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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Potty Training...

Lately my son has become more and more interested in the potty. We talk about it enough by telling him Mommy is going potty when I'm headed to the bathroom (I never have a moment to myself even in the most private of times) and that big boys/big girls go to a potty and not in their diapers. A few times he has tried taking his pants down, which is always followed up with "do you need to use the potty?" I usually get a nod and we rush to the bathroom...followed up with nothing. Its a start!

This past week I have had several conversations with his WONDERFUL (she really is spectacular) day care teacher. She has also noticed that my son is curious about the potty and will observe other children headed in the potty full of wonder. Everything is a curiosity at their age. I am so grateful she has the same potty training methods that I do. I don't want the training to be over stressful because that can cause major regression. If he doesn't simply want to sit on the potty, he doesn't have to. I want the potty training to be an accomplishment, not a punishment to my son. After a nice conversation and a few tips from her (she's a veteran Mom of three, two being twins), we have established a plan about getting my son potty trained. I wanted to share a few tips that I took from her, because honestly...I had no clue how to potty train him at all.

~ Start by taking him/her to the bathroom every thirty minutes and asking if he/she needs to go potty. Remember if he/she doesn't want to sit its okay. The every thirty minutes is set at first to help them learn when they need to go. Remember to take them to the potty when they wake up for the morning or after nap as they have to be changed anyways.

~ After a few successful times at going potty, then move up the time to every hour. As the potty training becomes more successful then you can bump up the time to a longer duration, but still take them potty after he/she wakes up for the morning or after nap.

~ Once they have dry diapers during the times they are awake during the day, then they can graduate to underwear. An incentive to help them have dry diapers is perhaps a promise of cool big girl/big boy underwear that they choose.

~ Keep them in pull ups during nap/night time until they continuously have dry diapers when he/she wakes up, then graduate to a diaper free household!

I know the information I wrote above isn't rocket science. I was in all honesty not sure how to approach it and to be given some advice to a woman that potty trains all day long and has potty trained her kids, I'll take whatever advice I can get. For now we are still doing diapers, but soon enough I hope to see cute little boy boxer briefs lining my sons underwear drawer. Let the games begin!

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