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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I was SUCH a Good Mom...before I became one

I take a look at my family room with toys scattered around from last nights play and the dishes piling up in the sink and remember the time before I had kids and would see houses like mine and wonder "why don't these people pick up some?". Now thats just hysterical, I was such an awesome Mom with no kids!

I was the type of Mom that believed that my kids would hardly ever watch television, they would have nutritious meals three times a day/7 days a week and my house would still look somewhat the same minus a few things here or there. Minus a few things? Talk about a house explosion! As much as I clean up, there are toys everywhere. My laundry is NEVER complete and will never be complete again for the rest of my life. My son doesn't watch a lot of television, but like us I think he likes to chill out the last half hour to hour before bed time. Plus we're tired! As for the meals in our house I do make sure we have nutritious snacks available and that his homemade dinners has some nutrition, but we are also not strangers to good old McD or other take out.

My views, judgments and opinions have since changed once I became a Mom. I know that you can only tackle so much in one day because simply there are not enough hours in the day nor do you have as much energy as you would like. If my house was picked up and immaculate 24/7 with a toddler...I would wonder now if I am spending more time playing and being a Mom to my son or worrying more about having everything clean? Clean houses are boring and I'd much rather spend the time blowing bubbles with my son or coloring pictures together. Of course there is a happy medium to a clean house and play time with the toddler, but I lean more to play time. Your kids are only young once and your household chores are endless. I'm enjoying my time now with my little guy.

What perceptions did you have about being a Mom that changed once you actually became one?

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