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Friday, March 19, 2010

Missing the Kid

As I sit at work today, I keep checking the time wishing for my day to end so I can jump into the car and see the most wonderful human being in the world, my son. As a parent you know there are some days which you are glad that the babysitter, day care or some sort of relief is there to help watch your kid, but there are a lot of days, especially today where I want nothing more but to scoop my son up and escape with him for the day.

My son is always changing and evolving...that is how it goes with kids. They are constantly changing and so unpredictable. Since my son's ear tube surgery, he really has become less baby like and more like a kid . It is a beautiful thing to watch but bitter sweet in some ways. I love having such an awesome little helper around that loves shutting doors and doing simple requests I ask of him. His little face lights up with each expressive "thank you" I give him or hug because he did a job well done. My son certainly is all boy and I smile because his zest and full of life attitude reminds me of myself when I was a child. It certainly was an eye opener watching him asks for thirds and fourths for gravy at last night's dinner and seeing him eat all the icing off his little piece of cake. Anyone that knows me (or has me for dinner regularly) knows that this Mama LOVES her gravy.

I just miss my little boy. I hate being stuck at work on a beautiful Friday without much to do and missing him terribly. I keep thinking of the fun things we can do together this afternoon, perhaps we'll play with sidewalk chalk or go to a neighboring playground. I just can't wait to see him.

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