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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two Year Olds

While attending church on Sunday, my little guy got a bit to squirmy and we had to retreat back to the crying room. Thankfully it wasn't full and had just one little girl with her Daddy. The Dad looked at my son and sincerely said, "I miss having a two year old boy." He went on to say how his first born (a son) is now nine and the other three or four (can't remember) are all girls. I thought to myself "what do you miss about a two year old boy?" With a two year old you have poopy diapers to change, temper tantrums, the obvious inability to sit through church half the time, etc., etc., Then I thought to myself,as stressful this age sometimes is and as much work as it is...I kind of like it too.

So I decided (per my list making self) to write a little blurb on what I love about two year olds...more specifically my two year old.

I love...

~reading stories all snuggled up in a blanket together. I know story time will be fleeting and I'll miss that...even though I've read some of the books a MILLION times.

~how bubbles are absolutely amazing and fun. Its nice that a $1 item can bring at least thirty minutes of pure glee.

~how much my little guy loves to help and how seriously he takes it rather it be helping unload the dishwasher, watering our plant, giving his Dad a drink, etc., I know that won't last too long, but I hope it will!

~that my little guy loves to sing his babbly little songs loudly and with enthusiasm. I hope he will always love to sing, but for me shyness set in and I no longer sang in front of my parents except for rare occasions.

~when you do something that absolutely pleases my son that he claps and has a little Chester cat grin. I'll take an encore any day.

~that their little opinionated selves can be quite humorous. For instance, if my little guy is sitting between his Dad and I and we start talking while he is watching a movie...he'll shush us. He'll also shush people at church if they are talking! I find that cute.

~seeing the pure glee on my son's face when he gets to see his Grandparents and the Grandparents happy expressions when they see how happy their grandson is about seeing them.

~the fact my son loves to color, because I love to color too. It gives me an excuse!

~dressing them up in cute clothes. I don't do dorky, but I like being the one who picks things out. Although I think it will be a while before my son actually cares. I think girls tend to care a lot sooner.

~watching my son and husband bond together. Its amazing thing to watch. I can't get enough of watching them snuggle up together, read stories, building tracks for my son's railroad cars, etc.,

~that my son loves watching Disney cartoons. Yes some of it can be quite repetitive (he's really into dogs), but I get to rewatch or watch new cartoons too and I LOVE it.

~that my son is not shy about busting a move when he thinks a good song is on. He loves Russian music (Lubeh) and Elvis Presley. What a mix huh?

~watching my son discover something new and the thrill on his face.

~that I have an awesome excuse to buy my favorite cereal...because someone else likes it too!

~how serious my son is about blessing himself before every meal and folding his hands in prayer. Its adorable!

I could continue a list of all the things I love about my son and how awesome I think he is. I do agree that two year olds are often difficult and you often have your hands full, but there are so many other things that are just awesome about them that kind of melts all that other yucky stuff that isn't so cool away.

What do you love about your two year old or what did you love about the stage when your kid(s) were two?

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