretty much will be done before you're ready to start serving the rest of the meal. You could also just leave the rice on warm after it is cooked in the rice maker so you can easily just start the dinner cooking process WAY ahead of time if you wanted. Why not try saving a few dollars and having better quality? How many times can you say that you save money while buying better quality? Go ahead try it...I don't think your pocket books or taste buds would disagree with me.

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Mrs. Knowledge said...

We use regular long grain rice, put it in a pan, 2 cups water and 1 cup rice. Heat the water to boiling, add rice, turn heat to low, cover, cook 20 minutes. No rice cooker needed ;) Big T hates minute rice, but I grew up on it. I know the long grain is nicer but sometimes you are in a hurry. So if we need "instant" rice, we use the Uncle Ben's packet thingy of rice - 90 seconds in the micro. Otherwise, it is about 30 minutes for regular rice.

Next time, try Jasmine rice - yummy!