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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Didn’t I Do Today?

Inspired by another blogger, I decided (yet again) to do a list. Instead of thinking of all the things you didn’t get done in one day. How about all the things you did manage to do?

Here was my yesterday:

Woke up snuggling with my little boy

Got two sets of teeth brushed in the morning (mine and my sons)

Actually put on makeup for the first time in months to work

Remembered the night before to set out a sheet, blanket and an extra outfit and SUCCESSFULLY (this doesn’t always happened) take it to my son’s day care with me.

Bravely let my son for the first time in the morning drink from the big boy cup

Take two poodles outside that took like 15 minute craps. Come on I can go faster then they can. Then again I don’t sniff for a spot.

Get my drinks packed in my bag so I don’t waste money buying them at the vending machine.

Make the thirty commute into work and remember how glad I don’t have my old commute.

Arrive a little late to work…okay a lot late but I’ll finish what I need to during my “free time” tonight.

Research the place to call for my child’s speech evaluation….and actually called them to set something up.

Reminded my husband that his Dad’s birthday was next week

Make a note in the calendar about my sister’s anniversary

Attend two meetings

Write a report on last months team productivity

Send another report out due on Thursday

Asked my husband to set up an appointment for portraits to be taken (I am such a great delegator).

Teach an elderly person to use the copier machine (really they had them in the 60’s but she’s nice so obviously I’ll help AND does this count as doing a good deed for the day?).

Eat a horrible lunch while playing mafia wars and achieving some insanely stupid level.

Write a “to do list” for today up till Wednesday.

Unsuccessfully hide a co-worker from her boss (don’t ask).

Drink an excessive amount of soda.

Talk to the most handsome man over the phone finally (he’s legit I have his last name).

Drive the thirty commute home and multi task by talking to my sister about the speech therapy I may get for my son.

Get more information about the possible speech therapy from talking to the Director of my son’s day care and find some AWESOME information.

Successfully pick my son up from him playing outside without having to go into the little house he was persuading me into. I can’t fit.

Take him into the house, feed him snack…okay some Halloween candy (call me a softie).

Take out the two 15 minute pooping dogs so they can relieve themselves.

Talk to my Mom a bit about speech therapy since she has experience in taking me when I was a kid.

Put on the one episode of Sesame Street for my son’s and my MUCH needed winding down time.

Build some fantastic lego castle with my son so he can knock it down.

Heat up some YUMMY leftovers from my husband’s birthday dinner on Sunday for the family.

Replenish the dog’s food and water.

Read my son (no joke) fifty pages of nursery rhymes from a book he got from his Aunt. HE LOVES that book. He already established favorites in which I have to sing certain songs like “Baa Baa Black Sheep”. I read until my voice got hoarse.

Cuddled up with my son, which was awesome right before he went to sleep.

Dived into two cupcakes that didn’t stand a chance.

Let the dogs out…again.

Took some time to myself to play ridiculous online applications.

Picked up some trash.

Found my son’s dress pants in the laundry only to find they needed ironing…badly.

Ironed the littlest pair of dress pants AND because they are slightly too big also ironed the cuffs of the pants so they would stay up for the picture tomorrow.

Located my son’s shirts the he will wear for portraits the following day and matching socks.

Found a work outfit for myself for the next day as well as an outfit I would wear for the family portraits.

Gave my son some water.

Dove into bed and watched a girly program before passing out.

So on my Monday I was a snuggler, a helper, a chef, a working Mom, a chauffer, dog walker, a researcher, a story time reader, a trash girl, a stylist, an organizer, a singer, an architect, a delegator, a great wife, a pretty darn good Mommy and myself all in one day. What didn’t I do?

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