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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Okay the title of the post is a day premature, but I doubt with all the busy things going on tomorrow that I will be blogging and wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving ahead of time.

This year I will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my Mom's house. This is a first for me and a first for my Mom. Although I have always celebrated Thanksgiving with my Mom, in all of her 39 years of being married she never had Thanksgiving at her house. We have always been to either my Nagypapa/Nagymama's, my sister's or my sister's in laws house. I believe this will also be the first Thanksgiving that I am not celebrating with my sister as well.

Last year I wrote a post on how I used to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family throughout my growing up years. We would make the long drive to Cleveland, Ohio to my Nagypapa and Nagymama's house and spend a little less then a week there. I loved spending time there with loving Grandparents and running around with my cousins. The day after Thanksgiving we would ride downtown on the rappies (the metro in Cleveland) to see the store windows and do some shopping. After my Grandparents passing we no longer go up there and made different traditions locally. However, it still feels foreign to me in some ways not making the big drive, not seeing my Grandparents happy faces as they greeted us at the door and not going to downtown Cleveland the day after Thanksgiving. Its just life...things change, but I'm happy to have those fond memories.

This year I wanted to write again on all the things I am thankful for. I think its a must during this time of year, to reflect on the good and not so much the day to day stress, so here it goes...

I am thankful for:

1. Having the most beautiful, energetic little boy that fills my days with laughter, love and affection.

2. My husband who has the patience of a saint, that loves me unconditionally, fights for his family and puts up with my silliness.

3. My parents who are my rock other then my husband. They are the most dependable, supportive and loving parents.

4. My Mom's health, which is improving since her last heart surgery and seems to be regaining more and more strength as the days progress.

5. My nephew who has the sweetest little smile and certainly voices his little opinion with conviction.

6. The spacious and most comfortable house that fits my family perfectly.

7. My faith, which has lead me through some pretty rough times and thankful that when everything seems lost, prayer and God is a constant.

8. That I still have a job, even though its rocky at best...I still have one.

9. For the first time in my life, I have girl friends that truly believe in me, love me and support me.

10. For the food on the table and my husband's amazing ability to take whatever is in the fridge and make a DELICIOUS meal.

11. For my husband's Mom (whom I call Mom) and her boyfriend and the fact they really do love their Grandson.

12. For my son's Great Grandparents that even though there is a language barrier between me and them, I know they love me as a Granddaughter and think the world of their Great Grandson. I am also very thankful for their health and their AMAZING courage to immigrate to a new country late in life. It is so nice to have them here!

13. That I have so many beautiful memories of most my Grandparents growing up. Knowing that they loved me and supported me in so many different endeavors...really means a lot. Nagymama, I think of you every time I work on my book.

14. That my husband cleans and doesn't stereotype certain household duties as "woman's work"...even though men don't say it I see plenty that act on it. Remember actions speak louder then words.

15. For my ability this year to pay off so much debt and thankfully will have one car paid off very, very soon.

16. For my very expensive blanket my husband bought me for Christmas last year. It sounds silly, but I REALLY love it.

17. Sesame Street. Yes, I said it. When I need to cook, clean or just take a moment of sanity my son will watch an episode to let me do what I need to do.

18. That my little boy has gusto and will about him. This could be thought sometimes as a negative thing, but I know in his life it will play out well. He'll never be bullied and he'll someday grow up to be a man that will fight and go for what he wants.

19. My husband and I both love hockey. Its bonded us and really...I love watching it even when multitasking.

20. That myself and all my friends have beautiful healthy babies.

21. My Great Uncle George, who without a doubt brings me to laughter every time I think of him. Being 85 years old and fixing roofs, chasing women and having a zest for life like he is twenty is hilarious to me. He reminds me so much of my own Grandfather...feisty.

22. Being in an area with so many opportunities with great schools and great job.

23. My husband's beautiful green eyes and sexy scar. Is that weird? His scar that goes along his eyebrow line makes him look like a bad ass. LOL...he's so going to think that's weird.

24. That my husband will think of me and gets me girly movies, cool Jane Austen sequel books and yummy treats just because.

25. For nap time. God in his understanding knew that parents desperately needed nap time.

26. That Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday so we can all spend some special times with our families and remind us what we should be thankful for.

27. Lubeh. God I love that band.

28. My son's ability to make me smile even during the most stressful times. He's a rock star!

29. Another thing that is silly but thankful for, I finally found pants that I can fit into because for the longest time (okay over a year) any pants that I found were either too big or too little as I was between a size. It really sucked!

30. My education and that my Mom saw to pay for it. She wanted her girls to be able to be independent and have the gift of an education.

I have so many more to list, but I figure I'll keep my thanks at a nice round number and something that most people could read (if you wanted to).

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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