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Monday, November 2, 2009


For months now I pondered what to I take him or not take him? Now I have decided to go ahead with it. I am going to take my son to get evaluated for his speech. He says a few words here and there, but in comparison to his peers that are around two years old...he does not speak as much as they do. Around twenty words or so, but as much as I work with him and make it as fun as possible (songs and dance) my son can not say any words that start with "B" or "P".

For a while now I thought perhaps my son is like his Dad and he is just quiet (at times). He articulates well and follows most direction (we're in that "mine" phase so following directions on that all the time is not so great). I just wonder if I am being an overly protective parent or not a proactive enough parent when it comes to this situation. He took his time to crawl, walk and do some other milestones. He could do them I think way ahead of when he actually did it, but just did not feel like it. When he first crawled, he crawled across the room. There are pros and cons to knowing I have a stubborn child...

I decided in the end what can hurt with getting an evaluation? If anything they tell me he's fine and just wait a few months to see if there is any progress. If not then it gives him the early therapy he needs.

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da Mamma said...

The nice part is that the county will send someone to your home to do the evaluation and if he needs help, they can do it at your house or at daycare. Early intervention is a wonderful thing and better to get it checked out now just to be sure, than to wait until he is in kindergarten and set in his ways. All kids progress at their own pace, but sometimes a mother worries and that is okay. I think Einstein had speech issues as a child and yet he was a genius. Good luck, I'm sure he will be just fine.