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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I honestly thought long and hard about posting this or anything that derived from this type of conversation. Then, I thought about it and I questioned myself on what am I so afraid of? Will the blogging world not accept this post or my beliefs? Will I actually succumb so low as to not speak out when my heart,soul and faith screams that this is wrong? No, I am taking a stance on this even if no one reads it, I am professing it.

It saddens me, no it sickens me that the world is so open to abortion. While it was once used to save a mother in jeopardy now derives itself in making life more convenient for women. What about the child? What about the life that is lost? I don't agree with it no matter how anyone wants to twist it about with thoughts of when life actually begins or that it is the woman's right to choose. Its wrong, wrong, wrong.

Then I read this article on Pelosi's visit to the Pope and was sickened by the title of it "U.S. House speaker — a pro-choice Catholic — met with pope in Italy". How can this woman call herself a Catholic? It made me question if there was in fact liberal Catholics (I can't believe I actually thought about it), so I asked the best spiritual adviser I know, my Dad who is also an ordained Deacon of the Catholic church.

His words to me were inspiring and I thought I would share them with you.

There is no such thing as a "liberal Catholic". You either adhere to Catholic teaching, doctrines and dogma, or you don't.


Pelosi is a "in-name-only Catholic". Although she calls herself Catholic, her public actions show that she does not adhere to Catholic faith, teachings and morals.
Pelosi is overcome with the sin of pride, where she feels she knows better than the Church when it comes to Church matters of faith and morals. Pride is the toughest sin to overcome, since it is engrained deep into her person.

That is why the Church gives us the Sacraments, to strengthen us and to make us better able to withstand the attacks on religion by the secular world in which we live. But in the end it is up to each one of us how we conduct our live, and how we adhere to the teachings of Christ and His Church.

I honestly will pray for her and for Biden. I was always told love the sinner, but hate the sin after having a conversation in my teen years about different situations on what friends/family were doing with my priest. After all Pride is the first of the seven deadly sins. Of course we all all guilty of having too much pride some how or another. I am guilty for it. However this sort of pride with her political views means more then her beliefs is just something I now can never be sinful of.

My main stance on writing this in a parenting blog is that it is something dear and true to my heart, being a parent. I felt that I should speak out about it because I wouldn't be true to myself otherwise. I feel the loss of these children and am astounded when abortion is so clearly swept under the table as being "no biggie". The miracle of life is just that, it is a miracle and it is a gift.

There are two sides to every sin: the turning of the will towards
fleeting satisfaction and the turning away from everlasting value. The
first can be called lust; the unbridled desire for pleasure. The
second is pride; the lack of the submission to God.

-- St. Thomas Aquinas

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