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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekend Expenses

This past weekend my family and I ventured out to Potomac Mills Mall. We wanted to do something that was somewhat easy and not very pricy....haha. While walking around the mall we discovered 5 And Below. Intrigued by the inexpensive toys, candy, and things we did not need we ventured inside. After gathering a few Easter basket gifts, a hockey stick and candy for my boys (aka my husband and my son), my husband went up to the counter to pay for all of our new findings. While entertaining my son in his stroller, I happened to glance up at the cashier screen. The total came out to $79,827.82. Okay thats more then my two cars are worth combined....For a minutes there was a bit delusional and felt I must of quantum leaped into Paris Hilton's body as she has been known to spend obscene amounts of money in stores like the one I knew I was in...I wasn't in Tyson's Galleria people...I was at "Da Mills".

I blinked and was about to say something before my husband pushed the credit card through (that would be one hell of an over draft). Thankfully he didn't and told them to correct the total. We all giggled at the cashier corrected himself on the amount.

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