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Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Son's Generation

It occurred to me the other day how my son's generation will not experience some of the things my husband and my generation has. Its strange thinking the things that I see as normal or what once was will not be something my guy will know.

Here's my little list...

~ Costco (or equivalent) has always existed and used as a secondary grocery store.

~ Michael Jackson's alleged child molestation (thank God) will never be on the news. MJ will be a distant memory and known as a pop icon.

~Oprah won't be on at 4 o'clock.

~Dial up is something no one uses.

~VCR tapes will be looked at as strangely and foreign as we looked at our parents 8 track tapes.

~ Sesame Street has always had Elmo.

~Pay phones is probably something my son's generation will never use.

~Having a DVD player or a friend having a DVD player in the car is pretty normal.

~Teachers won't ask if you have a PC at home, it will be a given.

~They won't know what floppys or 3 1/2 is

~Computers have always come equipped needing a mouse.

~Stores like Hechingers, Linens and Things, Tower Records, Circuit City, Sam Goody, Bombay Company, KB Toys and Hechts will be places they never remembered going to.

~Places like Apple, Starbucks, Best Buy, Target, and Chipotle have always existed.

~They don't have the unique appreciation of commercial free shows (hello DVR, On-Demand and TIVO) like the older generations do. For them its a given.

~Answering machines never came separate with the phone.

~Cordless phones is a norm in every household.

~Unless they watch 80's flicks they will have no idea what a "boom box" is.

~Ipods would have always existed.

~Having cell phones is the norm.

~Cars having GPS isn't unheard of.

~The internet would of always existed.

~They will never use an actual paper card catalog in the library.

~DVDs are the size of cds and not the size of records.

~They won't have a memory of where they were on Sept. 11th.

~Unless it somehow is aired on Cartoon Network or we find them online they won't know kid shows like The Wuzzles, Rainbow Brite, The Gummi Bears, Jem, The Snorks, Heman, Fraggle Rock or Double Dare.

~Thankfully not know who the Garbage Pail kids are

~Will know kids allergic to peanut products unlike their parents (really I knew none nor did my husband).

~ Guys like Bon Jovi, Axel Rose, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirk Cameron, Michael J. Fox are thought of more as "old" then old celebrity heart throbs.

~Chevy Chase is an old guy, not some funny young guy that could possibly do another Lampoon movie.

That is all of the things I can think of for now and for me it is weird to think all that will be lost/forgotten or thought differently in this new generation.

Do you have any to add?

1 comment:

Erin said...

what's interesting to me is to think about what items on this list will not even be around when he is older. will we still use ipods, gps systems, and cell phones? how will technology change? mouses may have come out in our generation, but maybe by the time he is in college, we will direct the "mouse" using our eyes!