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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Found Love

During the weekend, I met a new love of mine, the Target $1 section. Typically they do have cheapy stuff that I would never buy but after being inspired by Pink Green and Southern with her AWESOME candy bar/Easter decor (seriously check it is to die for) and all the fun deals she finds I had to take a new look at it.

I walked out of that section with not only a few fun Easter presents (aka Easter Bunny presents) for my son on Easter, but also some Easter/Spring decor for my buffet table in my dining room (see picture above and ignore me in the background) all for under $8! How can you beat that! I love the cute little mini metal buckets. I bought three of them, which two I'll use for decor and one will be for my son. He is always finding "treasures" outside and wanting a container for them. So a metal bucket thats easy to wash out that isn't overwhelmingly big was perfect!

I love love Easter. I love the miracle of Christ rising from the dead, the family get togethers and all the fun kid stuff that gets thrown in with it too. I am just glad this year I had the energy to decorate and for a great price! I will be revisiting that $1 more often from now on. They always have new things!

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