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Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I Never Thought I Would Say...

Before becoming a parent you have a romantic idea on what it is going to be like. I had those ideas and also realized (thankfully) that parenting is not all fun and games, but one of the hardest (yet rewarding) jobs I will ever do. I thought about after saying a few phrases this weekend to either my husband, family or even son that I would never imagine myself saying them three years ago. Nothing vulgar...just the world of parenting.

I figured I'd list a few of these I remember saying over the last several months...and add your own if you'd like.

Here it goes:

~ Hon, he is sitting on my head. Help.

~ You have fuzz in your snot. Ewww!

~ Looks like you had corn at day care.

~ We need to be nice to friends. We are not vampires so please don't bite.

~ I just caught an older woman (of four) kissing our son. He's only two!

~ Monsters aren't scary. Elmo is a monster and he isn't scary.

~ To get a meal to myself without little hands stealing it or wanting it is bliss!

~ Crap he's tall enough to open the front door (...running)

~ (said to a six year old girl about my son who wanted to play) He can't come outside right now. I am cooking dinner and he's not allowed out by himself.

~ I'm being bossed around by a two year old. Sit here. Go here.

~ I deal with poop all day. The dogs poop, my son's poop and lets not forget when I have time to poop I have to deal with that too.

~ Sports bras equal the new paci holders...and it wasn't discovered by me.

~ It would be nice to talk to a recruiter when I was home, but that would require my son to be able to say hello first before I can talk...I don't think that would fly very well.

~ Your iphone is in the Mickey plane.

The list could go on and on with things I'd never think I'd say. I am amazed everyday how my little heart with legs...can just turn my world completely upside down. I love it though : )

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da Mamma said...

Ah, yes, the things we say to, or about, our children.

- Pull your pants up. (to a 2 year old)
- Get your hands out of your pants. (again, the 2 year old)
- Where is your diaper? (are you seeing a pattern yet)

And the poop conversations:
- Honey, come see how big this piece of poop is in the toilet. Geez, I think her colon is bigger than mine.
And the usual: Oh, you had [insert veggie] for lunch today.
- How on earth do you get purple poop.
- Why is your poop that shade of green. Did you eat playdoh today?
- Yes you have to wipe...

And it only get better as the years go on.